Tuesday, December 13, 2016

They refuse to accept reality

Piers Morgan (Daily Telegraph) calls out Hillary's Temple Prostitutes:

Indeed, it has now escalated in its intensity and desperation.
‘But Hillary won the popular vote!’ they first shrieked, meaninglessly. As everyone with half a brain knows, the US general election is not and never has been decided by popular vote. If it were, then campaigning would be done in a very different way.
‘The election results were fixed!’ they then bellowed, as Green loser Jill Stein launched a pathetic evidence-devoid bid, backed by Clinton’s campaign, to demand recounts in three states. Her lamentable action was thrown out by judges in Pennsylvania and Michigan. And in Wisconsin, the only state where there’s been a full recount, Trump’s lead actually increased!
Now, the Clinton camp’s launched one final, breathtakingly stupid and highly dangerous Hail Mary pass.
In an astonishing development, Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta has publicly endorsed an attempted coup by members of the Electoral College to try to overturn the election result next week.
 This really is outrageous and needs to stop.

Where are the grown ups?

And why won't anyone tell Hillary that she's making a fool of herself?

She really is.

I can't believe she hasn't called a stop to this already.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Tuesday, December 13, 2016.  Chaos and violence continue, the Mosul slog continues, the attempts of partisans to use the Iraq War (and to pretend to care about it) continue, the Arab Women Organization's sixth conference kicks off in Cairo today, and much more.

SuburbanGuerrilla Retweeted Philip Rucker
There you go. They're putting the Iraq war band back together!
SuburbanGuerrilla added,
What do you think when you see a Tweet like that?
I hope you don't think, "Oh, Susie cares about Iraq!"
She doesn't give a s**t.
She's just a partisan hack who throws out Iraq when she can use it to justify her insult of whomever her whore ass is going after this time.
Susie's a whore -- plain and simple, she's just a whore.
She whores for Hillary, she whores for the Hillarys (plural).
I'm getting real damn sick of the supposed concern and compassion of the Temple Prostitutes for Hillary Clinton.
You're either stupid or you're a liar.
Those are your choices, I'm tired of being nice.
You don't care about Iraq or the Iraqi people if you supported Hillary.
And this goes beyond Hillary's vote for and years of support for the Iraq War.
It goes to her picking that twerp to head her campaign -- that grotesque abomination named John Podesta.
The world got the Iraq War for many reasons.  One of the main ones is John Podesta.
Francis A. Boyle is an attorney and a professor of international law.  He's also the author of many books including, most recently, United Ireland, Human Rights and International Law.    Here he is talking about the efforts to stop the Iraq War before it started.
Francis A. Boyle: We just need one person to introduce the bill with courage, integrity, principles, and of course a safe seat. In Gulf War I, I worked with the late great Congressman Henry B. Gonzales on his bill of impeachment against Bush Sr. We put that one in. I did the first draft the day after the war started. So in my opinion there is no excuse for these bills not to have been put in already. In fact, I think I mentioned to you before, on 11 March 2003 Congressman John Conyers convened a meeting of 40 to 50 of his top advisors, most of whom were lawyers, to debate putting in immediate bills of impeachment against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft, to head off the war. And there were draft bills sitting on the table that had been prepared by me and Ramsey Clark. And the Congressman invited Ramsey and me to come in and state the case for impeachment. It was a two hour debate, very vigorous debate, obviously all of these lawyers there. And most of the lawyers there didn’t disagree with us on the merits of impeachment. It was more as they saw it a question of practical politics, namely, John Podesta was there, Clinton’s former White House chief of staff; said he was appearing on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and they were against putting in immediate bills of impeachment because it might hurt whoever their presidential candidate was going to be in 2004. Well at that time no one even knew who their presidential candidate was going to be in 2004.
I didn’t argue the point, I’m a political independent, my position, and it was not for me to tell Democrats how to elect their candidates. I just continued arguing the merits of impeachment. But Ramsey is a lifelong Democrat and he argued that he felt that putting in these bills of impeachment might help the Democrats and it certainly wasn’t going to hurt them in 2004.
Well the Democrats did lose in 2004 but as Ramsey and I were walking out after a two hour debate adjourned and I had offered to stay as long as it took to polish up my bills of impeachment and get them put in right away, because the war started, it was going to start in four days. I turned to Ramsey and I said Ramsey I just don’t understand it, their arguments make no sense, why did they not take me up on my offer to stay and polish up those bills of impeachment and put them in right away to head off a war. And sadly, Ramsey said, “I think most of the people there want a war.” That was 11 March 2003.
It’s very clear that the high officials in the Democratic Party, certainly on the DNC, have been complicit with the Bush Administration in this war against Iraq from the get go. The Democratic national committee still vigorously opposes putting in any bills of impeachment against Bush and Cheney. Podesta made that very clear to us on 11 March 2003. 
You don't get a pass anymore.  The election is over -- whether you choose to accept the results or not -- and you have chosen to continue to stand with War Criminals who put politics above human life.  That's on you.

I'm tired of you dragging your trash through our streets.
You don't care about Iraq, Susie, you don't write about it.
But you damn sure want to promote war with Syria.
Mia Farrow -- anti-choice Mia who believes abortion is a sin and should be outlawed -- wants war on Syria.  She also wanted war on Sudan.
She Tweeted her alarmists Tweets then.  She does it now.
Susie -- an idiot whore, like so many other Hillary supporters -- reTweets elderly embarrassment Mia.
Susie doesn't know where she stands on war because she needs someone to tell her.
She's a robot who needs to be programmed.
She can't take a stand against war -- even illegal war -- because that would require ethics and whores don't have ethics.
So she runs around championing war on Syria.
Whatever is happening in Syria is happening in Syria.
The US should not be "The Cops of the World" (nod to Phil Ochs).  Add in that they've played both sides in Syria.  Add in that the war against Syria actually started when Bully Boy Bush occupied the Oval Office.
The Susies are alarmed by what's happening in Syria.
They don't give a damn about Iraq.
UN Agency Says 35,000 Children Have Fled Iraq's Mosul
They don't reTweet that.  They don't show any concern at all.
Despite the ruins that are Iraq and Libya, idiots like Susie just want to Give War A Chance.
That's all they are saying: Give War A Chance.
Now once war's been given that chance, grasp that the Susies will flee.
Just as they have with Iraq.
They'll champion the war but once it starts and they're bored, they're moving on to something else.
The Iraqi people don't have that luxury, do they?
The US government destroyed Iraq.
And Susie can't be bothered with the topic.  But she can call for more war.
Because whores have a price and they'll always shake that ass to make sure they get paid.
Good job, Susie, tell your pimp you worked hard last night.
The member states in the Arab Women Organization are: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Sultanate of Oman, the Lebanese Republic, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of Tunisia, the Republic of the Sudan, the Republic of Iraq, the State of Palestine, the state of Libya, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Yemen.
International Women's Peace Group issued the following:

International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) as a global women network group takes part in the sixth conference of Arab Women Organization (AWO) in Cairo, Egypt on December 13th to 14th. With the vision of empowerment of Arab women, AWO discusses how to seek a necessary change in Arab women’s role in societies and strengthen their participation in societal development.
Ms. Nam Hee Kim, Chairwoman of IWPG, the only Asian speaker in the first ministerial conference held by the Arab League last September, emphasized that she was inspired by the passion and warmth of the women of the Arab region and would be a bridge to interact with the international network established through the organization “The International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG)” to voice the development of peace and empowerment of the Arab women. In the sixth conference, Ms. Kim will state with an emphasis on concrete action plans for women’s expanded roles in peace and security, which are to be discussed at the UN and international communities.
In the conference, sessions include problems of female refugees and victims of violence, extremism, and terrorism. With these, female leaders will figure out measures to strengthen financial abilities in an international economy and to develop a sense of responsibility based on their experiences of their leadership.
According to a press release HWPL sent to WIC, Arab Women Organization is leading a movement to improve women's role in changing society. Furthermore, it coordinates international/regional women issues in Arab countries, fosters cooperation and exchange of experience to enhance the status of women, and provides essential education services for women.

IWPG is a non-governmental organization, closely cooperating with women all across the world, regardless of age, to come together to achieve peace. It has a vision to end war and achieve peace with spirit of peace by women referred to as "motherly hearts" to protect our children and hand down a legacy of peace.
It engages in the establishment of strategies to achieve world peace by facilitating active communication among women from all walks of life, such as holding Global Women Leaders Seminars and World Women Peace Forums.
Here are some Tweets about the conference:
  1. استقبلت السفيرة مرفت تلاوي المديرة العامة لمنظمة المرأة العربية،رئيس البرلمان الافريقي السيد روجيه نكودو دانغ، والوزيرة الليبية أسماء الأسطى
غدا مؤتمر منظمة المرأة العربية تحت شعار" نعم .. معا نستطيع"
منظمة المرأة العربية تدين العمل الإرهابي بالكنيسة المرقسية
اللجان الاستشارية الدائمة لمنظمة المرأة العربية تعقد إجتماع هام
منظمة المرأة العربية تعقد مائدة مستديرة بعنوان : " دور سيدات الأعمال في تحقيق التمكين الاقتصادي للمرأة "
It's an event that could have serious implications.  But the Susies will ignore it because . . . well, they've been trained to be useless.
Like the US media.  Last week, news consumers learned 3 Americans were being held prisoner in Iraq.  Excuse me, last week Canadian news consumers learned that.  The US media never covered it and still hasn't.
The State Dept has said nothing and no one's asked them about the 3 Americans at any of the daily State Dept press briefings.
But the State Dept did have time to start a campaign.
The Problem From Hell Samantha Power gets to author the self-congratulatory pose press release which includes:

This holiday season, as families in the United States gather, we are reminded of all the missed holidays, bittersweet birthdays, and family occasions where a mother, brother, friend, or neighbor was missing because a government chose to muzzle their voices and lock them up.
So throughout this holiday season, the United States government will be profiling the cases of prisoners unjustly held around the world and the families they leave behind. The stories of these individuals will highlight the broader struggle faced by so many families of political prisoners, who have to commemorate countless family occasions with loved ones behind bars.
By the way, on the disgusting Sammy Power, I don't have time to do all the heavy lifting.  
I've made a few points on the 'fake news' circus.  I'm against it, it's nothing more than censorship.  But those of you who pretend like you own the story?  Please grow up.
That means use your brains. 
This isn't new.
This an effort that Samantha Power's husband attempted.  
You'd do well to connect the two.  When Papa Cass started his nonsense, there was pushback on the left.  You'd do well to connect the two.
You could do really well by bringing in Rosa Brooks -- while part of the administration -- arguing that journalists needed to be licensed by the government.
This latest attack is only part of a larger wave and connecting it all together would prove illuminating for many.

The defense secretary [Ash Carter] said taking back Mosul is key to the fight against ISIL, because it’s where the group began. “ISIL needs to be destroyed because it’s a group that, in addition to having torn through Iraq with great savagery, also threatens directly the American people, the American homeland and our friends and allies around the world, as well as civilization and common decency in terms of the ideology that they espouse,” Carter said. “So ISIL must be destroyed. And because this was the place from which it began and from which it sprang, it must be destroyed here, as I said a moment ago, in both fact and idea.”
He said the goal is to destroy ISIL and restore sovereignty to the Iraqi government.  
Mosul was seized by the Islamic State in June of 2014.
Day 57 of the slog to liberate or 'liberate' Mosul.
 AL BAWABA notes that "the government is trying to play down concerns about the slow pace of progress. Elite troops have retaken a quarter of the city but they are facing fierce resistance from the extremist group"
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hayder al-Abadi got a 2017 budget last week.
Austerity will be imposed which means the Iraqi people will be screwed.
It is not going over well.
ALSUMARIA reports a protest in Kirkuk today with participants insisting that oil dollars produced by Kirkuk are not being factored into the providing for the people of Kirkuk in the budget.
Let's wind down with some videos.
Iraq War Tribunal: Testimony on the Costs by Noor Al-Samarrai
Iraq War Tribunal: Testimony on the Lies by Birgitta Jonsdottir
  1. Iraq War Tribunal: Testimony on the Costs by Dr. Helen Caldicott
Colonel Ann Wright's Testimony for the People's Tribunal on Iraq
This is from an event earlier this month.  CODEPINK remembered Iraq.  All the sudden.
Not really interested in pretending that the Iraq War ended or that it was valuable to ignore it from 2009 until this month.
Not really interested in promoting nonsense.
We'll note the videos above because the people speaking in them tend to tell the truth.
It may be something I agree with or something I disagree with.  But they're honest people.
Sadly, we can't say that of a lot of other participants in that action.
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