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Racist Armando goes after Nina Turner

Neera Tanden enables racism and sexism because that's who she is.  She's been attacking Nina Turner lately.

  1. Maybe you did not hear me the first time, that’s ok, I’ll repeat it for you : 1. You don’t tell me what to do, think or say. Just in case you were not aware, I am a free Black woman. 2. I welcome the rolling of the tape. 3. Refer back to #1.
  2. You don’t know who the hell I voted for. Don’t bring it here . You don’t want to do this dance. It’s because of mean, hateful neo-liberals like you that we have Trump in the White House. Own your sh*t. Don’t ever come for me. I only had one momma and she’s dead.

When Neera goes after Nina, Daily Kos' Armando soon follows.

Centrism has a sexism problem. And not rando accounts, but centrists working in politics or directly for centrist political movements. When will do something about this? I mean, aside from applaud.

Armando's a disgusting racist.

Which is why he's been at Daily Kos for so long.

We know, African-Americans, we have always known that Daily Kos was a place for White racists on the left. 

They are as bad as the racists on the right.

And Armando will always have a home at Daily Kos because Kos himself embraces racism and always has.

Remember when Neera Tanden got Matt Bruenig firsedfor NOTHING close to Armando’s tweet? Armando should be fired. This is abuse and threatening. He should be reported to the FBI. These Neoliberals are as violent as Trump White Nationalists.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  Many continue to pretend that War Hawk Joe Biden is a strong candidate when he's not and more on Israel bombing Iraq.

The nonsense never ends.


Link to headline article

Truth comes hard at crap sites like POLITICUSUSA so let's speak slowly.

Joe.  Biden. Is. Not. Barack. Obama.

Get it?

He's not.  Now a partisan echo chamber like POLITICUSUSA doesn't exist for truth, we get it.  It'll never take a stand on anything, it exists solely to churn out lies and votes.  The right-wing has many sites that do that, the center-left has several as well.

Joe Biden is not Barack Obama.  He's riding on Barack's coat tails currently but all free rides come to an end and his will as well.

Is the Trump campaign "clearly afraid" of running against Joe?  No, nothing in the public sphere backs up that argument.

Running against Joe is like running against Hillary Clinton in 2016 only less so.

Their voting records -- Joe's and Hillary's -- are similar.  Both are centrists who lean right.  Both are War Hawks who bought and sold the Iraq War.  Both like to pretend they've had a life of service and both get very upset if you ask about the shady deals that have allowed their families to make millions.

In fact, let's talk Hunter Biden.

Crack head Hunter is getting applause in some quarters for talking about his drug use.

In a general election, no one will be applauding.

US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard went to town on Senator Kamala Harris over her actions as a prosecutor with regards to drugs.

As usual, however, Tulsi didn't say a word against precious Joe Biden.

Hunter tested positive for drugs.  He was allowed to leave the military.

In what world?

The policy is to arrest you when that happens.  If you are in the military and they drug test you, they don't give you a pass and say, "Oh, well, we don't want you anymore but go ahead and resign and we'll pretend like this never happened."

But that is what happened to Hunter, isn't it?

How did crack heads in the general population fair?  Especially after Joe Biden's crime bill?

Rules for others, not for Joe and his family?

Anyone else and they would have faced a court martial.

Because he was Joe Biden's son, he got to walk.

The 49-year-old 'child' is currently in the news because a woman's suing him for paternity.

Hunter's singing Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" (i.e. -- "The kid is not my son").

Hunter already has 3 children with Kathleen Buhle.  He was married to Kathleen.  Remind the country again what happened there?  Oh, yes, Beau Biden died.  Hunter was always envious of Beau and lived in Beau's shadow.  So Beau dies and what does the married Hunter do?  He starts sleeping with Beau's widow Hallie Olivere.  After that?

He got married in May, to Melissa Cohen.

Hunter Biden, the son of former VP Joe Biden, got hitched weeks after breaking up with his brother Beau’s widow. He'd split from his girlfriend & former sister-in-law, Hallie, who was married to his big brother, Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015.

He's a busy boy, though he insists that the dating profile on Ashley Madison (a dating service) was not his own.  Just like Lunden Alexis Roberts' child is not his, he says.

That trashy 'reality' TV scandal is loping into the White House?  Joe's going to set himself off as different from Trump with that nonsense?

You think the Trump campaign fears that?

  1. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter: - Discharged from Navy for cocaine - Took millions in bribes from Ukraine when dad was VP - Left wife for his dead brother’s widow - Cheated w/ 28yr old model - Impregnated her - Left her for married woman Imagine media if his last name was Trump

Joe Biden’s mysterious son: Joe Biden's son Hunter has struggled with addiction; he went through an acrimonious divorce from his first wife; and he had a subsequent relationship with his deceased brother’s widow, Hallie. There's lot to unpack here.

And there's always more.  So much more.  Gillian Walters (NIKKI SWIFT) notes:

During President Barack Obama's tenure — when Joe Biden was vice president — Hunter worked on the "board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings," according to Politico. And while Hunter was working for the company, Joe put political pressure on the country to fire a high-ranking and allegedly corrupt prosecutor named General Viktor Shokin. Although the move was supposedly intended to force "Ukraine's notoriously corrupt government to clean up its act," according to The New York Times, it came to light that Shokin was investigating Burisma before he was axed. Joe told the publication that he had "never discussed the matter" with Hunter and that he "learned of his son's role with the Ukrainian energy company from news reports."

There's always so much more.

Another thing that will help Joe Biden connect with Republicans are his brother James and his son Hunter and their weird relationships with Chinese intelligence operatives trying to buy influence with prominent American political families.

Joe Biden's brother, James Biden was given a $1.5 Billion dollar government contract during the Obama Administration. Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, got a $1.5 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary of Chinese government’s Bank of China. Where is the mainstream media???

Joe Biden is not a dream candidate no matter how much anyone wants to pretend.  He's not Barack Obama, he's a boring, elderly man.

If history is any indication, he'd lose like Hillary did in 2016 -- only much worse.

Hillary has more charisma than Joe ever has.  Hillary's run was historic.  Joe's just another confused, elderly man running for the presidency.

The level to which Hillary inspired (she was more of an inspiration in her 2008 run, granted, but latecomers don't have that comparison to judge against) will not be there with Joe.

In fact, Joe's campaign slogan might as well be "Ho-Hum."

We're back speaking to young people and did anything change since the end of the spring semester?

Not for Joe Biden.  He lacks youth support.  That's no surprise, if you've looked at his polling.  He does best with those who are 60 and over.

Now some are trying to sell that as good.  These are the people who vote!!!!

Well, they're the ones who have completed ballots.  There's a difference, after all.  If America was really worried about voter fraud, they would have investigated senior voting in assisted living long ago.  Decades ago, I was in middle school (decades ago) and had to speak at various places (yes, this has always been my role) during a campaign (this was for a Democrat running for president) and I was shocked, when speaking at one nursing home, when the woman in charge said it was a nice speech but it didn't matter because she was a Republican and she's the one who was over the ballots that got filled out in her nursing home.

Voter fraud at nursing homes continues to this day.

So, yes, the elderly do have a very high turnout.  Some vote in person, some vote by mail.  Some who vote by mail live in assisted living centers and that group includes a lot of people who aren't marking their own ballots.

In 2008, to toss Hillary aside, the argument was repeatedly made that Barack connected with young voters.  But now that's not going to matter in 2020?

Joe can't even campaign right now.  He's hiding behind his wife's skirt again.  He's had to take a recent break from the campaign trail.  The campaign worries because his idiotic remarks (and his lies) tend to get spouted later in the day.  They are trying to figure out the best time to put Joe before the people.

That's a candidate the Democratic Party needs?

What are they going to do when Joe's onstage and starts weeping?

In 2008, Hillary was crucified.  It was January, she was in New Hampshire, she was asked a question, while she responded, her eyes welled.  No tear dropped.  But she was accused of crying.  Bill Moyers mocked her as having had a "moisty moment."  He and Kathleen Hall Jamieson mocked her for it on his show.  And they didn't show the viewers the moment -- thought it was all on camera.  Instead of letting the viewers see what they were mocking, Bill elected to play a clip of Jesse Jackson Jr. lying about Hillary.  This was before Jesse Junior went to prison.  If it had been after, would anyone have called it out.

I seriously doubt it.  Ava and I called it out repeatedly at THIRD.  Because there was no reason to show Jesse Junior screaming about Hillary.  And Bill knew that as well.  Which is why his official transcript for the show didn't carry Jesse Junior's remarks.

Joe is the past.  Joe's an embarrassment.  He has huge problems with his ethics and those of his family.  Most importantly, he inspires no one.

Slave labor carries political campaigns.  The unpaid volunteers are the heart and soul of any campaign.  And if you've ever worked on one, you know that the stamina of youth is tasked repeatedly.  Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren -- really any candidate except for Joe -- can turn out large numbers of young supporters who can go on to phone bank, block walk, drive people to the polls, etc.

You don't win an election online.  You might at some point.  But currently, it is still the personal interaction that is required.  That's block walking and reminding people not only to vote but when voting is.  That's registering people to vote.  That's phone banking to see where the areas of strength for the candidate are and being sure that these voters are then contacted on election day to ensure that they have voted or that they have transportation if they're planning to vote.

There is so much that goes into a campaign that most don't pay attention to.  It's not as 'sexy' as talking about how much was spent on TV advertising, apparently, but it is the hard work that delivers the votes.

Hillary was a solid candidate in 2008 and she did connect with voters -- significantly so.  Philadelphia would be a good example but there are many.

The Hillary who interacted with the voters, especially the working class, was no where to be found in her 2016 campaign.  She wanted the presidency, she just didn't seem to want to work for it.

Which is why she didn't travel to battleground states.  She lost states she refused to campaign in.  She was tired.  Like Bully Boy Bush, she just wanted to be home in her own bed.

We're not even into the serious primary campaigning and Joe's already needing to take breaks because he can't cut it.

So we're just going to make the same mistakes as 2016 -- put up a tired candidate and run on "Trump's worse"?

It didn't work out in 2016 and it's doubtful that it will in 2020.

And when Joe starts weeping, yes, we're back to that, on the campaign trail, they won't be able to bury it.

In New Hampshire, in January of 2008, Hillary's eyes welled.  And she was attacked in the press for days over that.

Joe Biden?

He openly wept in the general election campaign.

From September 28, 2008, here's Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Boys Do Cry."


Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts "Boys Do Cry." Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden declares, tear streaming, "Remember weeping on the campaign trail is okay if you have a penis." [If you're late to the party on the tears, see "TV: Do Not Disturb The Propaganda."]

As ABC's THE NOTE explained in real time, Joe had to stop speaking because he was crying, right there, on stage in Greensburg, PA.  He had to stop speaking because of the tears.  Then he tried to speak again.  Then he had to stop to wipe away the tears.

Now Hillary was crucified for welling eyes but Joe's emotional breakdown was largely ignored.  Why?  For one thing, he was running as the vice president, not the president.  For another, Barack was younger than Joe.  (The reverse of the McCain-Palin ticket where the concern over Palin was said to be due to John McCain's advanced age and the possibility that he could die in office leaving Palin to finish the term as president.)

But in 2020, Joe wants to be the presidential nominee.

And he flubs, gaffes, lies and, we need to talk about this, .he cries in public.

Joe Biden is 2020's dream candidate only if you're wanting a second term of Donald Trump.

Equally true, it's past time that Democrats run a ticket that doesn't include someone who voted for the Iraq War.

On Iraq, a new angle to the story that Israel has been bombing Iraq emerges.

Report: US, Russia gave Israel greenlight to strike Iran in Syria, IraqUnder alleged agreement, Jerusalem allowed to conduct attacks against Iranian threats in Middle East, but can't publicly acknowledge them

Now TV reports on air strikes in Iraq against “Shi’ite militias”, including what is termed the fourth reported strike, comes in wake of Netanyahu being asked in Ukraine about this, and reports at WSJ and elsewhere and images of Camp Falcon.

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