Monday, October 9, 2017

What country did Peter Daou come from?

Reading this Tweet:

SIMPLY PUT: If you spread the idea that Hillary Clinton is a horrible monster, you were a de facto Russian propagandist. Congratulations.

I have to wonder, what country did Peter Daou come from?

He wasn't born in America.

No one could be that stupid about free speech and democracy if they were born in America.

Clearly he came to this country and did so late in life.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Monday, October 9, 2017.  Some try to sneak back into the conversation after 8 years of silence.

“Condi Rice you have blood of Iraqi on your hands!” Congress has blood on their hands. Stop it!

What does Condi Rice have to do withYemen?

Nothing really.

But the photo is from the days when CODESTINK at least tried to do something and not from the eight long years when Barack Obama was president and CODESTINK called for war on Afghanistan to be lengthened and refused to hold Barack or the wars he oversaw accountable.

CODESTINK was hardly the only poser in the last eight years.

IN THESE TIMES spent the Barack years doing nothing as well -- unless you think calling a TV show glorifying a serial killer a "feminist" TV show (a male led and dominated TV show glorifying a serial killer) as doing something.

Now they want to sneak in and act like they were there all along fighting the good fight and served up a ridiculous article last week.

They kick things off with Phyllis Bennis sporting a major case of foundation envy as she tries to piggy back on everything but antiwar.

Phyllis, you may remember, was troubled to get facts on Iraq right even when she still spoke like she was an expert on Iraq.

The Barack years were not kind to Phyllis as not only did she continue to embarrass herself with non-stop silence but her organization began featuring a blogger who praised the US bombings of Iraq and spoke of the precision strikes.

For those new to the issue, the peace movement never bought into the lie of 'precision' strikes -- at least not until Phyllis' group did in the Barack years.

A lot of people who sat on their asses for eight years seem to think they can show back up and act like they're leaders.

Leaders don't silence themselves for eight years.

Nor do they get in bed with a War Hawk like Barack who spends every day of his two terms overseeing wars.

Iraq was ignored by the likes of Phyllis Bennis.

But that didn't mean the troubles stopped for Iraq.

AFP notes:

Iraq's central government on Monday unleashed a legal barrage against Kurdish officials and sought to seize key businesses in a fresh bid to tighten the screws over a disputed independence referendum.
The latest moves come exactly two weeks after an overwhelming majority of voters in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region backed independence in a non-binding ballot slammed as illegal by Baghdad.
The central authorities have already severed ties between Kurdistan and the outside world by cutting international air links to the region, while neighbouring Turkey and Iran have threatened to close their borders to oil exports.
Now, in a new round of attempts to ratchet up pressure, Baghdad's National Security Council announced that a probe has been launched into Kurdistan's lucrative oil revenues and officials in the region who might have illegally monopolised the market.

Saturday, ALSUMARIA reported that KRG President Massoud Barzani met with Iraqi vice presidents Ayad al-Allawi and Osama al-Nujaifi regarding the sanctions the Baghdad-based government has imposed since the independence vote.  Philip Issa (AP) reports that Sunday saw the Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim Jabouri met with Barzani.

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