Friday, December 26, 2008

Cher and Eartha Kitt videos

I'm swiping this from C.I.

Cher sings US 2009 theme song

"When The Money's Gone," by Cher. Off Living Proof CD.


It really does fit, doesn't it? And if you click here, you can hear Cher performing a Christmas song.

And here's the most recent community posts:

Which really isn't fair to Mike, Ruth and C.I. who posted Wednesday and Thursday (C.I. posted three entries on Christmas that are known -- four actually if you know where to look, Hint, Hint.)

I'm just going YouTube crazy. That's "Tougher Than The Rest" which I know by the writer of the song (Bruce Springsteen) and clicked on because I love Cher. It's really a strong version. Cher should record it. (But I'm just glad she's making another record period. She's recording sixties songs she always loved but never had time back then or since to record.)

As Ruth and Betty wrote about last night, the great Eartha Kitt has passed away. First up, her playing Catwoman.

And be sure to check out Eartha's Catwoman car she drives away in after Batgirl's tied up. "It's perfectly obvious, Joker," Eartha says later in the clip about a map. Purring on the Rs. And she reads French!

And here's Eartha singing "Love For Sale."


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Hi Was checking my google alerts for Cher and saw your post. So glad you enjoyed my videos for Cher
songs. Happy New Year.