Friday, November 23, 2012

Whitney and Happy Endings

A wonderful Thanksgiving, I hope for you too.

As usual, I've got my grandmother staying with me and some cousins.  One of which, Ella, brought DVDs.  

Specifically Happy Endings.  She brought season one and season two.

I like that show.  It's very funny.  And we covered season one at Third  in "DVD set to grab" and Ava and C.I. raved over the show in "TV: Exploding a stereotype."

So she saw my DVD set (first season) and she'd brought first and second season to have something to watch on the plane here and back.  She was so happy last night that we both liked the show and wanted to know if after we came back here tonight we could watch?  I said absolutely.

I thought it was going to be just us but we all ended up watching and loving it including my grandmother (who has a crush on both Damon Wayans Jr. and Adam Pally).  She also told us all that she was Penny (Casey Wilson).  She loved the second season for Year of Penny and Penny's vision boards.  :D  (I would be Jane, by the way, of the six main characters.)

We were supposed to go back over to my folks for dinner but I called and asked if they could come over here because the marathon was just going so well.

So thank you, Ella, you made it a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We laughed and laughed and my grandmother shared so many stories when one disc ended.  We'd probably spend about 20 minutes just talking after each disc.  

C.I. posted today:

She really does serious work.  

What did I do?

Just had fun.  And I need to talk about Whitney.  I watched it last night.  Normally, I would wait and blog about it Friday.  Ann and Betty will be doing that. I can't.  Rebecca and I are doing Book 'Em Friday. 

The episode was "Poor Whitney" and Whitney and Alex ended up with a joint checking account.  That overwhelmed everything.  Including, that Mark quit being a cop.  He's left the force to open up a bar.  "The only thing I liked about being a cop was hanging out in this bar.  And speeding."

"I'm so proud of you for doing what you love," Whitney told him.  She was really happy for him.
"Not going to lie, it's a little weird that you're the person here with the most positive attitude," Mark said to Whitney.  

But when she found out how much money Alex had, it was not the same.  She thought he was rich because he sold his website.  Then she decided he was poor.  He's not poor and she was economizing -- using a shampoo that was also a body wash -- and scrimping and saving and Alex

And she told their friends so Lily and Roxanne wouldn't let Alex grab the check.  He got upset.  And then it came down to the fact that she didn't believe (he felt) in him.  I didn't see it that way.

I saw it as her instincts kicking in. She grew up poor, she thought they were poor and now she was trying to save money.  It wasn't like she saw the money and thought, "I'm getting out of here."  

Alex:   You thought I had millions of dollars?

Whitney:  We shop at Whole Foods!

So Whitney had to learn to not panic.  I wish Alex had grasped that, by the way.  I felt like the writers missed the point.  It really wasn't about, "I don't have faith in Alex."  It was about her going into a panic thinking it was her childhood all over again.

Best line in the episode?  

At the bank, when they were getting ready to open their joint checking account, Alex said, "Don't worry about it,  Whitney, I'm not with you for your money.  You're a trophy wife.  Third place."

Most confusing line?  Mark to Roxanne, "Yeah, I'm looking at it.  You work for me now."  He was looking at her butt.  I get, "Yeah, I'm looking at it."  But, "You work for me now"?  

I don't get it.  I assume it's something like, "I'm going to own it."  But it just didn't work.

And I really felt like the writers should have worked harder on Mark.  This was a huge turnaround for him.  He's no longer a cop.  About half way in, they gave him a scene with Lily that really worked.    It was just the two of them.  

It was a good episode.  I'm not saying it wasn't.  But I really thought they could have done more with Mark because this was a major change for him.  I wonder what Betty thought because Mark's her favorite character.  

Roxanne's hair?  She has bangs this season.  It looks best when she's got them to one side.  When she's got them just going straight down, not so much because it takes away from her hair shape.  I don't mean she looks bad, she's very pretty regardless. But she looks better with them to the side.  I just wouldn't have figured Roxanne for bangs unless she had short hair.  

Mike's posting tonight. We were on the phone.  Talking about our favorite food at Thanksgiving and our favorite food for leftovers.  For me?  Turkey and cranberry sauce mini-sandwiches.  What's that?  You grab a roll, stuff a little turkey in it and a slice of cranberry sauce in it.  I love that.  It's what I look forward to most.  

Again, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  

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Anonymous said...

To you "most confusing line" issue... You need to check out the movie "To live and die in LA". The scene between Roxanne and Mark is obviously lifted from the final scene of the movie. A rather obscure reference, but for a fan of the movie it was unmistakeable. The movie has a wikipedia page, if you dont have access to the movie itself.