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CIA Steinem

I just want to note some important Tweets.

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Gloria Steinem is a CIA asset.

  1. "In my experience [the CIA] was completely different from its image; it was liberal, nonviolent and honorable." - feminist figurehead and CIA asset Gloria Steinem

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    lolz Gloria steinem. CIA funded controlled opposition. instead of questioning war and economic exploitation, she argued that women needed equal opportunity to be cannon fodder and worker slaves.
  2. TIL Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA in the 50s and 60s and called them "liberal, nonviolent and honorable"
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    CIA operative and all round callous witch Gloria Steinem

  1. WHY do some "feminists" STILL smear my son, politically persecuted journalist Julian Assange as a "rapist" AFTER being given the facts/evidence proving hes not? Heres one possible explanation! Leading US feminist Gloria Steinem talks about her work as a agent
  2. "In my experience [the CIA] was completely different from its image; it was liberal, nonviolent and honorable." - Gloria Steinem
  3. Reminder that, amid other flaws, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA. Gloria Steinem's a cop πŸ˜‚
  4. Gloria Steinem is also a known and admitted CIA agent. Read about what she actually did. I been telling y’all these things...
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    Gloria Steinem's meteoric rise from seemingly nowhere to the top & front of the women's movement from 1969/70 onward wasn't a case of random chance. The seemingly nowhere she came from was the CIA:

  1. The famous Redstockings' expose of Gloria Steinem's CIA activities, from Off Our Backs Vol. 5, No. 6 (july 1975), pp. 8-9, 28-33

Here's Gloria Steinem talking about her work as a CIA agent [later she dated Kissinger during his Nixon appointment]

  1. Gloria Steinem was the original believer in Woke CIA
  2. From its early days the CIA was dominated by liberals. Ask Gloria Steinem.
  3. Gloria Steinem became a media darling due to her CIA connections. She edited MS Magazine for years, which was indirectly funded by the CIA.
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    Gloria Steinem, "I was amazed to discover...[CIA] were enlightened liberal nonpartisan activists"
  5. Remember how Gloria Steinem criticized Bernie supporters, then we remembered how she worked for the CIA?
  6. Before she became a feminist leader, Gloria Steinem worked for the CIA spying on Marxist students in Europe, disrupting their meetings.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Thursday, October 31, 2019.  Another US service member dies in Iraq as protests continue.

Kyle Rempfer (ARMY TIMES) reports:

 A U.S. soldier supporting the Inherent Resolve coalition in Iraq died Sunday, Pentagon officials announced Wednesday morning.

Sgt. Nathan G. Irish died in a non-combat incident at Camp Taji, sometimes called Camp Cooke, in the Baghdad Governorate.

Ellen Mitchell (THE HILL) adds, "Irish was assigned to the 25th Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team based in Fort Wainwright, Alaska."

US soldier Sgt. Nathan G. Irish died in Camp Taji 3 days ago in a non-combat incident, as per US DoD.

Jean and I are praying for the Irish family during this difficult time. We are grateful for Nathan's service and will keep those close to him in our thoughts.


Nathan G. Irish was 23 years old -- seven years older than the Iraq War itself.  The ongoing war.  I can remember when a man was traveling around the United States in 2007 and 2008 and insisting that ,if he became president, all US troops would come home.  Speech after speech, he said that.  He did become president, President Barack Obama, and he had two terms in the White House but he left with US troops still in Iraq.  Steve Bullock would like to be president.  He's running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination currently.  Currently he's the Governor of Montana and he issued this statement:

Lisa and I are heartbroken over the loss of Sgt. Nathan Irish. As a state and nation, we ask our brave soldiers and their families to sacrifice so much to keep our nation and communities safe. We send our condolences to Sgt. Irish’s loved ones during this difficult time. 

MTN NEWS offers this video report.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, eyeglasses and outdoor

That photo's from his FACEBOOK page.

Nathan Irish updated his profile picture.
July 15

He noted in August, when he deployed to Iraq:

Getting on the C-130 to head to Iraq and I see “City of Missoula” stenciled on the side, a Montana license plate hanging in the cockpit, and a Montana flag hanging in the cargo bay. Halfway across the world and it feels like I’m 6 hours from home.

He should never have been sent over there.

If Steve Bullock wants to issue condolences and run for president, maybe Bullock should take some time to comment on US troops still in Iraq.  Or does he think the best candidate is the one who has no position on foreign wars?

The cat doesn't have Steve's tongue when it comes to talking about the other candidates.  He's been very vocal when it comes to Joe Biden's potential use of a SuperPac.  He's against that.  He just shrouds in mystery his position on never-ending wars.

On the topic of Joe Biden, Cameron Easley (MORNING CALL) crunches the numbers of various Democratic candidates in a face off with Donald Trump for the 2020 election and finds that Joe Biden has slipped.  Of the top three Cameron looks at -- Joe, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren -- only Elizabeth has increased her percentage since June which leads Easley to note:

But polling suggests that many primary voters are backing Biden because of his perceived general-election strength. Forty percent of Democratic primary voters said in September that they thought Biden has the best chance of beating Trump in 2020, more than twice the share who said the same of any other candidate. To that extent, declining returns in head-to-head matchups against Trump may pose a unique risk to his prospects for securing the nomination.

In Iraq, protests continue.  FRANCE 24 speaks with Feurat Alani (author of THE PERFUME OF IRAQ).

Alissa J. Rubin (NEW YORK TIMES) reports:

Under pressure from a growing number of protesters, Iraq’s prime minister appeared likely Wednesday to step down in the coming days, although exactly when is the subject of negotiations between two powerful Shiite Muslim leaders.
In a letter to one of the men, the cleric Moktada al-Sadr, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said he would be willing to resign and call early elections. But Mr. Mahdi insisted that it be done according to the procedures in the Constitution.

That's hilarious.  If the Constitution had been followed, he wouldn't be prime minister.  Your named prime minister designate and from that day you have 30 days to put together a Cabinet.  But it was over six months later before he found a Minister of Interior and a Minster of Defense.  He never should have been prime minister per the Constitution so it's hilarious that now, to save his job, he's saying the Constitution must be followed.

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: Iraq’s President Barham Salih to speak shortly amid deadly protests in the country — Iraqi TV.

protesters lose their fear Mass protests in are continuing despite a vicious crackdown()that has left 231 people dead. via

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