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  1. The US government tortured Chelsea Manning for YEARS for the “crime” of exposing human rights violations. Now they’ve thrown her in jail again for resisting a Grand Jury dragnet. If you care one iota about free speech or basic rights, start fighting for her release right now.
  2. New print in the shop: portrait of , annotated by Chelsea Manning. $100 from each print goes to Chelsea’s legal fund for resisting a grand jury supenea
  3. chelsea manning has already experienced 7 years of torture and confinement for standing up for justice. prison is torture. prison abolition now.
  4. Chelsea is a true American hero, a courageous fighter for truth and justice, and it is obscene that she's been jailed again. She'll be vindicated by history, her persecutors damned. We all now need to show solidarity
  5. Receiving letters of support was crucial to during her first incarceration. Show her you stand with her: