Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Some people are so stupid they'd pull the trigger of the gun aimed at them

I'd include this woman on that list:

Nancy Marie Mithlo, Ph.D. (Chiricahua Apache) is a Professor of Gender Studies and an Affiliated Faculty with the American Indian Studies Center at University of California Los Angeles. A volume of her collected essays titled Knowing Native Arts will be published with the University of Nebraska Press, Fall 2020.

CounterPunch has reposted an essay she's written about Quentin Tarantino's latest racist film.  In the essay, she writes:

During the screening in a fully sold out theater on LA’s Sunset Boulevard, I was enthralled with Tarantino’s latest, and so was the packed house. But then, out of nowhere (and this happens a lot) as DiCaprio’s zealous bounty hunter character rides the dusty streets in a classic black and white Western, you hear the narrator’s voice echo the refrain, “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” As the audience laughed, I cringed. So much for my escape from the “real” world.
Let me be clear, this is not a critique of Tarantino; I think the guy is genius, even if often off-tune in matters of race and gender.

What a stupid bitch.

"I think the guy is a genius."  Yeah, there are a lot of evil geniuses.  Hitler was one, right?

She needs to offer a critique of Tarantino but she's too much of a lazy bitch to do so.

He's declared war on non-Whites in yet another film and the little girl doesn't want to critique him.  She's pathetic.  And she helps no one with her b.s.

If she's someone you're waiting to save you, give up all hope.  The bitch won't even save herself.

When you hear -- over and over! -- in a film that "The only good Indian is a dead Indian," you get off your ass and walk out.

You don't make excuses for it the way this stupid bitch has.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, August 13, 2019.  Stupidity is in the air -- CNN hate monger Chris Cuomo rubs some out as do GOP stud-muffin Big Dan I Look Better Than I Think Crenshaw and Miss Iraq Sarah Idan (well, she was Miss Iraq a few years ago, let her pretend she still is).

Starting with the embarrassment that is Chris Cuomo.

This is “Roid Rage”

This is Chris Cuomo.
This is Chris Cuomo after a guy called him Fredo.

This is the same who goes on CNN every night and claims that President Trump is unhinged.....





How is that different than how he behaves on camera?

It's really not which is why American viewers have overwhelming rejected him on CNN.

That video should get him fired immediately.

And the whole country should be calling him out because, no, calling an Italian "F" is not the same as using the n-word and for Chris to make that comment proves his White entitlement is so great that he should not be moderating anything, anchoring anything, he shouldn't be anywhere in front of a camera.

Let's grasp that a 49-year-old man is comparing being called "Fredo" (a character in the novel -- and later film -- THE GODFATHER) to being called the n-word.  Let's grasp the sense of entitlement on Chris Cuomo -- a man who has coasted on his Whiteness to a level of fame while actually accomplishing nothing.  He's done nothing with his life.

He is physically ugly and will only get uglier as the years go by.  He is emotionally unhinged.

As the video has gone viral, little Chrissy has offered a Tweet an hour ago.

Appreciate all the support but - truth is I should be better than the guys baiting me. This happens all the time these days. Often in front of my family. But there is a lesson: no need to add to the ugliness; I should be better than what I oppose.

He shouldn't have any support.

He's the asshole that had to be famous -- not for doing anything because that would require real work and he's never going to do real work.  So he got on TV -- because he was born semi-famous in New York -- and this is how he treats the public?

And what's up with the f-word that he can't stop throwing around?

If he's worried about stereotypes, stop reinforcing them -- he comes  off like a low-rent bully -- like a closeted gay bully, but, yes, like a low rent bully.

He's trash.  He's always going to be trash.  And CNN needs to walk away.  He has failed to deliver ratings or viewers.

He is threatening someone because they compared him to a fictional character.  He doesn't walk away, he tries to make it worse, he tries to start a physical altercation.

They dumped Kathy Giffin over a photo shoot but they're going to let this menace to the people stay on camera?

He lies and he's always lied.  For years now -- including at present -- he's claimed he won an Emmy for his work on GOOD MORNING AMERICA.


GMA won an Emmy.  He was part of that group which included Shelley Z. Ross (executive producer), Stuart Schwartz (senior broadcast producer), Steve Thode (senior editorial producer), Laurye Blackford, John Green and Ann Reynolds (senior producers), Patty Neget and Brian O'Keefe (producers) and Diane Sawyer, Charles Gibson and Chris (correspondents).

He didn't win the award he keeps claiming he won.  Eleven people won that award and he acts like it was his personal Grammy for Album of the Year.

The correct wording is: "On September 10, 2002,  GOOD MORNING AMERICA segment 'Mattie's Story' won the News and Documentary Emmy for OUTSTANDING BACKGROUND / ANALYSIS OF A SINGLE CURRENT STORY IN A REGULARLY SCHEDULED NEWSCAST and Chris worked on that segment along with ten other people."

The award was not for an individual.  The award was for a segment.  But he's played it out for years now like he personally won an Emmy -- aka Fattest Ass On Camera With A Rage Trigger and a Tiny Cock goes to . . . Chris Cuomo!!!!!

Lily Tomlin, honest to a fault, will tell you she won a Tony (two) and has won this and that.  She will not, however, tell you that in 1994 she won a Golden Globe.

Lily was part of the cast of SHORT CUTS -- a great Robert Altman film and a great performance by Lily.  In 1994, the Golden Globes awarded an ensemble award to the entire cast -- Lily, Lili Taylor, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jack Lemmon, Chris Penn, Madeline Stowe, Julianne Moore, Andie MacDowell, Lyle Lovett, Annie Ross, Robert Downey Jr., Fred Ward . . .

Chris Cuomo is a noted liar, a hot head on air, much worse off air and he needs to be fired.  That video, the language, the threats all were unacceptable.  He's a 49-year-old man acting like a child.  We either teach and reward responsible behavior or we don't.  We're supposedly wanting to stop violence in this country but CNN is going to keep on air a 'delicate flower' who couldn't take someone joking that he was a character -- a fictional character -- and has to threaten to beat the guy up, has to repeatedly offer to fight?

And, again, I just cannot get over his sense of White entitlement.  Chris Cuomo does not belong discussing race in any way or form.  Comparing him to a character from a pulp novel (and film) is like someone calling an African-American the n-word?

The White entitlement just wafts off Chris.

And let's stay on the b.s. that is that Emmy division.  Chris has been able to lie so long because no one gives a damn -- not even that branch of the Emmys -- which can't even be bothered with listing past awards.


Well Chris Cuomo's CNN bud Christiane Amanpour is part of work recognized by that branch.  They don't want anyone looking.  They don't want their nominees of the best of 2003 known.  They whored, their industry whored, they sold an illegal war.  And that's what their nominees document.  Not only did the industry itself whore but the body charged with recognizing excellence whored as well.  Their 'recognition' does not stand up so they hide their past.

Instead of threatening to throw some man he's never met down the stairs, Chris should throw himself down the stairs and pull the bulk of his peers along with him.

(To be clear, Christiane sold her Iraq lies on CBS' 60 MINUTES -- the lies that were seen as broadcast 'excellence.')

Grasp that CNN is defending Chris' behavior -- saying that the correct and appropriate response to feeling insulted is to threaten to throw someone down the stairs.

They're defending his language.  He's called "Fredo" and he responds with "s**t" multiple times, with the f-word, with everything.

Don't lecture about school violence, CNN, when your own hosts can't act mature in a public setting. 

We teach and reward appropriate behaviors or we don't.  It's that basic and I would love to know how AT&T is going to justify the defense of Chris Cuomo while attempting to sell "family plans" for cell phones.

We have a violence problem in our country and especially in our schools and we're saying it's okay for Chris Cuomo -- because his feelings are upset -- to threaten bodily harm to someone he doesn't even know?

The people who take guns to school and start shooting are generally people -- males -- who feel that they have been wronged or insulted.

And an honest review of what led up to the mass shooting might indicate that, yes, the gunboys were targeted in some ways.

That does not give them the right to respond with violence.

Unless they work for CNN, of course.  Then it's perfectly acceptable to behave as Chris did apparently.

Let's stay with stupidity but on a different topic.

Before we reactively cry “no more endless wars” we must consider what that means in practice. It means we give them the space and time to plan another 9/11.

My former teammates have no problem ensuring this doesn’t happen. We should let them do their job.

First, he links to a stupid and factually challenged article.  Then there's the fact that David Petraeus is a disgrace who shared top secret documents with his mistress.  And then along comes Big Dumb Dan to tell us what he and his "teammates" would do.

Well, not to tell us, that would require actual thought and Big Dumb Dan's never showed any actual thought.  We defended him when he was mocked and I didn't care that he was right-wing.  I cared that a corporation was going after him.  But Dan plays stupid today in all sorts of ways.

He apparently never heard of the discussion Colin Powell and Mad Maddie Albright had during the Clinton administration when Colin attempted to explain to Mad Maddie -- and others present -- that US soldiers were not toys.

You know what else US troops aren't?  Dan, they're not democracy builders.  Their training is not on how to build a village.  They are trained in combat, Dan.  How is that so obvious to me but you're missing it?

And how did you stupidly express yourself in that Tweet to begin with?  You appear to be saying that the Taliban attacked the US on 9/11 and that is not true.  al Qaeda was not the Taliban.

Are you really that stupid?  If so, the next time SNL mocks you, don't expect me to defend you.  If you're that stupid, you really do deserve to be mocked.

For those who have forgotten -- because the press doesn't like to cover it and there are no Emmys handed out for telling the truth -- the US went to war with Afghanistan over Osama bin Laden.  The US government asked that he be handed over.  The response was, "Give us your evidence that he was responsible for 9/11."  Colin Powell's response was: Hand him over and then we'll provide evidence.

The Taliban was not asking for irrefutable proof.  They were, as any body would be, trying to follow international law.  You don't just hand over.  You have to see cause.  The US government didn't want to provide it.  On that, wartime began.

Now some were thrilled.  Mavis Leno, Ellie Smeal and others has been agitating for over a decade for war on the Taliban.  Why?  Because of the sexist and horrific treatment by women of the Taliban.

Well guess what?  In less than two months, the Afghanistan War turns 18 years old and life is no better for the women there.

18 years and nothing to point to with pride.

Do I blame the US military men and women who served there for that?  No.  Why would I?  That is not what they are trained for and that is not their purpose.  It's helpful, I suppose, for cowards in the US government to hide behind the men and women in the military as opposed to getting on the ground there and doing the work they're supposed to -- diplomacy, deal making, etc.

The article co-written by Petraeus that Big Dumb Dan is linking to is filled with lies -- we addressed some of them on Saturday and some in Monday's snapshot.  I'm confused how Dan buys the lie that the US left Iraq -- and now it's going to leave Afghanistan!!!!!

Hey, Dan, don't panic and piss in your jock just yet.

You do realize that two Americans  were killed in Iraq on Saturday, right?

You do realize that?

The reason I'm forced to ask is you've Tweeted.

Several times.

But you never once mentioned either of those lives lost -- one a US marine, the other a US military contractor.

Honoring Gunnery Sergeant Scott A. Koppenhafer, 35, from Mancos, Colo., killed in action in Iraq Saturday supporting local forces, survived by his wife and two children

You're quick to invoke your 'teammates' to justify continued war but you're Tweeting a lie that the US left Iraq and you're Tweeting it 3 days after 2 Americans were killed ("enemy fire") in Iraq.

He's offended, Dan is, by the notion that never ending wars might come to an end.  He's just, apparently, not at all concerned or moved by the deaths of 2 Americans in Iraq on Saturday.

That sounds extremely stupid to me.

In Iraq today . . .

WATCH: Large smoke pillars rising in 's capital. An explosion had ripped through the city approximately two hours ago, reportedly near the US embassy.



  1. Footage of massive explosion in Baghdad, in what was reported as blast at PMF militia weapons depot:

We're talking about stupidity in this snapshot so we'll bring in a topic I've avoided because there were more important things and this didn't fit in with other snapshots.

. Former Miss Iraq: " Rep. Ilhan Omar Trying to Push on U.S." ||

*Retweet with Comment*


We're talking about a beauty queen.

I'm trying to think of one who made anything of their life other than Vanessa Williams.  Wasn't Beth -- the Miss America group's pride and joy -- a shop lifter or something.   They tried to destroy Vanessa but she went on and she accomplished more than anyone who had the crown before her or since.

Most beauty queens are not Vanessa Williams -- they lack Vanessa's strength, compassion and talent.

Miss Iraq is so 'famous' -- please note -- that none of the Tweets mention her name.

Miss Iraq has been 'touring' the world -- in part because she can't go home.   Sarah Idan has taken many jobs along the way hoping to somehow establish a career.  But, again, most beauty queens don't have gifts other than their looks.  Vanessa is the exception, not the rule.

So Sarah struggles and frets always fearful that someone will be truthful enough to point out that she's not Miss Iraq.  Her reign ended long ago.  This year they are supposed to crown another.  She was Miss Iraq in 2016 (and 2017, if you want to be generous).  Her day is over.

She's failed in every market since -- her own broadcasting efforts were laughable.  So she needs publicity and she looks around and decides FOX NEWS is the way to go and the best way there is to pick on a US member of Congress that FOX hates.

So she goes after Ilhan Omar.

What makes Sarah an expert on Ilhan Omar?

That she squeezed her tits into a push up bra?  Is that the sum total of the research Sarah did?

Think for a moment, let's use our brains, where ever you are right now, tomorrow you will go to Enchilada Land (sorry, I'm dictating this while trying to eat lunch and we're having Mexican today).  In Enchilada Land, a place you did not grow up, they have a  Congress with 435 members.  You're so intelligent and so wonderful that you're able to sift through all 435 -- in a matter of hours -- land on one that needs to be called out and call them out!!!!

If we need to know what push up bra makes you look a cup size larger, we'll listen to Sarah Idan.

Otherwise, she really doesn't matter.

When she and Miss Israel teamed up to try to talk about peace, that was news.

Her remarks about Ilhan Omar?  No. She's uninformed, she's not a US citizen, she will not be voting for any member of Congress . . .

B-b-b-but she might have studies!  She might have an education that makes her thoughts regarding a member of the US Congress worth hearing.

Her college major was . . . voice.  And she really can't sing.

So no.

Again, she can't go back to Iraq.  She's seen as a collaborator there.  That predates her teaming up with Miss Israel and goes to the fact that Arabic social media will never let die the rumors that she collaborated with the US military and helped them find people opposed to the ongoing US occupation (Arabic social  media is not talking about terrorists or fighters who took up arms, they're talking about peaceful protesters who opposed the occupation, professors, attorneys, etc).

Sarah Idan claims to be Miss Iraq.  Her reign ended long ago.  She's yet again a refugee -- though Syria wouldn't take her today.  She's desperate for money and a job.

She apparently feels attacking a woman she knows nothing about, US House Rep Ilhan Omar, could be a cottage industry for her.

Sarah's pathetic and, sad to point out the obvious, she's a beauty queen whose face has seen better days.  It's the slow fade, Sarah, and nothing's going to save you from that.

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