Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jenny Matsui leaves a comment

First, I am going to moderate comments on this post. I will explain at the end of the post.

As a number of you have e-mailed to point out, little Jenny Matsui decided to post a comment to "'Stupid Dissident Voice and Jenny Matsui'." I'm deleting her comment from the thread in a moment.

It's going to go here instead and I'll explain why as I reply. Little Jenny Matsui is in bold.

Hey Black Lesbian Dumb F[**]k.

Hey, Jenny Matsui. I guess you really hate that I'm African-American, don't you, White girl? And you hate that I'm a lesbian. Don't worry, garbage trash like yourself is not attractive. I have no interest in you but it's amazing how quickly your mind goes to dancing in the sheets with me. For the record, Jenny Matsui, I try to maintain a work-safe website. There is one post where I went to town. I wrote it on a Friday. I gave a heads up about the post before it went up and C.I. noted it as well in a heads up warning members to avoid my site if language was a problem until the following Monday. I posted videos non-stop over the weekend so that anyone logging on Monday morning at work did not find my curse word tirade on the page, they'd have to go in the archives for it. You use the f-word and I've edited it you above. If you'd written it like above or like "f**k" or "f--k" or something similar, no problem. But I don't use the f-word here and you won't.

Now Jenny Matsui may have been confused because Miguel used the s-word. The s-word is not the f-word. As I noted last night in "Many topics," Miguel e-mailed asking me to delete his comment when he saw he'd typed the word in full. As I said last night here, it was fine.

And it is fine. The s-word is not the f-word. That's one. Two, this is my damn house. Miguel and other community members are welcome guests. Jenny Matsui? I didn't invite the mental midget. She's banging on my door wanting to hand out some pornographic equivalent of The Watchtower.

Now Miguel does El Spirito with Maria and Francsico. Community members have known him for years and before that community newsletter, he, Maria and Francisco rotated doing news in Spanish each week at The Common Ills. We know him, we know he's a sweetheart of a guy. He uses the s-word (not as bad as the f-word), hell yeah I'm going to make an allowance for him that I wouldn't for uninvited Jenny Matsui.

The last I checked Hillary was pro-war and threatened Iran

Hillary was pro-war? By your definition, the entire Congress with only a handful of exceptions (the bulk of which are in the House) are "pro-war." Hillary said it was mistake to vote for the 2002 authorization. What more do you want? Are you stupid and you need a fake apology for the vote? You need a fake apology, you go ask John Edwards. He's real good at that. He's so sorry he voted for the authorization!!!! He's so sorry he cheated on his wife!!!! I don't need insincere apologies. Nor am I going to pin the blame for the illegal war on any member -- Democratic or Republican (I should also say Independent since a Socialist was elected to the Senate in 2006 and previously served in the House) -- of Congress. The White House wanted this illegal war, they lied to get this illegal war. As of January 2007, do I believe the Democrats in Congress signed on to the Iraq War? Absolutely. Leadership did. They were put in control of both houses to end the war and they didn't do so.

Hillary threatened Iran when? She voted on a resolution. One Barack was too chicken s**t to show for. Although, as Jake Tapper of ABC News so wisely pointed out, the Iran resolution echoed the one Barack HAD INTRODUCED months earlier.

She made a comment that if Iran attacked Israel they need to know that the US could do in response. Yeah, they do need to know that.

And guess what, if Iran attacks Israel, they do have it coming. That is what happens when you attack a nation. The same way that if France or Germany had any guts they would have invaded the US and put Bully Boy on trial for the Iraq War years ago.

You can live in your loony tune Medea Benjamin world where Iran s**ts flowers and farts lolly pops, but in the real world, it is an abusive government restricting its people. Does that mean the US needs to go to war with it? No. And I don't support war with Iran. But if Iran attacks a neighboring country -- Israel or any other -- there will be consequences. Iran needs to be aware of that. That's not a threat, that's being informed and knowing the consequences.

So, no, Jenny, Hillary hasn't 'threatened' Iran.

and Obama went and sucked AIPAC c[**]k and made it downright obvious that he was planning to continue Uncle Sam's imperial policies.

C.I. and Ava actually included the male c-word in a recent piece and it was very funny. But I know them and know they aren't homophobic. Jenny, you 'greeted' me in your opening with "lesbian" and now you have Barack sucking c**k. I've edited you above with that word because I do think there's a solid chance you're homophobic.

Barack, as far as I know, has never given a guy a blow job. Too bad. I'd probably like him if he had. I'd be able to relate to him as one gay person to another possibly. I think you're statement's homophobic and while I loathe Barack, I also loathe homophobia.

As for your claim that he spoke at AIPAC "and made it downright obvious that he was planning to continue Uncle Sam's imperial policies," "the last I checked," Jenny, he made that obvious years ago. You just aren't very smart and couldn't pick up on it. Again, you're a mental midget. But I've been calling him out here as a War Hawk forever. Elaine and C.I. have been calling him out since 2004 as a War Hawk.

You apparently needed some sort of Flash Cards for Mental Midgets to finally grasp Barack was a War Hawk. We knew it all along, Jenny.

It does make us better than you, yes.

Next time you want to rail about sexism and racism in the face of that, why don't you go and smoke it in front of the people of Gaza who are going to take it up the ass under this new govt.

Your concern for "the people of Gaza" is not touchy, White Jenny. As Ava and C.I. pointed out at Third in mid-2007, Barack as president gets the AFRICOM bases the US wants, the ones Bully Boy with his White face couldn't get. He wasn't trusted so they had to operate outside of Africa. (I believe AFRICOM is stationed in Germany currently, I could be wrong, it's early in the morning and I haven't even had my morning coffee.) Barack is the face of imperalism.

Darfur is a made up crisis. It is Sammy Power's War Hawk Desire. She, Sarah Sewall and so many other of Barack's advisors (advising him for years now, Jenny) want war in Darfur. They want the US military there in armed combat. That will do nothing to help anyone.

I'm sorry you just grasped what Barack was. I'm offended that as usual, a fringie wanting to pose as a radical has to act like she gives a damn about the Palestinians. The same way your kind tries to act like they give a damn about my race in this country. Whites Like You* always need a token to prove how soulful you are. [*Whites Like You refers to White people like Jenny. It does not refer to all White people or even to the majority of them.]

Jenny Penny, I'm so thrilled you decided to write. It is so wonderful to hear from a mental midget like yourself. You are a White American who has chosen to live in Japan and you write about . . . the US. You write about what you see on your TeeVee. How very White of you. Living in another country and culture and you can't relate, refuse to relate to it, and instead write about "Great" America. You're such a xenophobe Jenny and your US obsession makes me very glad I know you now and not ten years ago when I assume you were shopping around pieces on Dawson Creek and other 'experiences' your TeeVee brought you.

As you noted in your opening, I am a lesbian, I am African-American.

Guess what, Jenny, that's my general focus here. I write about things of interest to me as a woman, as a lesbian and as an African-American. Each site has its own sort of terrain. C.I. covers Iraq. Elaine writes about peace. (More and more, that means calling out the people prolonging the illegal war.) She also does a strong job with feminism which is true of all sites but I've noticed how Elaine's especially upped that at her site in the last month and a half. Wally and Cedric do sketch comedy at their sites. My cousin Stan just started his site and is feeling his way (his site is not even a month old yet). He will tackle homophobia (and has done so repeatedly) and he also covers movies every Friday. Betty did an online novel for over three years. As it was time to wrap up Betinna's storyline and as readers finally pieced together how Betinna was the ultimate victim of globalization (which was why Betty paired the character with Thomas Friedman to being with), there was an outcry. We all love the charcter Betinna. So Betty turned it into "write your own ending" and is now doing a blog at her site. She'll be covering the issues I cover and that's not, "She's copying me!" Those are issues she covered at Third for the last three years and that she also worked into each of the chapters of her online comic novel. She, Cedric, Ty, Stan and I take very seriously our roles in this community as African-Americans with websites. Mike used to cover sports. And I loved him for it. When a sports columnist tried to go ape s**t on his ass, Mike walked away from covering that and I don't blame him one bit. He covers the illegal war, he covers injustices and he covers music and TV. Kat covers music and whatever's in the news. She's followed the bail-out and the proposed bail-out. As a general rule, she'll grab anything. She prefers to write about music or Iraq but if there's a topic that's not being covered, she's fine with grabbing it and if you want to do a hard push on an issue and call her to ask her to help, she's right there with you. Trina. Trina covers the economy. She's gotten a huge number of readers in the last few months, new readers. She's doing entry-level work because she gets so many e-mails asking her to explain this or that development. So she keeps it very basic now. She started the site -- go to her archives -- noting it was a Bully Boy economy and that the people were suffering so she wanted to help people cut down on costs by showing them how to cook simple, affordable dishes. The economy has always been her focus but she has really upped it in recent days. Third is an online magazine. Each week, Ava and C.I. cover TV, each week the Iraq War is covered in some form, each week brings an editorial and eclectic mix of other topics including music and other things. If I didn't forget someone, that just leaves Rebecca. And my point, Jenny, is that Rebecca would be the one covering Gaza in this community. When she is on vacation (she hasn't taken one this year), if there are big developments, Elaine and C.I. step up and cover the issues at their sites. Otherwise, it is Rebecca. So if you want to talk about Gaza, in this community, you should refer to Rebecca's site. It is not my focus. I do not need to duplicate Rebecca's work. Rebecca's wonderful and the best Rebecca in the world; however, my name is Marcia. And I did forget someone! Ruth. Ruth does cover Gaza from time to time as well. As a Jew, she will call out the Israeli government. On Fridays, she does a brief thing on Iraq (whatever's new since C.I.'s snapshot). Otherwise, she generally grabs issues that effect her family. Her grandson Jayson is gay and she covers LBGT issues for that reason. She covers breast cancer and other health issues as well. Every weeknight before I blog, Ruth and I are on the phone together discussing the days news and what we want to highlight at our sites. If I'm too pissed about something in the news (for example, some new form of homophobia), I'll rage to Ruth who will kindly say, "Write something fun, I'll grab that topic." And when she's upset about something to the point that her voice is shaking, I'll say, "Ruth, I can cover that at my site. You do a light post tonight."

Nobody covers Afghanistan. For a bit, Cedric did. He quickly gave up (after two or three months). Why? We're agains that war as well. That's not a surprise. C.I.'s against it and has always made that clear from the start of The Common Ills. Long before Elaine started her own site, she would do columns for the gina & krista round-robin and she would explain how that destructive war was not helping anyone. Cedric got tired of all the crackpots e-mailing about how "noble" the Afghanistan War was. (He also was doing more volunteer work for his church and that's when he got really close with Three Cool Old Guys who, long term community members will remember, were Four Cool Old Guys. When Vernon died, Cedric wrote some of his most amazing stuff and I loved every one of the posts and cried my eyes out reading it. But I was not surprised when, shortly afterwards, Cedric ended up doing humor posts with Wally. You can only give so much of yourself away online, only dig so far down, until you have to protect yourself. Cedric was just taking a razor to a vein with those posts. Which, I would also argue, C.I. does as well. I can always tell when C.I. is so tired she's about to fall over because the writing is such that you just want to cry, it's just that naked emotionally. And that's what, as Jim's admitted, he uses and plays to when there's a hard hitting editorial at Third. He will push and push to get C.I. to that place and the two of them will take the various drafts of an editorial we have and turn it into something amazing.)

The community sites are:

The Third Estate Sunday Review's Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess, and Ava,
Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude,
Betty of Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man,
C.I. of The Common Ills and The Third Estate Sunday Review,
Kat of Kat's Korner (of The Common Ills),
Cedric of Cedric's Big Mix,
Mike of Mikey Likes It!,
Elaine of Like Maria Said Paz,
Ruth of Ruth's Report,
Wally of The Daily Jot,
Trina of Trina's Kitchen,
and Stan of Oh Boy It Never Ends.

So Jenny, thanks for opening your sewer up. However, I don't need you polluting my home. In the future, watch the language (and the homophobia) or know that you will be deleted.

I am deleted seven comments replying to Jenny from that thread because I don't think it's fair to pull her out and leave the comments replying to her up.

Please do not comment on this post. Jenny loves attention. I wrote this to reply to her and to clean up her foul mouth. (Even so, she'll probably scream censorship!) But let's not give her the attention she craves. If you want to comment, e-mail Maria or Miguel and they've agreed to do something on this in Sunday's El Spirito. (Francisco will no doubt go along as well; however, I wasn't able to reach him yet.) ADDED: C.I. just returned my call and told me I could turn off comments and how to do so. For this post, I am turning off comments. Let's not feed Jenny's ego.

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