Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Emergence (next week is the season finale)

Tonight on ABC's Emergence, the FBI came for Brooks. 

He had taken Emily out of jail to help Jo and then they got waylaid by evil Helen who's really some form of Artificial Intelligence.  Helen made off with Emily.  Brooks got shot.

He ended up in the hospital and Dr. Abby Fraiser (Jo's friend) called Jo.  Jo got there and explained to Brooks what was going on.  He and Jo ran out of the hospital and to her police station.  The FBI ended up there as well.  Brooks decided to turn himself in and stop running.

Before that, though, he surprised Jo by kissing her.

The FBI interrogated Brooks but that ended when a DOJ official came in and told them it was over.  They left and DOJ gave Brooks keys to a car, a phone and maybe his badge back?  Maybe not the badge.  He'd already given his gun to Jo before he turned himself in.

He threw the keys and the phone out and hailed a cab.  He could tell he was being followed.

It turned out to be Helen.


It's Loretta who works for the US government.  Loretta is who Helen was based on.  Loretta and her group were given plans for developing AI.  Helen was their first.  Then Helen began creating AI.  And they began killing the humans. 

Loretta gives Brooks and Jo something similar to a needle to attacks Helen with.

Jo agrees to try -- they think they know where Helen is -- provided Loretta can give some form of promise that Piper won't be hurt.  (Piper is the young girl/AI that Jo rescued in episode one and who now lives with Jo and her daughter.)  Loretta answers that they have no desire to take Piper or harm her.

Emily, meanwhile, has helped Helen somehow by programming another AI.  After Emily runs away, Helen extracts something from the male AI -- a glowing tiny pellet -- similar, in a way, to what Piper removed from her head the first time she was in Jo's house.

Piper's convinced that Benny has changed.  Benny was supposed to be a reporter, remember?  I think for REUTERS.  Turns out he was AI and tricking Jo to get to Piper.  But Piper communicated with him and it ended up changing Benny.

As Jo and Brooks go to a facility where they think Helen is, they find the AI Helen pulled the pellet out of. 

Helen's placed it in some sort of device which is like an electronic Chia pet.  That's when Jo and Brooks find her.  She tries to tatack them.  Jo manages to shoot her and Helen turns to dust.  But as Brooks and Jo catch their breath, Helen becomes whole again.  They run but she's following them.  Jo's grabbed the electronic chia pet while no one was looking, by the way.

Meanwhile Piper tells Alex (Jo's ex husband) that they have to get Benny to defeat Helen.  He agrees and takes her to Benny.

All leading up to next week's episode which will be the season finale.

Oh, when Brooks first leaves, he takes the cab to Jo.  I should point out that he and Jo go into her garage to talk and, while in there, Jo kisses him.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, January 21, 2020.  Joe Biden has serious 'electability' issues, protests continue in Iraq, another Iraqi journalist is killed and much more.

Let's start with the stupid.

Replying to 
"How 5 members of Joe Biden's family got rich through his connections," a link shared by Donald Trump Jr. Ivanka, Eric, Melania and the rest of the Trump's got rich off their own skills and abilities and their family connections weren't involved in this at all.

Donald Trump was a private citizen.  You can be sure that Bill and Melinda Gates' children are getting rich off their last name.  Before Donald was president, his children were already rich and already benefiting from nepotism.  If you see something they're doing since he became president, please call that out.  Absolutely.  Because Donald is no longer a private citizen, he's a public servant and that comes with ethical obligations.

Joe Biden's entire work career was as a public servant.  His family getting rich on the taxpayer's dime or getting rich because they're cashing in on our servant -- that's what he was, our servant?  No, that's completely different.  That's why there are laws and that's why there are guidelines.

You appear to think you can throw 'Not true!' out there and somehow rewrite history.  It's not happening.

Joe is a portrait of corruption.  His entire family is.

While he's demanding accountability of others who do drugs, for example, his son faces no charges or jail time for using crack and cocaine and this and that.  His niece uses identify fraud and should be serving a mandatory sentence but somehow walks with no time at all.

This is corruption.

He's a public servant up until January 2019.  That goes back to January 1973 when he becomes a member of the Senate.

Look at the following about Joe's son-in-law and, if you want, just look at the quotes from his son-in-law:

It would be a dream for any new company to announce their launch in the Oval Office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
StartUp Health is an investment consultancy based out of New York City, and in June 2011, the company barely had a website. The firm was the brainchild of three siblings from Philadelphia. Steven Krein is CEO and co-founder, while his brother, Dr. Howard Krein, serves as chief medical officer. Sister Bari serves as the firm’s chief strategy officer. A friend named Unity Stoakes is a co-founder and serves as president.
StartUp Health was barely up and running when, in June 2011, two of the company’s executives were ushered into the Oval Office of the White House. They met with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.
The following day, the new company would be featured at a large health care tech conference being run by the US Department of Health and Human Services, and StartUp Health executives became regular visitors to the White House, attending events in 2011, 2014 and 2015.
How did StartUp Health gain access to the highest levels of power in Washington? There was nothing particularly unique about the company, but for this:
The chief medical officer of StartUp Health, Howard Krein, is married to Joe Biden’s youngest daughter, Ashley.
“I happened to be talking to my father-in-law that day and I mentioned Steve and Unity were down there [in Washington, DC],” recalled Howard Krein. “He knew about StartUp Health and was a big fan of it. He asked for Steve’s number and said, ‘I have to get them up here to talk with Barack.’ The Secret Service came and got Steve and Unity and brought them to the Oval Office.”
StartUp Health offers to provide new companies technical and relationship advice in exchange for a stake in the business. Demonstrating and highlighting the fact that you can score a meeting with the president of the United States certainly helps prove a strategic company asset: high-level contacts.

Vice President Joe Biden continued to help Krein promote his company at several appearances through his last months in the White House, including one in January 2017, where he made a surprise showing at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco. The corporate event, open only to StartUp Health members, enabled the 250 people in attendance to chat in a closed session with the vice president.

Just what Krein says above?  That's unethical and it should have caused a huge flag to go up.  Joe Biden is not Vice President so his family can get rich or they can trade on his name or he can give them a boost while other companies in the US don't get that boost because they don't have his son-in-law on the payroll.

That's not how it's supposed to work and what the Krein is describing is an ethical violation.

He is a public servant.  He's not only required to conduct himself in an ethical manner, he's required to avoid even the appearance of any conflict of interest -- even the appearance.

So let's walk through Ukraine.  The US 'rescues' the country.  They're going to fix it.  And Barack puts Joe in charge of rooting out corruption.  And then Hunter Biden gets a sweetheart deal while his father is in charge of US interests in Ukraine.

That's a conflict of interest.  A flat out conflict of interest.

Joe is corrupt.  Now you can scream "So is Donald Trump!" forever and a day.  If you're correct, all you've done is argue that both are unsuited for the presidency.

Joe is the wrong candidate.  His greed knows no bounds.  He and his wife have raked in $15 million since January 2017.  And yet his miserable son Hunter -- 50 years old in a matter of weeks -- is still fighting in court, still refusing to pay child support for the child he fathered.

The latest whine is that he's broke.  Not even Hunter could have spent that much on hookers, strippers and drugs.  And if he was really broke, he wouldn't be living in a mansion near Ben Affleck's home.

But grasp what's going on.

DNA has established this is Hunter's child.  That makes it Joe's grandson.

Grasp how cheap Joe is, how money hungry he's become.

$15 million raked in during the last three years and he can't peel off a few bucks and see that his grandchild is taken care of?

That's how cheap that whole family is, how tacky.  They'd rather argue in court against paying any money for that innocent child then fork over some dough and make it go away.  They're that damn cheap.

And I'm not saying anything new here.  Joe's senior campaign staff have told him to pay and make this go away.  Three different big money donors have told him to his face that he needs to make a deal with the mother to get this out of the courts.

But greedy Joe says no.  He'd rather avoid having to pay anything he doesn't have to.

And that's rather sad when we're talking about his own grandchild.

All the cuddly b.s. press you keep seeing is nonsense.  He's allowing his grandchild to suffer.  It's bad enough that Joe raised a Deadbeat Dad.  But now we know that Joe won't step in to make up for his wayward son even though Joe has more than enough money to do so.

This is not a minor issue.

A child has suffered as a result of all of this.  DNA testing came back before Christmas.  Joe took a family picture.  We know why Hunter wasn't there -- he's fat and he's in hiding.  But to not have the child there?  How trashy are you now, Joe Biden?

It shouldn't be allowed and it shouldn't be excused.  Judge Judy's endorsed Michael Bloomberg in the race of the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  Imagine if Joe were in front of Judge Judy.  She's not fond of Deadbeat Dads to begin with.  She'd be telling lazy Hunter that he made a child and he needs to be responsible.  But can you imagine how she'd be ripping into Joe as he refuses to use his dollars to take care of his grandchild?  She'd be pointing out how that means, most likely, that we, the taxpayers, will foot that bill since neither Joe nor Hunter want to step up.

This is not a personal issue.  For one thing, it's landed in the court system and that alone makes it a political issue.  But it's also true that Joe has a long history of public statements and yet they don't appear to apply here.  In other words, he makes demands on others but doesn't expect his own family or himself to live up to the same demands.

This is not a private matter.  It is a public disgrace.

Joe was told to his face by one big time donor (who thinks Joe's going to get the nomination, obviously) that, if Joe doesn't address this, in the general election Donald will probably invite the woman and the child to a debate the way he invited the women who accused Bill Clinton to that debate.  Joe just grinned and shook his head.

But when campaign staff tries to talk to him about this, he starts yelling at them, he goes ballistic.

He has a real problem.

And the corporate press can whore all they want for Joe but in no world we live in is this not an issue.  Deadbeat Dads are an issue and it is already effecting the way single mothers see Joe.

And it should.

And if Hunter can't pay child support, his deadbeat ass needs to be behind bars.

April 19,  2015, THE NEW YORK TIMES thought enough of the issue in abstract to run a piece headlined "Skip Child Support.  Go To Jail. Lose Job.  Repeat."  Now the issue is on full display as Joe Biden tries to become president and the press doesn't want to comment?

Do the rules apply for all and do they apply equally?  Nothing in Joe's current life suggests that they do.  And he wants to be president?  Of course, these are valid issues.  And that's before we get to the fact that Hunter's apparently failed to pay his federal taxes.

Joe is a nightmare on so many levels.  But pretending that's he's electable?  That's a willful suspension of disbelief and it will not carry into a general election.

In Iraq, protests continue.

The message of an protester to the world


Qassem Abdul-Zahra and Samya Kullab (AP) report of Monday's protests, "Among the dead was Yousif Sattar, 21, a local journalist covering the protest movement, one medical official and an activist said."

Last night protests in escalated, resulting in dozens of people wounded and three casualties. One of them is , a 21-year-old local journalist who was covering the protests in .

Photographer Yousif Sattar shot dead covering today in Baghdad Iraqi government brutally suppression October protests demanding ending corruption and specific political reform

the photographer was assassinated today by live ammunition at mohamed alqasim Road

“Among the dead was Yousif Sattar, 21, a local journalist covering the protest movement.”

| Yousif Sattar, Baghdadi photojournalist, got killed near Gailani Sq.

In Iraq, journalists are assassinated for covering the protests.

🔵 CFI & international press freedom organisations call upon the prime minister of , Mr. Adil Abdul-Mahdi, and the Council of Representatives to secure the investigation of the killings of Iraqi journalists Ahmed Abdul Samad and Safaa Ghali in Basra 👉

Quran readings and candle vigils at Basra's main protest square to commemorate slain journalists Ahmed Abdul Samad and Safaa Ghali

and international press freedom organisations call upon the prime minister of and the Council of Representatives to secure the investigation of the killings of Iraqi journalists Ahmed Abdul Samad and Safaa Ghali in Basra.

The protesters are fighting for self-determination, for an end to government corruption, for basic rights including jobs.  And yet so many in the US ignore them.  Supposed journalists -- 'independent,' you understand, ignore them.  While real journalists in Iraq risk their lives to cover the protests, supposed journalists in the US ignore the protests.

I'm looking at you, Aaron Mate.  Jeffrey Epstein got away with a lot, didn't he?  And a lot of people helped him.  How are you different from them, Aaron Mate?  You just put thrice arrested pedophile Scott Ritter on your program.  He's served time for his pedophilia.  And you put him on your show.  Not to discuss his crimes -- you didn't even mention them.  How are you different from the people who covered for Jeffrey Epstein all those years?  I'm not seeing any difference at all.  You're choosing to promote a pedophile and, as far as I'm concerned, that makes just as guilty as the pedophile.

Women and girls around the world suffered because Jeffrey Epstein could count on people to normalize his illegal behavior -- just the way you are normalizing Scott Ritter.

I find it amazing that you can't even spare a Tweet for the Iraqi people but you can put pedophile Scott Ritter on your program.  Priorities.

I guess it's more important to you to fight to popularize pedophilia than it is to help the Iraqi people.  "Pushback with Aaron Mate"?  What are you pushing back against, Aaron?  The notion that pedophilia is wrong, apparently.

In the real world, most people realize that our support should go to the Iraqi people, not the Scott Ritters and Jeffrey Epsteins of the world.

The sustainability of the protests- now in their fourth months- has redefined the political history of Iraq.

Iraq's young are trying to redefine their country, through protest and direct action. It's cost 500 of them their lives, in months long demonstrations, but they're demanding to be heard.


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