Friday, December 5, 2008

Stupid Dissident Voice and Jenny Matsui

Oh look, Idiot Jennifer Matsui is a stinky Ass on top of a Dumb Ass.

Keesha just tipped me off that THREE COMMENTS she's attempted to leave have been refused by Dissident Voice (which has huge censorship problems these days -- as Stan noted earlier this week).

Now before we get to idiot Jennifer's response to community member Martha (someone tell Honky Jenn to SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE since she is not one), let's drop back to what I said yesterday:

Unless of course you're Toyko Jennifer Matsui. From Toyko, things on the ground here get blurry which is why TJ (whose bad article is at CounterPunch and Dissident Voice) flaunts her stupid ass. She calls Barack "Black." She then goes on to insult Hillary in the usual sexist terms but, as our own Martha pointed out at Dissident Voice, you'll notice she knows not to go racial. She'll go sexist though. "Lady MacLinton" oh, ha, ha. Is that supposed to show off Toyko Jenny's alleged education? I know the play, no correlation with Hillary Clinton though. But it does liken her to evil and a powerful woman which, of course, must mean not just evil but also mad.

You know what, Toyko Jenny has no excuses and she can shove all of her hatred up her big ol Matsui.

When did Tootsie come out?


"That powerful women are masculine? Well shame on you, Miss Marshall!"

Remember that? Dorothy Michaels objecting to director Ron's desire to make her character into a bitch. (Dustin Hoffman plays Michael Dorsey playing Dorothy Michaels.) In 1981, no one needed to explain to movie audiences what the hell Hoffman was talking about. People got it. The understood. But little Jenny Matsui wants to pretend like there's some confusion on the part of others.

No confusion, dear, you're just a sexist pig.

And we're all damn sick of these Look-I'm-Calling-Out-Barack-I-so-brave! scribbles that hurl hate at Hillary and avoid calling out Barack by comparison.

Now here's Jenny Penny of Dumb Ass City responding to Martha and I'll comment after each section of Jenny's babbles:

Just because the future Secretary of State has a vagina, it doesn’t exempt her from criticism. She represents the interests of the wealthy, pale-male establishment and is therefore deserving of the mocking tone of this article.

You didn't offer criticism of her actions, you criticized her as a woman and you damn well know it JENNY LIAR or you wouldn't bring up the "vagina" in your idiotic reply that you wish sounded witty. And she's not the "future Secretary of State," Idiot. In the US -- do you even know a damn thing about this country? -- cabinet appointments require nominations to the Senate and confirmation from the Senate. She is an unofficial nominee until she goes before the Senate. Leave the Psychic Network to Dionne Warwick.

Obama DID publicly question Mizzzzz Clinton’s ‘yes’ vote early on in his campaign as a way to highlight her deficiencies of judgment, which endeared him to his party’s so-called “progressive” wing. You and I may not have been individually deceived by this vote getting strategy, but plenty of voters were. I can’t change that fact. I merely reiterate it here for the sake of clarity.

"Mizzzzz"? What a rude little piece of trash.

For what it’s worth, I’m not Japanese, just married to one. And a word of friendly advice: If you are going to level a sexism charge against someone, particularly a female someone, you might want to reconsider the strategy of using the infantile, fluffy-bunny version of that person’s name as a way to register your dissatisfaction.

Martha never called you Japanese, Idiot Jenny. DV notes at the bottom of Jenny's garbage: "Jennifer Matsui is a freelance writer living in Tokyo. She can be reached at:" Martha wrote, "Maybe in Toyko that flies, but at DV we knew Barack Obama was not the anti-war candidate. The liar was for the illegal war and told the New York Times that twice in 2004. Praised Bush, as I remember." No one called you "Japanese," you STUPID MORON. No one asked, no one cared. Mainly because you write like a "fluffy-bunny" -- a stupid, uninformed moron.

But thanks all the same for leaving a comment.



Kiss my Black Ass, Jenny Poo-Poo. And since you've chosen to live in Toyko, how about writing about it? Hmmm? Or is that too scary? Criticizing somewhere you live? You really think we need your opinions of what you saw on the TeeVee from America? What a stupid fool.


Kendrick said...

You know what, Jenny Matusi is 1 more White person trying to tell everyone what they are and I'm damn tired of it.
I'm not going back to Dissident Voice anymore. I'm already ticked about them censoring Eddie's comments. Now you've got Jenney Penny's crazy ass and they're censoring Keesha. Keesha! She's getting censored? Screw them.

Liang said...

I'm so sick of the alleged left pretending it is okay to call a bi- or multi-racial person a single race. It is offensive. It is simplistic. It is racism.

Heather said...

I just e-mailed DV and Matusi to complain and, by the way, her e-mail is under "Jen." Fluffy-Bunny much all on her own?

Anonymous said...

Dissident Voice gets worse and worse each week.

Kayla said...

Yea Marcia, give 'em hell!

Trevor said...

"Screw them." Agree Kendrick. I'm sick of Dissident Voice's crap. Who the hell are they to try to censor our Keesha? Screw em.

DeShawn said...

Support! Agree with all comments. Can I bring up another issue?
I'm damn tired of Jeremy Scahill.
And if his latest looks familiar at CounterPunch today, maybe it's because we enjoyed it more when C.I. wrote it on Thursday morning.

Gina said...

Dis Keesha = dis the community = Kiss our ass = f.u. Dissident Voice

Miguel said...

Lily e-mailed me Marcia's latest. This really is sick and I'm sick of all these 'progressives' pretending they're holding Barack's feet to the fire by ... attacking Hillary one more time. Jennifer got called on her shit and didn't like it. Too bad.

Kayvette said...

This is not complicated. Barack Obama had a Black father and a White mother. That means he is bi-racial. Why 'progressives' make this harder than it is, I have no earthly.

Demitrica said...

It was bad enough what Matsui wrote in her bad article but to turn around and do that in her comment "Mizzzzz Clinton," "vagina," etc.? She is just a sexist pig.

Stefan said...

Liang: "It is offenisve. It is simplistic. It is racism." Absolutely and it's time Dissident Voice figure out whether they are intending to be racists or not.

Brad said...

It really says a lot that Hillary isn't the president elect but sites like DV treat her like she is as they rip her apart over and over. It goes to the fear and hatred of women.

Lewis said...

Just got this emailed. Marcia, you always say just what needs saying. We need you running 'independent' media. Our voices might finally be heard over the White noise.

Aaron said...

DeShawn, just what I was thinking.

Sharon said...

Kayvette said...

This is not complicated. Barack Obama had a Black father and a White mother. That means he is bi-racial. Why 'progressives' make this harder than it is, I have no earthly.

Ethel said...

Thank you for writing about this Marcia. I'm getting real sick of this "He's Black" b.s.

Rosetta said...

It is insulting and it needs to stop RDQ. And we all know Keesha didn't say anything foul in her comments that Diss Voice wouldn't allow to be displayed.

Marcus said...

We need to form a watchdog for all these lies and stereotypes about race and if we did that I bet you that Dissident Voice and all the rest couldn't get away with these lies.

Mamie said...

I am now officially done with Dissident Voice. This has become too insulting. "Oh, you got some 'Black blood,' you must be Black!" I'll take my traffic elsewhere and avoid racist DV.

Susan said...

DeShawn, Jeremy Scahill is a rip-off artist! I had missed 'his' posting at CounterPunch or should I say that I missed his copying of C.I. being posted today at CounterPunch.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brandon said...

See you pulled Jenny Matsui's cursefilled comments and put them up as their own entry. I really think that woman should be ashamed of herself. Jenny's not just a sexist, she's a homophobe and racist.

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