Monday, May 28, 2012

Barack doesn't win the vet vote

A few weeks ago in "Reuters courts charges of bias,"  C.I. questioned Reuters' assertions that Barack would beat Mitt when it came to veterans' votes.  C.I. noted that the poll didn't make sense and made many salient points that you should read.  

I bring it up weeks later because Gallop has a new poll out:

Veterans Give Romney Big Lead Over Obama

Veterans responsible for Romney's advantage among men overall

by Frank Newport
PRINCETON, NJ -- U.S. veterans, about 13% of the adult population and consisting mostly of older men, support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama for president by 58% to 34%, while nonveterans give Obama a four-percentage-point edge.
Vote Preferences by Veteran Status, April-May 2012
These data, from an analysis of Gallup Daily tracking interviews conducted April 11-May 24, show that 24% of all adult men are veterans, compared with 2% of adult women.
Obama and Romney are tied overall at 46% apiece among all registered voters in this sample. Men give Romney an eight-point edge, while women opt for Obama over Romney by seven points. It turns out that the male skew for Romney is driven almost entirely by veterans. Romney leads by one point among nonveteran men, contrasted with the 28-point edge Romney receives among male veterans.

Does that sound like Reuters was right?  Nope.  Because they were wrong.

I'm not surprised, we have two veterans in our office.  One's a veteran of the 90s Gulf War and he's been with us for about five years.  The other started a year ago -- my boss paid attention to Senator Patty Murray's remarks about the importance of hiring veterans (I'm not joking) -- and he is an Iraq War veteran.  (We are a p.r. firm.  We are a Black p.r. firm.  Every one at my office -- including my boss -- is Black.)  (My boss would and has hired other races.)

So the Gulf War vet voted for Barack in 2008 and stopped making excuses at the end of 2010 (and actually said to me, "Marcia, you were right about him.").  The Iraq War vet can't stand Barack.

There's a feeling among both of them that when, summer 2009, Barack made that deal to let the League of Righteous out of the American prison in Iraq, despite their killing 5 American soldiers, he spat on veterans.  I know Barack gave a supposed uplifting speech today.  I'll hear about it tomorrow at work and those two vets, I can tell you right now, will be calling it out and talking about how Barack betrayed the military by releasing those League of Righteous members ("killers" is what the vets will call LoR).  

Barack has a huge problem with the military and that's active-duty and veterans.

If only Barack were just a TV show.  Then I could watch it and blog about it and it would get cancelled.  

Erika e-mailed asking me "Please, please don't blog about a favorite series of mine next fall."

Ringer and Unforgettable I blogged about and both got the axe. (I also blogged about Whitney and it's coming back.)  The year before it was The Event that got the axe.  

Okay, Mike's posted "Memorial Day" and be sure to check out all the stuff up at The Common Ills today and yesterday:


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