Friday, June 9, 2017

The Originals

The Originals airs Friday nights on The CW.

After tonight's episode, there are two more episodes left this season.

Did you see it?

First off, eleven of you were right and I was wrong.

Tank, Keesha, Brady, Tori, Ashanti, Ronald, Harold, Jessica, Debbie & Greg (one e-mail from both),
and Wanda.

I wrote last time in "The Originals all new Friday night" that this new witch had tied herself to Hayley.


That was The Hollow!!!

The Hollow tied itself to Davina.

Kol's family is trying to kill it and Kol now has to serve The Hollow or Davina dies.

This was covered in the first scene tonight.

I was on the phone with Ruth and I was, "OMG! I got that so wrong." (I hadn't read the e-mails until after the episode aired.)

Freya and Hayley, with knives Freya did a spell on and anointed with Hope's blood, went to the mansion where The Hollow was.

Before that, Freya asked Rebecca to find the totem that The Hollow has.  Now that The Hollow is in human form, she can be killed.  So she's done a protection spell for herself and it's in a totem.  She has given it to Kol to protect.

Back to Freya, before she and Hayley went off on that mission, she gave Rebecca a map.  It will show where the totem is.

So Kol goes to the compound after Klaus is brought in for the killing of The Hollow.

Rebecca and Marcel are looking for the totem -- and she appears not to notice that Kol hasn't joined her.

How does she not notice.

Davina goes to talk to Josh.

He's shocked to see her alive and so happy.

Meanwhile, Freya gets knocked out by The Hollow and then Hayley.

Hayley sees Jackson while she's out -- her dead husband, remember?

She suddenly did.

Hayley's done with Eli, there's your spoiler.

So Jackson's being all love dovey and then it turns out he's a dream controlled by The Hollow -- serves Hayley right.

Okay, Freya comes to and Keelen has been killed.  But then Freya realizes it's The Hollow messing with her mind.

So Freya comes to, then Hayley.

Hayley's losing her physical battle with The Hollow.

Kol is at the compound.

He's got rope.

He wants Hope to use magic.

She's leery but decides to trust him.

Rebecca and Marcel can't find the totem.  Klaus shows up.  Where can it be?  Rebecca looks at the map that Freya gave her and they see it's at the compound -- Klaus, "Kol!"

Klaus shows up and Kol tells Hope to keep working on the rope.

He then goes to the courtyard where he and Klaus fight with Klaus planning to kill him.

Freya makes a really large nail fly across the room and it pierces The Hollow's neck.

And it makes Davina start gasping in front of Josh.

And Hope falls to the floor.

As Hayley begins stabbing The Hollow with the knife repeatedly, Josh (he's a vampire, remember), bites his own wrist and gets Davina to feed in an effort to save her.

Kol brings up Cammy and how Klaus would have done anything to save Cammy.  So Klaus lets him go instead of killing him.

Follow that?

So The Hollow is dead, Davina's alive and Kol shows up and they say goodbye to Josh and drive off -- in the car Rebecca and Kol came into town in.


We're too busy with everyone else to really deal with her.

I'm not joking.

So we see Freya and she's got Eli's corpse in the room and preparing the spell to save him and bring his soul out of the crystal and back into his body.

Klaus joins her.  Hayley?  She had something else to take care of.

Not her daughter Hope.

She's back at her old house saying goodbye to Jackson and saying he was what she needed and she didn't know it but she was going to need courage to do what she had to do -- she's breaking off with Eli, I bet you anything.

So Freya's spell?

Eli's eyes open.

That's all we have with him.

By the way, Marcus kissed Rebecca who responded with, "Damn it!"

They're still in love, they're just the ones who forget it.

So finally Klaus goes to tell Hope goodnight even though she's already supposed to be in bed -- he says Hayley told him she was.

She's holding a hand mirror and looking in it when Klaus comes in.

She gets into bed and says to him that he didn't kill Kol?  Klaus nods and she says it's because he's family and they don't hurt family.

Klaus agrees.

He leaves.

She turns her head to the side and . . .

her eyes glow.

She is now The Hollow.

Kol's very lucky he and Davina ran off.

Klaus will kill him.

They have to kill The Hollow.

But now The Hollow is inside Hope.

2 more episodes left.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, June 9, 2017.   The Mosul Slog continues as Iraq is again slammed by violence.

Day 233 of The Mosul Slog and, we are yet again told, victory is just around the corner.

233 days to turn that corner?

Actually, it's longer than that.

Tomorrow is June 10th.

June 10, 2014, the Islamic State seized control of Mosul.

They've still not been driven out of the city -- the same can't be said for the unprotected civilians who've been turned into refugees.

For over two years, the Baghdad-based Iraq government did nothing to help Mosul.

Finally, in October of 2016, they began an operation that was to last weeks.

Months later, that operation still continues.

Yes, it is very embarrassing for the government that tomorrow will be the anniversary of the seizure of Mosul -- the 3rd anniversary -- and Mosul is still in the process of being 'liberated.'

233 days and counting.

And no attempt to protect the civilians.

: "Shooting children as they try to run to safety" in the battle for Mosul

They were told to remain in their homes throughout the bulk of the 'liberation.'

Then, when finally told to leave in the last weeks, no safe passage was provided.

At least 100,000 are said to remain in the city.

Let's check in on our decade's new Judith Miller: Rukmini Callimachi (yes, that does sound like a figure from the Brothers Grimm):

Replying to 
7. Analysts have long that the ppl running Amaq can't be just in Iraq/Syria bc of how quickly they claim attacks & bc they upload videos:

Rukmini fancies herself a terrorist expert.

Isn't that cute.

Judith Miller, of course, started with THE PROGRESSIVE.

You may remember that when the magazine was celebrating its anniversary (they said the 100th, but no, it wasn't), they failed to note Judith once in their look back on the past.

Judith Miller ended up a terrorism 'expert' herself.

Remember, that's how Oprah Winfrey presented Judith on her talk show when she brought Judith on to promote the upcoming Iraq War and then Oprah attacked the audience member who dared to point out that Judith was presenting non-facts as facts.

Glenn Greenwald loved him some Judith Miller back then -- part of the reason he supported the Iraq War.


He loves him some Rukmini.

Rukmini's been hired by THE NEW YORK TIMES mainly to prove that they learned nothing from the Judith Miller fiasco.

Which is how Rukmini was in Mosul (as an embed -- as they say, "embed roughly means 'legs spread'").

And we called out her nonsense.

But there was Glenn Glenn, in love again, reTweeting her because critical abilities are in short supply apparently.

While Rukmini filed her propaganda and Tweeted her nonsense about how wonderful things were, a real reporter did real journalism.

Ali Arkady did not file fluff.

His documentation of what is taking place in Mosul has been covered by RT and ABC NEWS.

"Negative coverage will get you kicked out of Mosul."

They had nothing to worry about with regards to Rukmini, did they?

From Brian Ross' ABC NEWS report:

Officers of an elite Iraqi special forces unit, praised by U.S. military commanders earlier this year for its role in fighting ISIS, directed the torture and execution of civilians in Mosul in at least six distinct incidents caught on tape.

“That's a murder,” retired Green Beret Lt. Col. Scott Mann told ABC News after reviewing the graphic footage. “There should be punishment for anyone doing it. It's reprehensible and it shouldn't be allowed on any modern battlefield."

The alarming footage was smuggled out of Iraq by a prize-winning Iraqi photojournalist, Ali Arkady, who spent months embedded in combat with the elite Iraqi troops leading the fight against ISIS late last year. Since turning over his cache of photos and videos to ABC News, he says he has received death threats from the soldiers he once considered friends and has now fled Iraq to seek asylum in Europe.

"This is happening all the time," Arkady said of the war crimes he documented, which he recounted in an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Brian Ross broadcast Thursday on ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir and Nightline.

Am I wrong that Glenn hasn't been eager to promote this story?

I know he's got a lot of problems right now because THE INTERCEPT burned a source -- intentionally or not, it doesn't matter, they burned her.

Nothing is going to change that.

There should be an apology (not a blood letting) and they should announce how they will do their best not to burn another source in the future.

So, yes, he has problems, but so does Iraq and he needs to be Tweeting about that if he can't write about it.

He has found time to reTweet Rukmini.

It's a shame he can't use his Twitter feed to amplify real reporting on Iraq.

But that's a shame many share and part of the reason the Iraq War is on year 14 and counting (more if we backdate to the sanctions, et al).

The violence never ends.

First video of the aftermath of the suicide bomber that detonated inside bus station injuring 4 civilians.
A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest after being surrounded by forces inside bus station injuring 4.

Four is bad -- one is bad -- but sadly the numbers have been climbing.

At least 22 killed, 31 wounded in a suicide attack targeting civilians in al -Musayab, . Suicide bomber in Karbala wounds at least 10.

Maher Chmaytelli and Gareth Jones (REUTERS) report, "A woman detonated her explosive belt in a market east of the Shi'ite holy city of Kerbala on Friday, killing at least 30 and wounding 35, Iraqi security sources said."

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