Wednesday, May 25, 2022


I really hope this thing wraps up quickly and Amber Heard loses.  She's lied and she's been exposed as a liar.  Her lies hurt Johnny Depp and she needs to pay for that.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

 Wednesday, May 25, 2022.  Joe Biden continues to persecute Julian Assange,  possible plot against Bully Boy Bush, the stalemate continues in Iraq . . . 

US President Joe Biden continues to persecute Julian Assange for Julian's 'crime' of reporting the truth.  The world watches as Joe targets Julian and declares war on a free press.  At SCHEERPOST, Joe Lauria notes:

At some point during the next nine days, British Home Secretary Priti Patel will decide whether or not to extradite imprisoned WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange to the United States to face espionage charges for publishing accurate information revealing U.S. war crimes.

Pressure is building from both sides on the home secretary.  Press freedom and human rights organizations, a Nobel laureate, the Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, journalists and Assange supporters have appealed to Patel to let Assange go.  

While it would be deemed improper for outside influence to be brought on judges, it would not be fanciful to imagine that behind the scenes Patel is getting the message from the U.S. Department of Justice and possibly from U.S. and U.K. intelligence services about what is expected of her.

The home secretary should know without prodding what the U.S. and British governments want her to do. Patel is a highly-ambitious politician who no doubt will calculate how her decision will impact her career. 

“Politicians think about their next election, they think about their voters … that’s what makes them tick,” Kristinn Hrafnnson, WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, told Consortium News at a protest outside the Home Office in London last Wednesday. “For the first time it’s in the hands of a politician, and Priti Patel, if she wants to think about her legacy … she should do the right thing.” 

Really, Joe?  Then maybe we should all be applying pressure to Joe Biden who faces a huge upset in the mid-terms.  Joe Biden is the one who can end it.  Joe can drop the charges immediately.  The left -- faux and real -- has been so pathetic for years now.  With few exceptions, they refuse to make demands.  Joe L wants yu to scare a British politician.  But Joe L is Americn.  And Joe Biden is American.  We're getting as pathetic as  that blogger Luke back in 2005 and 2005, remember him?  An Australian citizen blogging from Australia who spent every day railing against Bully Boy Bush and Tony Blair for the Iraq War yet never calling out John Howard.  He was the ruler of Australia.  But Luke was too pathetic to call out the politician in his own coutry.

That's how Joe L is looking right now.

Joe Biden can end this.  Joe Biden should end this.  But when you're doing everything but demanding Joe Biden end it, you're not really doing anything except looking pathetic.

do we want to game this thing out?

Let's say Joe L gets what he wants and the British politician refuses to hand Julian over to the US.  That becomes the official position.  So they release Julian and allow him to book a flight to Australia.  Do you think the US government grabs him at tHeathrow Airport or do you think they wait until he lands in Austraia and they grab him there?

Because that it what would likely happen.  

Both the UK and the Australian government would likely be very cooperative with the US government and possibly even assist.

And Julian would be disappeared.  

Joe L is trying to plug holes on the sinking boat Julian's trapped on instead of rescuing him.

Joe Biden has got to be pressured to stop this persecution.  

And that means some of the timid on the left need to find their voices and use them.

Their voices.

Some idiot e-mailed the public account about how happy I must be that ISIS went after Bully Boy Bush.  First off, did they?

I think they have more on their plate and this was probably some wanna-be.  I could be wrong.

But, no, I don't want Bully Boou Bush murdered.  That's too easy for him.  I want him to be shunned, I want him -- and his family -- to know that blood is on his hands and will be forever more.  I want him to be haunted by the ghosts of dead Iraqis to the point that he fears sleep.

I wouldn't mind seeing him in prison but I don't want him murdered.

You murder him and you create sympathy and the revisionary nonsense that's already taken place with regards to that War Criminal gets even more intense.

He is an awful man.  If you use violence on him, you are helping him.  All we need to combat Bully Boy Bush is our voices.  We need to boo him when he tries to go out in public.  We need to remind him over one million Iraqis are dead because of him.  And we need to make it clear to an idiot like him, even him, that it is not a joking matter and we are not laughing.

Killing him is too easy.  

And it's also the weakest move you can make.  He needs to be Glenn Close t the end of DANGEROS LIASONS.

Alina Romanowski was finally sworn in as US Ambassador to Iraq yesterday.  US Vice President Kamala Harris swore her in.  Hopefully, she can now leave DC and head to Iraq.

Iraq where the political stalemate continues.  Elections were held October 10th and still no prime minister, still no president.  Only the foolish observers were shocked by the Iraqi court ruling  tht the holdover prime minister does not have the power to implement long range plans for Iraq.  Maybe now, observers will start to take the stalemate seriously?  

We're 16 days away from eight months since the election and the rulers can't pull it together still.  Will every US reporter who hailed Moqtada back in October as a "kingmaker" step forward so we can mock them?

There was never a reason to make that claim.  He had no pattern of being a kingmaker.  He was an ineffective cleric who ran in and out of Iraq anytime he thought the bench warrant against him was going to be issued.  

His hold on his cult has grown less and less.  There are very real complaints against him coming out of even Sadr City -- the slum he holds sway over that has seen no improvements despite his so-called rise to power.  His voters showed up in lower numbers in the October election.

He's at his weakest.  The young Shi'ites mock him publicly.  

But ignoring all of this, US observers kept insisting that he was a kingmaker.  Still want to pimp that claim today?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith is many things. She became famous as a model and then on Charlie's Angels with Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson. I think I was in fourth grade -- I may be wrong. And everyone in our class was watching the show or pretending to. A number of us were getting the cards -- with that awful bubble gum slice in them. We'd see who had what and try to trade.

So one day, our teacher (who was married to one of the Washington Rams -- he wasn't with the tem then, he'd left but that was a big deal) got pulled into a heated debate. We were all either Kate Jackson fans or Farrah fans. Kate had come up in THE ROOKIES which a lot of us watched (she played nurse Jill Danko -- and yes, I had a crush on Kate). Farrah we knew from commercials as well as The Six Million Dollar Man (she was also married to Lee Majors). And we were on the playground loudly debating who was prettier. Our teacher walked up and asked what we were discussing? We told her and showed her a trading card with all three and she said, "Actually, I think Jacly Smith is the most beautiful." She was right. Not to take anything away from Kate or Farrah.

I always think of that whenever I see news regarding Jaclyn Smith:


Fox News: There’s a lot of buzz surrounding how amazing you look. Right off the bat, what’s your secret?

Jaclyn Smith: *Laughs* I’m always surprised when an Instagram photo creates that kind of a result. I mean, who would’ve dreamt it? But the truth is, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink. I’ve never touched a drug. I exercise daily. I’m married to a heart surgeon who preaches the importance of eating your fruits and vegetables. I enjoy my green drinks. What we put on our bodies shows up on our faces.
It’s also about how comfortable you feel in your skin. Are you loved? Are you appreciated? I feel pretty lucky that at this point in my life, at my age, I can talk to you about beauty. I’m pretty shy talking about it because when you’re constantly judged by it, sometimes it can make you retreat. Growing up in Texas, it was always pretty is as pretty does.
But I’ve never gone through a midlife crisis because I’ve always kept busy working and I’ve always been challenged… It’s rewarding to stay in the game. I’m also not obsessed with aging. I think that ages you. I also live a full life with my two children. Each of them has a daughter and my life revolves around them. They take me back to a place of such magic and innocence. I think all of those things have kept me young.

Fox News: If we were to go through your fridge, what would we find?
Smith: Lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. I try to have a green drink made from my vegetables to stock up. But listen, I eat meat. I’m gonna have my hamburgers and I’m gonna have my pizza. I love cheese. I’ve gotta have my gummy bears. We gotta enjoy life. I think having everything in moderation is so important. If you’re so strict, it’s going to show up on your personality and your face. You will get a little angry for depriving yourself of so much. If you try too hard to be too strict, you will then splurge and it defeats the whole purpose. Everything in moderation is much more rewarding.

I'm sure she eats correctly. But she also seemed to be a very at peace person. I think that's reflected in her face. It is in my grandmother's face. Like my grandma, Jaclyn doesn't seem like a rage-aholic. She seems pretty even keel and that sort of serenity tends to show up on our faces. I'm trying to be a calmer person but we'll see. :D


Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

 Tuesday, May 24, 2022. An Iraqi refugee reflects on the current US government propaganda and much more.

Democrats are limited in what they can do regarding the Supreme Court and ROE V WADE     -- SEVERAL DRIVE-BY E-MAILS TO THE PUBLIC ACCOUNT MAKE THAT CLAIM.


They can codify ROE.  They can get the votes.  You horse trade, you do whatever you have to but you secure 51  votes.  It isn't that difficult and when you look at great Congressional leaders -- in the past, of course, there hasn't been a great leader in Congress in decades -- you see that they did that. by impeaching  Clarence Thomas.  

That's one option.

Another is eliminate five votes.  

 Supposedly, to hear Democrats in Congress on MSNBC, his wife was involved in January 6th, was involved in trying to sway electors, was this and was that.  Are thy just flapping their jaws or are they serious?

Her actions reflect upon her husband because he's got a lifetime post and he's clearly failed to recuse himself on cases where he should have.

So if they're just flapping their gums then they need to shut up.  But if they mean what they're saying, they need to move forward with impeachment.

My guess?  If they're forced to put up or shut up, they'll shut up.

The answer is to make it law and they can do that.  It doesn't appear that they want to.

 Moving over to Iraq . . .

At WSWS, Barry Grey speaks with an Iraqi refugee about the current US attack on Russia:

Barry Grey: I would first like to get your response to the present war being waged in Ukraine and the attempt by the US and NATO to present it as a war for freedom, democracy and national sovereignty.

Adila: As a refugee from Iraq, having been born at the dawn of the Iraq War and my parents, my family having lived through the 13-year sanctions imposed by NATO and the US, we are not foreigners to the propaganda surrounding war.

In recordings of President Bush’s old speeches we hear repeatedly how the US invasion and occupation was a war against terrorism, a war to protect the people of Iraq and the Middle East from the weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein supposedly had.

President Bush at a Washington D.C. event made a joke about the weapons of mass destruction, saying, “We’re still looking for them.” It was kind of like him making a mockery of the propaganda he upheld for so many years and then later retracted in a laughing statement, after having essentially murdered over 625,000 children between 2003 and 2006.

The propaganda that is being pumped out today in support of the war against Russia in Ukraine feels like a repeated episode. The same emotions are being evoked—that the war is being fought to preserve freedom. Images of children running away or in bomb shelters are used to insinuate that we need to act fast. The propaganda is being used to push the largest corporate enterprises to place sanctions and holds on their businesses in Russia.

Even my university—I go to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor—has basically divested from Russia. We as Arab and Muslim students have been fighting for the divestment movement since 2002 on this campus, to divest against the apartheid in Palestine. We were always told this is complicated, it cannot happen, you cannot place sanctions on a place because of political views.

But this is exactly what is happening now and you see how it is happening so quickly and easily. All of the corporations and the politicians who are funded by these corporations are showing us how easy it is to divest resources from that region.

BG: The remarks by Bush to which you referred were at the White House Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner in 2004 and ironically you just had the one the other night where Biden congratulated the press for lining up 100 percent behind the government propaganda and refusing to allow the slightest dissenting view on the war against Russia. And in the name of press freedom, they are sanctioning the banning of Russian artists, musicians, media outlets and even cultural treasures.

What is the reality, from your own experience in Iraq and that of your family and since then, of American militarism and imperialism?


Adila: I was born in 2002 in Raffah Hospital, central city Baghdad. It’s where my mother was born and her mother before that. It is a really old hospital and one of the really well known hospitals in Iraq.

But after 1990, when the US and NATO placed sanctions against Iraq, essential food, water and medication was not able to reach Iraq for some 13 years. The medical devices were not updated. No medications, including epidural anesthetics, were allowed to be imported into the country.

When my mother gave birth to me, it was her first birth and she had complications during birth. She was in a very bad condition. She had an emergency C-section. I was born in breech, she was in labor for 12 hours without medication and during the procedure she was also unmedicated. So she felt every single cut of the scalpel, every single pain that came with childbirth through a C-section.

My mother is one of hundreds of thousands of women who had to undergo the same ordeal. The death toll we have for the sanctions, before the violent occupation that began in 2003, circles around 623,000. But Iraqi data analysts and physicians expect this number to be around a million.

There was an immense death toll. I think it is referred to as the essential death toll, which means the death toll that we know can be attributed to the violent deaths that occurred. It does not include the slow death from famine, it does not include all the children and mothers who died in childbirth as a result of the ban on medications and imported devices.

One day in 2003, when I was a couple months old, US soldiers barged into my family home and took seven of my uncles and my father and my grandfather to Abu Ghraib prison. They were held there for some time. They were tortured, electrocuted, sexually assaulted, whipped. My father lost an eye.

My father and my uncles were released after several years and pardoned. They were told, “Oops! Sorry, wrong name.”

Bully Boy /bush came out from under his rock last week.  

AP offers, "The 75-year-old former president jokingly blamed the mistake on his age, shaking his head and correcting himself, drawing laughter from the crowd."  It's not a laughing matter.  Arwa Mahdawi  (GUARDIAN) notes:

Tell you what, I’m not laughing. Nor are a lot of Arabs. I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the depravity and horror of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Iraqi prisoners of war – many of whom were innocent people who were arrested by mistake – were violently tortured by US and UK troops. Hundreds of thousands of civilians died. The entire country was left in ruins. And the suffering continued long after the occupying forces left. The US military’s frequent use of munitions containing depleted uranium in Iraq, along with military hardware abandoned by troops, poisoned the environment and the population. Even now babies are being born with severe birth defects linked to the invasion. “Doctors are regularly encountering anomalies in babies that are so gruesome they cannot even find precedents for them,” the lead researcher of a 2019 study said. “The war has spread so much radiation here that, unless it is cleaned up, generations of Iraqis will continue to be affected.” So, yeah, please excuse me if I don’t find Bush’s slip-up particularly funny.

You know what’s even less funny? The fact there has been zero accountability for any of the architects of the Iraq war. Sure, some of the military personnel were convicted of crimes relating to torture of Abu Ghraib prisoners, but the people who were really in charge have faced no consequences whatsoever. Bush himself has had his reputation whitewashed in recent years; he has transformed himself into a cuddly grandpa figure who paints and pontificates about “unity”. As for his coterie of enablers, most of them went on to high-paying jobs and prestigious positions.

Before anyone starts making excuses for the architects of the Iraq war (“how could they have known?”), let me remind you that it was clear from the start that the war – and the flimsy weapons of mass destruction excuse used to justify it – was a sham. In February 2003 millions of people, including myself, in at least 650 cities around the world took to the streets to protest the US-led invasion of Iraq. It was the largest one-day global protest in history. Ordinary people could see the war was immoral and probably illegal – and yet there is a concerted effort in some quarters to rewrite the war as a deeply regrettable lapse in judgment that nobody at the time could really have been expected to get right.

To add insult to injury, the US has not yet issued an apology to Iraqis, and almost two decades after the invasion, some — at least those in Bush's audience on Wednesday — are still laughing about it."  Chip Gibbons (JACOBIN) advises, "If Bush is not going to stand trial for war crimes, he should at the very least have the decency to avoid appearing in public as a moral authority on unjustified invasions. Instead, as Bush’s recent gaffe and his audience’s clear amusement at his misstatement demonstrate, neither Bush nor US society has ever really reckoned with the consequences of his imperialist crusade."  I remember bumping into Chip all over the country back when he was helping to push back against the hideous PATRIOT ACT.  Just tossing that out there because when I saw the byline, I smiled remembering many interesting conversations over the years.  I look forward to reading his upcoming book on the FBI.  At WSWS, Patrick Martin notes:

The World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist Equality Party opposed the Iraq war from the very beginning, condemning the support for the war, not only by the Bush administration and the Republican right, but by the bulk of the Democratic Party. It was the leading Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, then-Senator Joe Biden, who played a central role in pushing through the Authorization for the Use of Military Force that provided a congressional rubber stamp for the illegal invasion.

In a series of articles in May 2007, the WSWS summed up the devastation inflicted by the US conquest and occupation of Iraq, branding it “sociocide,” the deliberate destruction of an entire society, and pointing out that under both Bush and his father, American imperialism had carried out crimes of the type previously associated only with fascist regimes. We wrote:

Iraq, once among the most advanced countries of the region, has been reduced, in terms of basic economic and social indices, to the level of the poorest countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

What is involved is the systematic destruction of an entire society through the unleashing of violence and criminality on a scale not seen since Hitler’s armies ravaged Europe in the Second World War.

Less than a third of the population nationwide has access to clean drinking water, and just 19 percent have a functioning sewage system. Both the water and sewage systems were damaged heavily by US bombardments in the 1991 Persian Gulf War and the 2003 invasion…

On average, Iraqis receive only eight hours of electricity a day, with even worse conditions in Baghdad, where most of the capital’s seven million people get only six hours or less of service daily.

We noted the 150 percent increase in the infant mortality rate from 1990 to 2005. Half of all Iraq’s children were suffering from malnutrition; only one-third were attending school. Half of Iraq’s doctors had fled the country. Per capita GDP was half that of 1980, and Iraq’s state-owned industries had been privatized and shut down, with the loss of half a million jobs, by an ideologically motivated campaign of the Iraq occupation authority set up by the US in Baghdad. The WSWS concluded:

The premeditated destruction of an entire society carried out on the basis of lies and in pursuit of the financial and geo-strategic interests of America’s ruling elite constitutes a war crime of historic proportions, punishable under the same statutes and on the basis of the same principles as those used to condemn leading figures of Germany’s Third Reich at Nuremberg.

Those responsible for launching the war in Iraq consist not merely of the right-wing Republican cabal grouped around Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. They include also the Democrats who enabled this war, the heads of US energy conglomerates and finance houses that hoped to profit from it and the chiefs of the media monopolies that promoted it. All of these layers, constituting the political establishment and financial aristocracy of the United States, are guilty of the same fundamental crime for which the Nazis were prosecuted nearly 60 years ago: the plotting and waging of a war of aggression. It is from this principal crime that all the multiple crimes and horrors inflicted upon the Iraqi people have flowed.

It is not a matter of justifying Putin’s reactionary attack on Ukraine to point out that the war he launched has produced nothing like the level of destruction inflicted by the US in Iraq.

The Iraqi people suffered and continue to suffer and their country remains occupied.  Millions of dollars, billions, have gone to destruction.  The country is no betr off but the real point of war is never to make lives better.  Chris Hedges (SCHEERPOST) explains how there's always money for war:

The United States, as the near unanimous vote to provide nearly $40 billion in aid to Ukraine illustrates, is trapped in the death spiral of unchecked militarism. No high speed trains. No universal health care. No viable Covid relief program. No respite from 8.3 percent inflation. No infrastructure programs to repair decaying roads and bridges, which require $41.8 billion to fix the 43,586 structurally deficient bridges, on average 68 years old. No forgiveness of $1.7 trillion in student debt. No addressing income inequality. No program to feed the 17 million children who go to bed each night hungry. No rational gun control or curbing of the epidemic of nihilistic violence and mass shootings. No help for the 100,000 Americans who die each year of drug overdoses. No minimum wage of $15 an hour to counter 44 years of wage stagnation. No respite from gas prices that are projected to hit $6 a gallon.

The permanent war economy, implanted since the end of World War II, has destroyed the private economy, bankrupted the nation, and squandered trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. The monopolization of capital by the military has driven the US debt to $30 trillion, $ 6 trillion more than the US GDP of $ 24 trillion. Servicing this debt costs $300 billion a year. We spent more on the military, $ 813 billion for fiscal year 2023, than the next nine countries, including China and Russia, combined.

We are paying a heavy social, political, and economic cost for our militarism. Washington watches passively as the U.S. rots, morally, politically, economically, and physically, while China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, and other countries extract themselves from the tyranny of the U.S. dollar and the international Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a messaging network banks and other financial institutions use to send and receive information, such as money transfer instructions. Once the U.S. dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency, once there is an alternative to SWIFT, it will precipitate an internal economic collapse. It will force the immediate contraction of the U.S. empire shuttering most of its nearly 800 overseas military installations. It will signal the death of Pax Americana.

Democrat or Republican. It does not matter. War is the raison d’√©tat of the state. Extravagant military expenditures are justified in the name of “national security.” The nearly $40 billion allocated for Ukraine, most of it going into the hands of weapons manufacturers such as Raytheon Technologies, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, is only the beginning. Military strategists, who say the war will be long and protracted, are talking about infusions of $4 or $5 billion in military aid a month to Ukraine. We face existential threats. But these do not count. The proposed budget for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in fiscal year 2023 is $10.675 billion. The proposed budget for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is $11.881 billion. Ukraine alone gets more than double that amount. Pandemics and the climate emergency are afterthoughts. War is all that matters. This is a recipe for collective suicide.

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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Viola Davis is the most bitter and bitchy woman in the world





amber responds




Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Amber Under Cross"  and "Equal Time For Classy Amber." went up on Wednesday.  We got five comics from Isaiah this week at THE COMMON ILLS alone.  Five isn't uncommon a week if you factor in the community newsletters but five at TCI alone?

That's something.  And he's got another one he did Thursday for TCI that will go up Saturday.  Hint, Halle Berry is in that one.

I love Halle.  She's a great actress and she's made some films that will remain popular in years to come.  She's Storm in four X-Men films, for example.  She's in the cult comedy classic BAPS.  She's in one of the best political films ever made, Bulworth. Cloud Atlast, like BAPS, is building up a cult following and I think it will be the subject of a very positive reappraisal in ten years.  Swordfish is a great action films.  Die Another Day is not just a good action film, it's one of the best James Bond films in the Bond series.  You have her Academy Award winning performance in Monster's Ball.  She's in the second Kingsman and the third John Wick.  Why Do Fools Fall In Love was the first film I participated in -- meaning that's when African-American women started using our power and our sisterhood for what was first weekend -- we'd support African-American performers by making a point to turn out on the opening weekend for films with African-American performers in them.  And that's what we had to do, as African-American women, we had to demonstrate repeatedly that we would turn out for films that told our stories.  And Halle's filmography demonstrates that our stories are in every genre -- thriller, drama, comedy, action, science fiction, comic book, you name it.

I love Halle.

I'm more e than a bit tired of Viola Davis.

She's apparently tired of attacking everyone who noted how awful she was as Michelle Obama in The First Lady.

She is awful.

Michelle is many things but Michelle is not gutter trash.

Viola is gutter trash and that's why she has Michelle screaming the n-word at Barack.  It's something that would happen in Viola's life and she lacks the intelligence to understand that she is not the gold standard or, for that matter, that having 'Michelle' scream it at Barack was insulting not just to Michelle Obama but to our race.

Our race.

Viola's more and more about race every day -- thinking she's an expert and that she's got the last voice on all things Black.

Bitch, please.


She's taken to the press this week to talk about "microaggressions."  Bitch, shut the f**k up.


You are an unattractive woman.  It would not matter if you were "blonde with a wide nose," if you looked like yourself but with blond hair -- you'd still be an ugly woman.


Your features are not photogenic and you need to grasp that you will never be pretty.  Like Madonna, you can hope for well groomed.  But women are pretty or they're not. 


How sad that with all her awards, Viola's obsessed over being 'denied' roles because she's not this or that.


A lot of people loved her in The Help.  


I didn't but others did.


I didn't see the movie.  As an African-American woman, I had no interest in the film.  But Viola took the check and took the bows.  Then, years later, she wants to say it was a bad role and not true to the Black woman experience.




Bitch, I didn't see the movie and I didn't read the book.  But I could tell that just from the commercials. You read the whole script and decided to make the film.  I could call you a sell out whore but it's really just that you're stupid.  


This week's microagressions -- according to Vi -- include her being called "Lousie" or some such name by a director repeatedly.  And she couldn't figure out why.


Then she found out it was because it was his maid's name.




For all we know, he was in love with the woman.


Or is it that Vi's too good to be maid?  Too much better than the rest of us.


She's a dumb woman who never got a real education but has learned some slang and buzz words and wants to pontificate at length.

She's a dumb idiot.

She's never going to be pretty.  But she could be smart.  But she's one of those idiots that she thinks she knows everything.

There are a lot of people like that, sadly.

I talk to peers and retirement will come up.  I'll say something like I can't wait for that day to arrive or that I'd retire now if I could or if it's the lotto that I'd quit tomorrow if I won.

And too often the response back in those conversations is, "Oh, I could never stop working.  I wouldn't have a thing to do."


I'd be reading every damn day.  I'd be taking trips -- even day trips -- to look at historical markers and to visit exhibits.  (I'm lucky now if I make three exhibits a year at the museum.)  

I will be in various groups -- knitting, quilting, etc.  

There is so much that I want to learn.  I actually want to go back to college and get my doctorate.  (I have a masters.)  

I don't get the idea of how leaving the paid work force means I have nothing to do and days of boredom.  

But then, I know I have so much that I want to learn and that I need to learn.  

People like Viola think that they know it all.

She's just a stupid little girl who grew up stupid and didn't like it but accepted it and now she's just going to be stupid the rest of her life.

It's her choice.

And those of us who worked together to prove to Hollywood that we would turn out for films starring Black women?

We didn't do it for some whiny ass bitch to come along decades later whining about her career.

She's an unattractive woman which means ''character actor'' is her fate regardless of her race.

She should be thrilled she's got a career.  Instead, she wants to whine and moan about 'microaggressions.'  

Oh, no, a director called her the same name as her maid!!!!

It's racism!!!

Really, you stupid bitch?

Alfred Hitchcock called actors cattle -- as an insult.  

Maybe grow the f**k up, Viola, or considering shutting your damn mouth.

You're doing harm to other actresses of color with your stupid remarks.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"


 Friday, May 20, 2022.  Joe /Biden has billions for Ukraine but nothing for American infants, Bully Boy Bush gets some attention, Julian Assange remains persecuted and much more.

US President Joe  Biden continues to persecute Julian Assange for the 'crime' of journaism and the most 'offensive' thing anyone can do: Tell the truth.  Julian exposed War Crimes the US government carried out in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Amnesty International Tweets:

Amnesty International: 'If the Home Secretary certifies the US request to extradite Julian Assange it will violate the prohibition against torture and set an alarming precedent for publishers and journalists around the world' #FreeAssangeNOW

Julian's wife Stella Tweets:

With Gunther Wallraff, legendary german investigative journalist, holding the Gunther Wallraff prize certificate awarded to Julian #Assange. #FreeAssangeNOW

Julian and WIKILEAKS are known throughout the world and the whole world watches as Joe Biden persecutes him.  The world watches Joe's war on journalism and free speech.  The world watches Joe act like one of the despots the US State Dept is forever decrying.

At THE GRAYZONE, Kit Klarenberg explains:

 British Home Secretary Priti Patel is due to imminently decide on whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is extradited to the US, where he faces life imprisonment for journalistic activities.

The Grayzone can exclusively reveal that Patel appears to be embroiled in a covert “research and influence operation,” directly inspired by MI6 “principles and methods” and guided in part by Richard Dearlove, the foreign spying agency’s former chief. 

While the Home Secretary may not be fully apprised of the dark forces swirling around her, and the purposes for which she is being exploited, there is incontrovertible evidence that her ministerial agenda and Home Office policies are being directly influenced as a result of her links to the shady group.

“Dark Ullen” to be “conducted on the same broad principles and methods as an [MI6] research and influence operation”

This May 15, the Grayzone exposed a shadowy intelligence cabal’s plot to sabotage Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, remove her from office, and replace her with Boris Johnson in order to secure a ‘hard’ withdrawal from the EU. The cabal pursued a variety of undemocratic, if not outright criminal methods to achieve its aims.

A vast tranche containing leaked email messages between members of the cabal provided the sourcing for that expos√©. Further communications reviewed and verified by The Grayzone point to more recent, shockingly diabolical schemes. 

These include plots to smear environmental activists as communist agents of Chinese influence, paint Ukrainian refugees as potential Russian double agents seeking to carry out terror attacks on British soil, and “displace” Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng. 

The spectral group’s apparent leader and puppet master is Gwythian Prins, a member of the Chief of Defence Staff’s Strategy Advisory Panel, and former NATO and Ministry of Defence advisor. On January 21st, Prins wrote to former MI6 director Richard Dearlove – a key member of the cabal – outlining the terms of ‘Dark Ullen’, the codeword title of “our China project.”

Joe Biden is persecuting Julian Assange.

But Joe does everything but hump Bully Bou Bush.  Oh, he's not Joey's friend and roll dog, no, not at all.  Not when Joe needs their votes.  When it's an election year, Joe puts a barrier -- a vaignal condom? -- between himself and Bully Boy Bush.  When it's an election year, Joe lies that he only supporte dthe Iraq War because he was misled by that mean and crafty Bully Boy Bush.

Why, if it weren't for that Bully Boy Bush and his empty words and promises, Joe never, ever would have supported the Iraq War.  Pinkie promise.

But after making those statements and then before making them again when he was runnng for office in 2020, what does Joe do?  Apparently, everything but swallow.


Joe's a liar and always has been.  He claims he made a 'mistake' on Iraq and it was all because of that evil Bully Boy Bush but in 2019, he did everything but dry hump BB onstage in front of everyone.  That's not how I respond to people who lie to me.  That's not how normal people respond.  But Joe's not normal.  Normal people don't assault Tara Reade and then pretend as though the world is crazy to ask -- after the assaults noted in her divorce papers from years ago, after her mother is on tape -- video -- calling into Larry King's CNN show in the 90s, after . . .

Joe's a damn liar.  And he's senile to boot.

Alex Findjs (WSWS) notes:

The Biden administration has ordered the redeployment of 450 US soldiers to Somalia at the request of the Pentagon. Government officials state the decision is aimed at countering the advances of the Islamist group al-Shabab, which controls much of the countryside in southern and central Somalia.

Biden’s decision is a reversal of a Trump administration order to remove 700 US soldiers from the country and deploy them to neighboring countries in January 2021. Trump portrayed the action as part of his campaign promise to roll back US involvement in “forever wars,” though US troops continued to conduct military activities inside of Somalia from their new bases in neighboring Kenya and Djibouti.

The stated goal of the redeployment is to target a dozen leaders of al-Shabab, which is considered a terrorist organization by the US government, and to “maximize the safety and effectiveness of our forces and enable them to provide more efficient support to our partners,” according to Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the National Security Council in an interview with the New York Times.

Al-Shabab has been engaged in military confrontations with the central Somali government for over 15 years and has been the target of repeated US military operations and airstrikes. Having consolidated control over large parts of the country, the organization is believed to have 5,000 to 10,000 armed fighters and close ties to Al Qaeda.

Several deadly bombings have been linked to the group, including a truck bombing in the capital Mogadishu in 2017 that killed at least 587 people.

Capitalizing on the violent tactics and Islamist ideology of al-Shabab and other groups, the United States has used the threat of terrorism to justify military involvement in the impoverished East African country for 30 years. 

Joe is not on a mission of peace.  He has no mission, he can't remember what he's doing from one day to the next, he's a got a bittersweet presidency.

Joe is sending billions of US dollars to prop up the racist and Nazi regime in Ukraine (the same one he and Barack installed in 2014) but he can't help Americans suffering from inflation or from the formula shortage.

One day after President Biden invoked the 1950 Defense Production Act (DPA) in response to the US baby formula shortage, the Senate approved a bill by unanimous consent Thursday that falls far short of addressing the devastating crisis facing families with infant children across the country.  Kevin Reed (WSWS) reports:

The Access to Baby Formula Act, which was first approved by the House on Wednesday, purports to ensure that families receiving government assistance benefits can continue to purchase baby formula during the shortage. The bill allows the Agriculture Department to waive the requirement that those using the federal program Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) must purchase only one brand of baby formula.

The $28 million bill also provides emergency funding to increase the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection staff, increase resources for personnel working on formula issues, stop fraudulent baby formula from entering the US marketplace and improve data collection on the formula market. 

However, the bill does nothing to fundamentally address the nightmare facing parents looking to buy formula for their infants when none can be found on store shelves. Stocks of formula have been down by 43 percent since the beginning of May. The crisis, which has been developing for months, was allowed by the Biden administration and Congress to reach catastrophic proportions before the latest measures were taken.

In commenting on the vote, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrat from New York) was focused on the fact that the Democrats and Republicans agreed on a face-saving bill that will not address the immediate crisis that is facing millions of families. Schumer said, “It's rare that we have unanimity in the Senate on important measures, and I wish we had more. But this is one of these important issues and I'm glad we're acting with one voice.”

Hey, Chuck, are you going to breast feed all of the American children that need formula but don't have it?  Then sit your tired ass down already.  As WSWS previously noted, ""The severe shortage of baby formula across the United States continues to affect millions of families. Nationwide, there is a 43 percent deficit of infant formula, with some states and metropolitan areas seeing more than 50 percent of normal supply missing from grocery store shelves. 

When the money's gone?  We are arrving at that point, apparently  No money for the American people under Joe Biden.

No money for the American people and their children in need.  But Joe's sending more money to Ukraine -- forty billion more.  

WSWS has a two-part series on the roots of modern day Ukraine.


From part wo:

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), whose actions and legacy are celebrated by the state-sponsored Ukrainian Canadian Congress, is the political-ideological fount of the fascist forces that are playing such a prominent and reactionary role in contemporary Ukraine. 

In 1940, the OUN split into two groups over how best to collaborate with Nazi Germany to secure a Ukrainian national state. In pursuit of that collaboration and their rival visions of a fascist state, both factions would commit horrific crimes. Both supported the Nazis’ war of annihilation against the Soviet Union that claimed the lives of over 27 million Soviet citizens and participated in the Holocaust of European Jewry.

The OUN (Melnyk) sought to work within Nazi Germany’s occupation regime and promoted the formation of the Galicia Division of the Waffen SS. It was to this organization that the grandfather of Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland belonged.  


The OUN (Bandera), many of whose members were likewise provided refuge in post-World War II Canada, also systematically embedded its forces in the Nazi military machine and its repressive apparatus in German-occupied Poland and later in the Soviet Union. But the OUN (B) took a more “radical stance,” going beyond the remit its Nazi patrons and allies had given it. After entering Lvov in June 1941, as part of the Nazi force that invaded the USSR, they declared the creation of an “independent” Ukrainian state—one they stressed would be an integral part of the Nazi-led “New Europe.” Frictions ensued. But both sides strove to maintain their alliance, and up until the war’s end the Bandera-led OUN (B) and its Ukrainian Insurgent Army or UPA collaborated with the Nazis and the Wehrmacht in fighting the Red Army and Soviet partisans, terrorizing the population and exterminating Ukraine’s Jews. It also killed tens of thousands of Poles in pursuit of an ethnically “pure” Ukraine. 

Contemporary apologists for the OUN insist that they were forced into an impossible situation during World War II and can at most be accused of opportunistically embracing Nazi support and its anti-Semitism. These claims are without any historical foundation. The OUN was a fascist organization from its inception, that long sought Nazi support and whose role in the mass extermination of Ukraine’s Jews was politically prepared and prefigured by its actions in the decade prior to the war’s outbreak in 1939.

The OUN was founded in 1929 through the merger of several far-right organizations, among them the League for the Liberation of Ukraine, which had arisen out of the Union of the Ukrainian Fascists, and the Ukrainian Military Organization (UVO). Comprised of veterans of the Ukrainian nationalist forces that had fought the Bolsheviks during the Civil War that followed the 1917 October Revolution, the UVO supplied much of the OUN’s initial leadership.

Socially, the OUN was comprised of frustrated and embittered petty bourgeois, as well as dispossessed landlords and other notables. Politically, it was animated by pathological hatred for the October Revolution and the Soviet Union. Ideologically, it was part of the broader fascist, militarist and anti-egalitarian current that developed in the aftermath of the unprecedented violence and dislocation of World War I and in direct reaction against the Russian Revolution and the socialist strivings of the European working class.

But the OUN and its supporters were especially angered and aggrieved. From their perspective, the socialist revolution in Russia and the Ukraine had cheated them out of their birthright—a Ukrainian state where they would rule the roost—as well, in many cases, of their property and other privileges. Moreover, those they perceived as their ethnic rivals had been strengthened. There now was a Polish Republic, including on territory the Ukrainian nationalists coveted and which was repressing its Ukrainian minority. And as a result of the Russian Revolution, Ukraine’s Jews, long the target of pogroms and the Czarist government’s Black Hundred agitation, enjoyed unprecedented freedom.  

Like the White Russian emigres, the Ukrainian far right helped fashion and promote the myth of Judeo-Bolshevism, which held the Jews responsible for the revolution, for them the incarnation of the anti-Christ. An explicitly fascist form of anti-Semitism, the Judeo-Bolshevism canard would be invoked by the Nazis and their Ukrainian allies in the OUN in inciting genocide.

Dropping back to yesterday's snapshot:

AFP reports, "Donald Trump is not  in the White House.  You do not know if he will run again (he seems to want to but Donald loves to f*k with people's heads), you do not know if he could get the GOP nomination if he tried to run, you do not know who the Democrats will run in 2024, "

Freud said the criminal had a compulsion to confess.  I'd like to think the incident was more than a mere slip of the tongue.  I'd love to believe the millions of Iraqis he killed haunt Bully Boy /bush's sleep, that they wreck every waking moment.

That's what should happen.  Hes responsible for an illegal war, he's responsible for suffering, he's responsib le for a genocide.  

Shame on those who are too weak and too stupid to hold him accountable.  I'm referring to the ones who in 2015 would have called him out but now, because they share his hatred for Donald Trump, they're BB's best buddy.

They''re shameful.

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