Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doing the Google

Marshall e-mailed to ask "Where's the Google?" Okay, here's the "Google" for The Common Ills:

  • The Common Ills

    All the events listed were either covered by C.I. this morning or in yesterday's snapshot. Hannah Allem reports on some of the violence targeting Shi'ites ... - Cached
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  • The Common Ills: 2009: The Year of Living Sickly

    permalink posted by Common Ills @ 7:05 PM ... Name: Common Ills. Threats and abusive e-mail are not covered by any privacy rule. This isn't to the reporters ...
  • Kat's Korner (of The Common Ills)

    The Common Ills · The Third Estate Sunday Review · Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude · Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man · Mikey Likes It! ... - Cached
  • Widgetbox › The Common Ills: Protests against the Iraq War Widget

    Get the The Common Ills: Protests against the Iraq War widget on! protest. - Cached
  • The Common Ills, Canterbury's Law - Boxxet

    The Common Ills: Canterbury's Law news, blogs, photos from - Boxxet. - Cached
  • Like Maria Said Paz

    "Iraq snapshot" (The Common Ills): Thursday, December 31, 2009. Chaos and violence continue, questions are being raised in Iran and England about the ... - Cached - Similar
  • Household Remedies for Common Ills: Many Health Problems Can Be ...

    Grandma's inexpensive household remedies and herbs are actually now considered safe alternatives to prescription drugs. Here's a look at what made up the ... › ... › Natural Medicine - Cached - Similar
  • The Common Ills: And the war drags on . . .

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    This page provides information about 'The Common Ills: And the war drags on . . .' on Broken Controllers. - Cached
  • The Common Ills -

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  • My cousin Stan's blog is Oh Boy It Never Ends and here's "the Google"

  • Oh Boy It Never Ends

    Oh Boy It Never Ends · The Glass Bottom Boat. 3 days ago. The World Today Just Nuts · The tyranny of the 'independents'. 3 days ago ... - Cached -
  • Oh Boy It Never Ends: Movies that don't hold up

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  • Oh Boy It Never Ends: Laugh, death and the liars gunlocker

    Dec 14, 2009 ... ' Wholesale use of the death penalty was one of the worst aspects of Saddam Hussein's regime and the present government should stop aping ... - Cached -
  • Oh boy it never ends

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  • oh i'll never know lyrics

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  • you never ever gonna let you go lyrics

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    Dec 20, 2009 ... Here's my new story, High School Never Ends! ...Oh, dear sweet God, no,” she muttered. When the boy finally approached us, he slung an arm ... -

  • And I'm glad Marshall told me to do The Google.

    Let me note all the community sites by copying and pasting

  • The Common Ills
  • Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude
  • The Third Estate Sunday Review
  • Thomas Friedman Is a Great Man
  • Kat's Korner (of The Common Ills)
  • Mikey Likes It!
  • Cedric's Big Mix
  • Like Maria Said Paz
  • The Daily Jot
  • Trina's Kitchen
  • Ruth's Report
  • Oh Boy It Never Ends (my cousin Stan)
  • The World Today Just Nuts
  • Ann's Mega Mix

  • Now Trina's been attempting to make a point to highlight Ann more because Ann's got the newest site and -- outside of C.I., Wally and Cedric (possibly Mike) -- we really haven't gone a good job highlighting her. By that I mean, everygot a system wide build up when they started a site but Ann came along when we were all tired. And Trina's trying to highlight Ann at least once a week now as a result. And when you search Ann right now, the top result is Third. So there's a problem.

    Here are Ann's posts from last week:

  • 2009 in DVDs
  • 1 British hostage still not accounted for
  • Graffiti
  • The gruesome

  • She usually does a visual blog entry. Not always but a good portion of the time. And she says Elaine's reall the model for her site because, like Elaine, she's doing more of a journal. So be sure to check her out. The top entry is a joint-post with my cousing Stan where they talk DVDs of the year, then she covered an Iraq issue, a 70s movie and about the lack of change.

    Back to the Goodle. The results for Ann's site aren't the only problem. Trina has an immensely popular site and regularly receives threats from various DNC blogger types to 'lay off Barack or else.' Or else included they'd do their own site with her name. Well they have. And HA on them they're not as popular on Google as our Trina. Sorry little crap-fests, you can try to copy Trina but you can't be her. I'll let her know what's going on later in a phone call.


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