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If this is to be my funeral then, let's get on with it (The Originals)

"I'm sorry, Hope," Klaus says, "I've made my decision."

SPOILERS follow.  So The Originals came to a close tonight.

They turned the entire final season over to an actress we never saw until this season.

They made some teeny bopper the steny bopper the star of the final season just to set her up for her spin-off in October.


If there's a reason to watch her spin-off it has to be to hate watch.

So there was one good episode this season -- Freya's wedding.


So much more disappointing.

Way too much Hope.  She can't act.  She certainly can't carry a show.  Next year should be interesting as she stars in a spin-off that will likely go one season.

Don't count on the others to carry her -- wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Klaus saved Hope by taking the energy (deadly energy) from Hope and putting it in himself.

"He's a cockroach that will outlive us all," says brother Cole before walking off declaring he was "going home" to be with Davina. 

Freya offers that Klaus only has hours, "The energy will feed off that strength, he will quickly go mad and it won't be long before he's unrecognizable and dangerous to all of us."

As Klaus is out of it, he sees his father and then Cammy.  (Both are dead.)

Meanwhile Vincent tells Freya he's leaving for good.  Freya tells him that she and Keelen wanted Vincent to be the sperm donor for their child.  No, he's not going to put anyone through the hell he's lived through.

But it's the last episode so you know it's just happening to give a happy ending later.

Klaus is dying.   So he spends a lot of time with Hope and then joins his siblings -- yes, Cole returned.  They talk while music plays over them laughing about things we'll never know or hear.

But we do hear Cole being told by Klaus that Klaus adores him.

We never hear Klaus say a word to Freya -- she's apparently the forgotten sister.

He, Rebecca (the remembered sister) and Eli walk outside.  Klaus has the cure Rebecca's always wanted that will turn her human.  She's happy and walks off.  She joins Marcel and will marry him if he can accept that the next 100 years will be with her as a human.

He can.

Klaus wants the knife from Eli so he can kill himself.   Eli breaks it in half.  Klaus can kill himself still with the short knife.  Eli knows that.  He's going to kill himself as well.

"Always and forever."

They had been saying that earlier.  Now they're both going to die.  "What if there's nothing after this?" Klaus asks.  Eli tells him, "We face it together."

They kill each other.

And Vincent?  He goes back to Freya and Keelen and tells them, "Two witches and a werwolf -- this kid's going to have one hell of a temper."

Yes, he's going to father the child.

So, if you're paying attention, for the spin-off?

Eli and Klaus are dead.

Rebecca?  She's going to be a human so don't look for her to be able to help a Hope in crisis.

Freya and Kellen and Vincent could pop up.  And Marcel told Hope he'd be there any time she needs him.

Will you be there for Hope?

I'll only be there to hate-watch.

She and the actress playing her ruined the final season of the show.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Wednesday, August 1, 2018.  Despite four years of failure and the Iraqi people rejecting him at the voting booth, the US government is attempting to install Hayder al-Abadi for a second term as prime minister.

A new month begins and yet Iraq still has not formed a government.

Iraq is living this anarchy since 2003. It is irritating that some analyst think that there was some level of stability in Iraq. Since 2003 Iraq is a failure state, chaos and disorder is the norm.

Where are the adults?  You hold an election, you form a government.  In 2010, it took eight months for Iraq to form a government and this only happened by overturning the votes with the US negotiated Erbil Agreement.  Brett McGruk was the lead on that.  And now he's back in Iraq.

What's he doing?  What we've said he was doing.

. meets with President Barzani for the 3rd time since May 12 elections. Reports have been circulating in Iraqi media outlets that the is strongly pushing for Abadi's second term in office. McGurk wants to convince the Kurds to support the plan.

Hayder al-Abadi came in third.  Third.  This is just like when the Iraqi voters said no, in March, 2010, to a second term for thug Nouri al-Maliki and Brett and The Erbil Agreement gave Nouri a second term -- which created the rise of ISIS among other things.

Despite blood being already on their hands, the US government is eager to trash the election results again.

Grasp that and grasp that the incessant caterwauling never ends in the US over claims that the Russians must have interfered in the 2016 presidential election.  As usual, it's narcissism on display.  Me-me-me, only I matter!

So it's outrage over the belief that Russia might have interfered but it's silence over the fact that we interfered in Iraq's election in 2010.  The after effects of that 2010 action led to the rise of ISIS, led to the deaths of many.  And yet the Alyssa Milanos, Patty Arquettes and Debra Messings never express any outrage over that.  By their actions, they make clear that it's okay for the US to interfere in the elections of other countries.

Hayder al-Abadi is a failure.

The Iraqi people said so.

To yet again overturn their will?

Let's stop pretending we want democracy in Iraq.  In fact, let's let the country save millions by not even carrying out a vote if the US government is not going to respect the results or the will of the people.  Just come out and publicly appoint the puppet.  It would be a lot more honest.

PM : It is the duty of the government to deliver good services to all Iraqis, maintain security and safeguard Iraq’s stability

Yes, Hayder, those are the duties of the government and you've had four years already to carry those duties out but you have failed repeatedly.  As your term winds down, you have no success to point to.  You failed the Iraqi people.  Daily and repeatedly, you failed the Iraqi people.

Barack Obama picked you and put you in place and you were weak and useless for the Iraqi people.

You didn't protect the families in Falluja.  Nouri al-Maliki had started shelling their homes in his second term.  You continued the practice -- you continued the practice despite declaring it wrong and stating in September of 2014 that it would cease.  You continued to bomb the homes of civilians.  That's actually not just wrong, it's also a War Crime.

Hayder is a failure.

Protests are taking place in Iraq.

"Despite Basra's oil wealth, people lack basic amenities such as clean water, electricity and waste management."

Clean water and electricity?  Those are not outrageous demands.  Those are basic needs.  Hayder had four years and he has failed to deliver.

And he's done nothing to combat corruption which was a major issue before he was put in place by Barack and what was the leading issue in the May 12th elections.

Iraq brings in billions from oil and yet the people live in poverty and jobs are in short supply.

WORLD BULLETIN notes today:

Iraq has raised more than $700 billion from oil since 2005, but almost the entire amount has been spent, the central bank announced Tuesday.
"A total of $703.11 billion, or 99.5 percent of the amount, has been spent," it said.

Since Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over the Islamic State group last December, marking an end to decades of conflict in Iraq, social grievances have boiled over in a series of protests.

Where did that $703 billion go?  It didn't go into rebuilding the infrastructure.  It went into the pockets of corrupt politicians (and, in Nouri's case, the son of a corrupt politician).

And there's no victory over the Islamic State.  It's carrying out attacks pretty much daily in Iraq today.  Just this week, Margaret Griffis (ANTIWAR.COM) penned, "Fresh Anti-ISIS Operations in Kirkuk, Diyala; 34 Killed in Iraq."

Protests continue in Iraq.  Patrick Cockburn (INDEPENDENT) summed them up, "Part of the wave of demonstrations sweeping across central and southern Iraq, they demanded jobs, electricity, water and an end to the mass theft of Iraq’s oil wealth by the political parties."

now Protests in near Qurna oil field 1, This field is one of the largest oil fields in Via:

now Protests in near Qurna oil field 1, This field is one of the largest oil fields in Via:

Iraq struggles to contain Basra oil protests

There are no jobs, clean electricity and water are in short supply, ISIS remains operating in Iraq, what has Hayder accomplished in four years?

Not a damn thing.

Margaret Griffis (ANTIWAR.COM) reports:

At least 675 people were killed in Iraq during the month of July. Another 807 were wounded. The number of injured exploded in July due to protests over jobs and services in the southern provinces. About half of the fatalities belonged to Islamic State militants being killed in fresh operations. In June, 772 were killed or found dead, and 294 were wounded.

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