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A bitch named Elzie Lee Granderson

Elzie Lee likes to restyle as ''LZ'' for his bad writing.  He'll be 50 shortly and he's accomplished nothing with his life.  The only thing more ridiculous than his resume would be that dollar store dreds he's trying to sport.

He's an ugly little bitch and I don't play with bitches so go f**k yourself LZ.

At The Los Angeles Times, no link to trash, he wants some fame so he's going off on Morgan Wallen and how 'easy' Morgan had it.  F**k you. Do you go down on your husband with that mouth, LZ?  I hope he bitch slaps you with his cock and laughs at how you used to pretend your were straight.

What is about these closet cases that make them think they know bravery?  Again, I was out in elementary school.  To my folks, to my friends, to my classmates, to my teacher, yes, even to my preacher.

I don't have a lot of sympathy for a bitch boy who can't come out until he's 40.  And shame on The Los Angeles Times for giving that closet case a soapbox.  There are tons of us who come out before we're adults.  We're the ones with something to share when it comes to bravery and valor.  Not closet cases who pretend they aren't gay, lie about it and, like Lzizzy did, marry someone of the opposite sex to continue the lie.

It's worth noting that Lzizzy had nothing to say about Matt Damon when the then-50 year old tried to get publicity for one of his failed movies by saying he'd just stopped using the word f*g because his daughter wrote him a letter detailing how wrong it was.  Prior to that, Matty was all about using it everywhere including at the dinner table in front of children.  Matt repeatedly changed that story when he found out we weren't all loving him for it.

But Lalizzy never called him out because Lalizzy is a scared little bitch.  Again, don't give give cowards a column.  They can't take stands. 

Where's LaLizzy's column on Elvis Costello.  Costello's 67.  Where's your column calling him out for using the n-word in a song that was Elvis' biggest hit?  

Oh, you didn't know, you damn idiot.

Punk was racist.  Not all punk music but a great deal was.  That's why Jesse Jackson called it out to begin with.  And Elvis can lie all he wants but that song with the n-word existed in the same punk music scene as Patti Smith's "Rock and Roll N**ger" -- which I'm not seeing LaLizzy addressing either, by the way.

So that song, "Oliver's Army."  Let's put it perspective that even a coward like La Lizzy can understand.  It's from Armed Forces, Elvi's 1979 album.  And that tour is rather infamous:



"We hate you." Costello snarled. "We just come here for the money. We're the original white boys and you're the colonials." This was an example of a heavy-handed line in provocation that had been patented by Jake and which had since become familiar to anyone who'd come across the Riviera-Costello circle during one of their more intolerant ranting moods. Most people, finding either Jake or Elvis on course for this kind of volcanic verbal onslaught, very sensibly kept their heads down until the storm blew itself out and conditions returned to normal. What you didn't do was show any visible sign of being upset. This only encouraged them.

Stills and his party unfortunately fell for the whole routine and became immediately defensive. At which point, Costello upped the tempo and apparently dismissed the entire American nation as "just a bunch of flea-bitten greasers and n**gers." This was bound to cause the uproar Costello was looking for, and of course it did. One account of the incident has a member of Stills' crew grabbing Costello by the scruff of the neck and telling him in no uncertain terms to keep his mouth shut, of which there was by now no chance. Costello had gone too far to back down. According to a report in the Random Notes pages of Rolling Stone, Costello now turned his attention to Joe Lala and called him "a greaser sp*c." Stills is then supposed to have grabbed Costello and given him a good shaking before storming out of the bar, angry and disgusted, with Bruce Thomas yelling "F**k off, steel nose!" after him — the latter remark being an ill-concealed reference to the surgery Stills was alleged to have undergone to repair his nose after a lengthy addiction to cocaine. 

The argument now centred around music. with Costello badmouthing most American acts he could think of, including Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. Bramlett accused him of stealing and plundering from America's rich heritage of black music. citing James Brown and Ray Charles specifically. Costello then contemptuously dismissing James Brown as "a jive-ass n**ger".

This was insensible on Costello's part, and even in the depths of his staggering drunkenness he should have known that he was pushing it too hard, too far. But he blundered on, the hole he was digging for himself getting deeper and darker with every ill-considered remark.

"All right, you son of a bitch," Bramlett demanded, incensed, "what do you think of Ray Charles?"

"He's nothing but an ignorant, blind n**ger." Costello seethed venomously, beyond legitimate defence now, mischief turning to malice, a litany of brutal abuse. Bramlett was appalled, and told him to keep his damned opinions to himself.

"F*ck Ray Charles." Costello allegedly roared, "f*k n**ers. and f*ck you!"


That, La Lizzy, is racism.  And you keep pretending -- like all the others working on the plantation -- that Elvis is a good guy and isn't it great that he's asking radio to stop playing the song?

That song captured what Elvis really thought.  Elvis Costello was racist -- and use that link, by the way, and read the article and note how the author makes Bonnie the bad guy.  Bonnie's a trouble-maker for confronting poor Elvis on his racism.

La Lizzy, no surprise, is married to a White person (this time a man) and that may explain the chip on his shoulder or his need to use Morgan Wallen to try to come off manly.


Leave the kid alone, bitch.  Go back to your corner and cower coz you ain't fooling no body, you big Lizzy.

You'll never stand up for anyone who needs it -- the story of your life. 


Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"


Wednesday, January 12, 2022.  The people of Iraq suffer and the corporate press ignores it, Julian Assange suffers and the corporate press ignores it.

Starting with the ongoing persecution of Julian Assange.  As the world watches, US President Joe Biden -- who voted for the illegal war and then tried to lie about it in 2019 and 20202 -- continues to persecute Julian Assange for revealing truths about the Iraq War and about the murder of civilians.  This will be Joe's legacy and he needs to grasp it, the world needs to make him grasp it.

Matilda Dunchan (INDEPENDENT AUSTRALIA) observes:

In 2010, Assange and WikiLeaks – in partnership with numerous mainstream media outlets, including The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel – published a curated cache of 250,000 diplomatic cables revealing the corruption and destruction of the Bush-era and early Obama-era wars, into which Australia so subserviently followed.

Without Assange’s work, numerous war crimes, mass surveillance schemes and unreported civilian casualties would have gone uncovered. In one year, he generated more consequential journalistic scoops confronting Western centres of power than the rest of the world’s news organisations combined.

Some of the information published by Assange has since become the subject of criminal investigations into the CIA and U.S. authorities before the International Criminal Court, which, as lawyers for Assange testified during his extradition hearing, is further evidence that the U.S. case against him is politically motivated.

Further, irrefutable illustrations of the significance of the “content” of Assange’s work can be found in comparisons between it and the lies and deceptions fed to the Australian population by this country’s press in the Iraq War years. Consider, as just one example of many, WikiLeaks’ publishing of the detainee assessment briefs and manual for Guantanamo Bay, where children as young as 15 were held, in contrast with the vapid first-hand account of the illegal prison presented by one of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s top foreign correspondents, Leigh Sales.  

In 2007, Sales wrote of her second visit to Gitmo:

'At the same time, my own eyes and ears led me to believe that Guantanamo wasn’t as barbaric as it was made out to be either. None of the detainees came running to the wire, begging for help to get out.'

One Guantanamo Bay prisoner has recently waived his right to appear in court on numerous occasions because he suffered “rectal damage” while in custody of the CIA that makes it too painful for him to sit.


20 years ago #Guantanamo reveived its first detainees In 2011 began publishing the #Gitmofiles which exposed abuses at Guantanamo 40 years of the 175 year sentence Julian Assange faces if extradited to the US relate to these exposés #GITMO20

Is the corporate lapdog media in the US not covering those sort of items?  No, they're too busy pretending Joe Biden is cognisant and knows what's going on around him.  There is no improvement for Joe.  He is on the downhill slide -- that's physically, that's mentally and that's a historical figure.

This is how you make change for Julian.  This is how you end the persecution.  You hold Joe Biden responsible for what is being done to Julian by the US government because Joe is the head of the US government.  We keep saying it because it's reality.

Underlings can hide behind Joe made them do it.  Joe can't.

Does Joe -- in those rare lucid moments -- care what others think about him and how history will see him?

Of course he does.  If he didn't, he wouldn't lie so much.  He lies about big stuff and he lies about small stuff.  He needs to grasp that he can't lie his way out of this one, that he world will not let him.

He needs to grasp that even Tulsi Gabbard still wants to whore whatever is left of her reputation for him, she's a known liar.  She's the liar who covered for him in the debates when he was being held accountable for the Iraq War.  When he was going around insisting to people that he turned against the war and did so almost immediately and blah blah blah.  Tulsi carried his testes for him -- like a good little whore -- while pretending she was anti-war.  She went after Kamala.

I remember the men of the left -- men because women seemed wise to Tulsi -- braying like jackals and insisting she'd destroyed Kamala.  Kamala's the Vice President.  She may yet destroy herself but Tulsi didn't destroy her.  More to the point, when Tulsi pulled her garbage of excusing War Criminal Joe Biden, there were people against the Iraq War on that stage and running for the nomination.  All Tulsie did was run interference for Joe which was her plan throughout the debates.  Kamala goes after Joe?  Don't worry, they'll dispatch Tulsi to go after her in the next debate.

Tulsi servied her purpose -- like a good whore -- and then she faded away.

Joe lied and he lied because he knows what he is, he knows the monstter that he is.  But he doesn't want the world to see that.  So he rewrites how he imprisoned African-Americans, he rewrites his support for the war, he pretends he didn't shame others who spoke out against the illegal war, he pretends did a lot for women (are we counting paying for abortions?), he rewirtes everything, papers over everything with lies.

Again from WIKILEAKS:

"President Biden, who’s policy it is to close the #Gitmo prison camp, is prosecuting the publisher for exposing abuse in Guantanamo Bay” | Julian Assange's partner #FreeAssangeNOW #GITMO20

Joe needs to grasp that the world knows who's going after Julian Assange and that the world will hold him accountable for it throughout history.

That's how you get the US government to back off.

That went up yesterday afternoon.  We noted it last night.  An e-mail asked if that's why I said what I did in yesterday's snapshot.  Nope.  The video wasn't up.  And we'd been saying that for weeks and weeks.  I was also asked if I'd link to the article Danny mentions in the video above?  Glad to.  Whenever it gets posted.  That's not an insult.  Please.  THIRD has its own problems getting its new stuff up each week in a timely fashion and we're not suffering a death the way BLACK AGENDA REPORT is with Glen Ford.  At some point, hopefully later today, the article Danny says posted will post.  If it does, we'll note in tomorrow's snapshot (but at present, January 5th is the date on the most recent article at BLACK AGENDA REPORT).

It's most likely over for Joe and even he is dimly aware of that.  Ronald Reagan was 73 years old when he was sworn in for his second term as president.  If Joe were re-elected, he'd be 81 when he was sworn in.  He's too feeble and frail to be president right now.  He's a menace to the people.  His crying jags at the White House?  The press is ignoring them.  But for how much longer?  How long before they have to start reporting on what's really going on?

Julian needs to be free and that needs to be made clear by the world.  The world also needs to make clear that we are holding Joe Biden responsible for the continued persecution and for any additional suffering.  That will be Joe's historical legacy and we will ensure that it's seen with the same disgust as when other despots persecute journalists and whistle-blowers.  

Julian will die if this persecution does not end.  Joe needs to grasp that the blood will be on his hands and that it will be how he is remembered.


"The International Federation of Journalists, representing 600,000 journalists worldwide, calls for Julian Assange's immediate release"

Turning to Iraq, let's drop back to "2021: The Madness of the Partisan Left (The Year of Silencing Speech):"

Which brings us to the third big story of Iraq.

No, not the October 10th election.  That's been misreported by the US media to a large degree, yes, but it is there go-to subject when they feel they have to cover Iraq.

Far more important?  The protests.  They have been woefully under-reported in the media.  Most Americans don't know that Iraq's current prime minister (hopefully, outgoing prime minister) only holds that spot because protesters drove the previous one of out office.  

These protests throughout Iraq in 2021 have been under-reported and ignored.  

December saw two resignations.  Most Americans have no idea.  The governor of Dhi Qar, Ahmed al-Khafaji resigned right before Christmas due to protest.  And, at the same time, the governor of Najaf, Louai al-Yasseri, resigned -- also due to protests.

When these protests aren't covered, I guess it's easier for the media to pretend that the ongoing Iraq War is a success.  After all, if the US truly 'liberated' the Iraqi people, all would be fine and dandy and Iraqis would have no reason to take to the streets.

But all is not well and that's why Iraqis are making their voices heard -- heard on the streets, heard via social media and heard via the  Arabic press.  Sadly, the US press really doesn't pay attention to what's actually going on in Iraq.  It's so much easier to just write 500 words or so of nothing while tossing around the term "king-maker."

Omar Sattar (AL-MONITOR) reports:

Dhi Qar Gov. Ahmed Ghani al-Khafaji and his counterpart in Najaf, Louay al-Yasiri, have resigned against the backdrop of the popular protests in December 2021 amid many political objections raised by opposition parties to the government of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

Kadhimi accepted Khafaji’s resignation on Dec. 23, 2021, and Yasiri’s on Jan. 4. Yasiri stated in his resignation letter, “I am offering to [resign from my] position, to be replaced by my deputy,” explaining that he was not subjected to pressure from the leader of the Sadr movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, or Kadhimi. Meanwhile, Khafaji stated that his resignation “serves the public interest and aims to provide security and stability and preserve the interests of the citizens of Dhi Qar.”

During the past few weeks, citizens took to the streets of Najaf calling for Yasiri’s dismissal due to poor service conditions. Shiite leader Sadr promised to work to dismiss Yasiri and stressed during his visit to Najaf on Dec. 22, 2021, that there was no need to protest and demand his resignation, explaining that there are political and legal means to dismiss him, adding, “Enough noise, enough riot.”

In Dhi Qar, Khafaji resigned after protests calling for better living conditions and job opportunities turned into violent confrontations with security forces, causing injuries among protesters. As a result, Kadhimi ordered a special investigation committee to uncover the circumstances of the incident.

Although several governors have resigned or been dismissed by Kadhimi over the past months, the political atmosphere has made the recent resignations a subject for political debate as some Shiite parties fear that the Sadr movement will control the local administration in these provinces, especially since the movement is making similar demands to dismiss the governors of Babil and Diwaniyah.

Meanwhile, the western press continues to file the useless Moqtada, Moqtada, Moqtada nonsense.  Let's drop back to Monday's snapshot for one item:

Alex MacDonald (MIDDLE EAST EYE) writes the least offensive dispatch:

Iraq's new parliament began its first session on Sunday with 329 newly-elected MPs taking their seats in the assembly.

Politicians hailing from the anti-government Tishreen movement entered the parliament for the first time and could be heard chanting "long live Tishreen revolution" after taking their oaths.

They took their seats alongside more established political parties for the first time since the October 2021 elections, which were widely boycotted and handed the political movement of cleric Muqtada al-Sadr the largest number of deputies.

Though the first session was officially opened on Sunday - at which MPs were to be tasked with electing a new speaker and deputy speaker - it had to be adjourned for deliberation after interim speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani fell ill.

Mashhadani, who as the oldest member of the parliament was tasked with filling the role, was seen in photos being carried out of the assembly by security officials.

The Tishreen Revolution is The October Revolution.  

They're in the streets and will be back in the streets.  They also may be in the Parliament.

Who is the prime minister of Iraq?  Hopefully, he is the outgoing one but he is Mustafa al-Kahdimi.  When did he become prime minister?  In May of 2020.  Why?  Because the protesters forced out Adil Abdul-Mahdi.

And is anyone going to comment on how Mustafa did not bring change?

Or how about the rest of the corrupt system that the protesters were against?  That included the Speaker of Parliament and it included the President of Iraq.

Despite -- or maybe because of -- his personal history with corruption, Mohammed al-Halbusi was given a second term Sunday as Speaker of Parliament.  

Barham Salih wants a second term as president.  Even though he belongs to the losing political party n the KRG, he believes he has the right to be president.

What about the rights of the Iraqi people?

And when does the press start championing them?  Ffity years from now when they can pretend the US government had nothing to do with the multitutde of horrors plauging the country?  

The people of Iraq took to the streets to decry corruption.  They're not seeing any changes.

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