Tuesday, March 2, 2021


I was glad to see Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Joe Responds" Monday afternoon.


I was not glad to learn that Kshama Sawant had become part of the DSA.  Kayla Costa and Joseph Kishore (WSWS) explain:


Last week, leading Socialist Alternative member Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant declared that she was joining the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in the US. Sawant’s announcement followed a December 15 statement from Socialist Alternative that it would be sending a significant section of its membership into the DSA.

Sawant said that her decision was motivated by the need for “a mass working-class party, a stronger labor movement, and victorious struggles in our ongoing fight against the billionaire class.” She added, “In my view, to move forward we need to advance the Marxist ideas that will be necessary to win both immediate gains in the present crisis and a final victory over capitalism’s exploitation and oppression.”

“Because of the urgency to build a wider socialist movement,” Sawant wrote, “I am now joining DSA, while remaining a member of Socialist Alternative.”

The previous statement by the Socialist Alternative National Committee, “Why Socialist Alternative Members are Joining the DSA,” claims that it is directed at building “a viable alternative to the Democratic Party and its ruling class leadership.” It is necessary, Socialist Alternative states, to “rebuild a fighting and democratic labor movement, struggles against oppression, and lay the foundations for a new mass working class party in the US.”

In fact, Socialist Alternative’s efforts to forge a closer alliance with the DSA is aimed at creating a new political trap. It takes place under conditions of a growing extreme political crisis within the state apparatus and a growing radicalization among workers and youth and the discrediting of the Democratic Party. Pseudo-left organizations in and around the Democratic Party—including both Socialist Alternative and the DSA—are working out organizational forms to block the development of a genuine socialist movement.

I wish we had real individuals and not craven opportunists.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

 Monday, March 1, 2021.  As Iraq gears up for the Pope's planned visit, Joe Biden's bombing of Syria continues to be no big deal to the corporate media.  

As noted in Friday's snapshot, US President Joe Biden bombed Syria last week because of . . . alleged Iranian involvement in Iraq.  Caitlin Johnstone observes:

So we are being told that the United States launched an airstrike on Syria, a nation it invaded and is illegally occupying, because of attacks on “US locations” in Iraq, another nation the US invaded and is illegally occupying. This attack is justified on the basis that the Iraqi fighters were “Iranian-linked”, a claim that is both entirely without evidence and irrelevant to the justification of deadly military force. And this is somehow being framed in mainstream news publications as a defensive operation.

This is Defense Department stenography. The US military is an invading force in both Syria and Iraq; it is impossible for its actions in either of those countries to be defensive. It is always necessarily the aggressor. It’s the people trying to eject them who are acting defensively. The deaths of US troops and contractors in those countries can only be blamed on the powerful people who sent them there.

The US is just taking it as a given that it has de facto jurisdiction over the nations of Syria, Iraq, and Iran, and that any attempt to interfere in its authority in the region is an unprovoked attack which must be defended against. This is completely backwards and illegitimate. Only through the most perversely warped American supremacist reality tunnels can it look valid to dictate the affairs of sovereign nations on the other side of the planet and respond with violence if anyone in those nations tries to eject them.

Joe's act of war is treated as a shrug by the MSM.  Don't look, don't critique, just smile and watch TV.  

U.S. military bases worldwide. Remember this the next time the United States bombs a sovereign country and claims “self-defense”.

With a deadly missile strike against an Iranian-backed Iraqi militia position on the Syria-Iraq border Friday, the Biden administration has spelled out in blood the real meaning of the Democratic president’s incessant declarations that “America is back.”

The attack, executed in blatant violation of international law and with no legal authorization from the US Congress, signals that the Biden White House is embarking upon a highly aggressive American foreign policy, escalating the militarism and confrontations pursued by its predecessor, in the Middle East and internationally.

According to Syrian medical sources quoted by Reuters, the US air raid, carried out at dawn on Friday, killed at least 17 Iraqi militiamen. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the strike had killed 22 fighters from the Hashed al-Shaabi, or Popular Mobilization Forces, an official arm of Iraq’s military, which was sent into Syria to combat ISIS. More fighters were wounded, and the death toll is likely to rise.

Ostensibly, the missile strike was in retaliation for a February 15 rocket attack on a US base in Iraqi Kurdistan’s capital Erbil that killed a single Syrian contractor. There is no evidence that the attack on the US base was the work of the Iranian-backed militia that the US struck on Friday, which had not only denied responsibility, but denounced the attack on the Erbil base.

Pentagon officials indicated that President Joe Biden was given a menu of targets and levels of US military destruction to choose from and signed off on the Syria missile strike.

Asked on Friday what “message” Biden was sending with the strike, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told MSNBC television news, “The message is clear and unambiguous; we’re going to protect our national interests in the region.”

If you voted for the Dems, then

This act of international aggression, and all those which will now follow, are on YOU!

Yes, you.  There is simply *no way* that you could argue that “oh I did not know” or “but, but, Biden promised to be a good president“.  Sorry, because for the past 4 years thousands of us have been trying to warn you, to explain to you in detail what would happen if the Neocons fully took control of the USA. We predicted it all, we gave you all the evidence, but you refused to listen.  Now it is too late.

And while it is true that Biden did steal the election, those who truly and legally voted for him now bear the moral responsibility for this crime and all the future crime of the Biden Administration.

Only those who did not vote for the Dems can still say “not in my name”.

All others are now accomplices (before, during and after the fact) to the crime of aggression.  They are also to blame for the internal chaos which will result from having a the first “Woke Administration”.

All the innocent blood is on you, Biden voter.

That's The Saker's viewpoint.  It's not my viewpoint.  I didn't spend the last four years yelling at those who voted for Donald Trump.  It's easy to scream and attack voters, I'm not sure how productive it is but I know it's not it's not reality.  I didn't vote for Joe Biden -- due to the Iraq War and due to Tara Reade and so much more.  But many voted for him with the best of intentions.  Joe's failure to live up to the trust some people put in him falls on Joe and not on the voters.  

Syria condemned in the strongest terms the US attack in eastern Syria that killed at least 17 people yesterday, stressing it demonstrates the aggressive policies by the new American administration.

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement that “In a flagrant violation of the rules of international law and Charter of the United Nations, the US warplanes on Thursday, February 25, 2021, launched a cowardly aggression by bombing some areas in Deir Ezzor province near the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

Foreign Ministry stated that this blatant aggression is a new chain in the series of repeated attacks by the Israeli occupation forces, the so-called “international coalition,” the Turkish occupation, and the crimes of armed terrorist organizations against the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic under illusive pretexts.

” The Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the US aggression against its sovereignty, which contradicts with the terms of international law and the United Nations Charter and with its role as a permanent member of the Security Council,” the statement said.

Voices from around the world condemned this act of war, recognizing the clear continuity of U.S. aggression between the Trump and Biden administrations.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov remarked that the strike against his country’s long-time ally Syria was conducted with just “four or five minutes” of warning from the U.S. government to Moscow. At the invitation of the Syrian government Russia maintains a military presence inside the country to assist in the war against religious fundamentalist armed groups. If the United States had accidentally killed Russian soldiers, the world would have been plunged into a new crisis.

For all the talk about Iran, not much is being made in the major U.S. media about the fact that this attack was conducted on Syrian soil. The United States is not at war with Syria and has not been invited into Syria, but regardless has established permanent occupation bases there on the pretext of fighting ISIS. The Syrian Foreign Ministry stated it “strongly condemns the cowardly American aggression” and that “it is a bad sign regarding the policies of the new U.S. administration, which should adhere to international [law].”

Even members of Biden’s own Democratic Party admitted that the administration was in violation of domestic law. “Congress should … require clear legal justifications for military action, especially inside theaters like Syria, where Congress has not explicitly authorized any American military action,” according to Connecticut Democratic Senator Chris Murphy. Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democratic Senator, pointed out the unconstitutional nature of Biden conducting “offensive military action without congressional approval.” Representative Ro Khanna of California reminded the public in his condemnation of the deadly airstrike that Biden is now the fifth consecutive president to order strikes in the Middle East.

If Congress is serious about their opposition to this type of military action, they should refuse to write the checks that keep the war machine running. The U.S. military budget, passed almost unanimously every year, is higher than ever and more dangerous to ordinary people around the world each day. Meanwhile people freeze to death in foreseeable winter storms or die by the tens of thousands of a preventable viral infection here in the United States.

The War Machine keeps marching under Joe Biden.  Black Alliance For Peace issued the following:

For immediate release


Ajamu Baraka Black Alliance for Peace, 202-643-1136.

Margaret Flowers – Popular Resistance, info@PopularResistance.org, 410-591-0892.

Photo: Click here for photos by Professor Danny Shaw who is currently in Haiti.

Nearly 800 Organizations and Individuals in the United States Demand the Biden Administration End Its Support for the Brutal Moïse Regime in Haiti.

United States - Today, February 24, 72 organizations and 700 individuals published an open letter calling for the Biden administration to end its illegal and destructive intervention in Haiti. While Joe Biden and the Democrats condemned the Trump forces for not respecting the results of the U.S. election, they are supporting Jovenel Moïse’s refusal to leave office after his term as president ended on February 7, 2021. Moïse has unleashed violent gangs, the police and the military against protesters who are demanding that he respect the Constitution and step down.

“President Biden claims to care about racial equity but his actions in Haiti show the emptiness of that rhetoric,” said Ajamu Baraka of the Black Alliance for Peace. “For centuries now, the United States has employed force to dominate Haiti, the first Black Republic that was established in 1804 after the defeat of French and Spanish colonizers. President Biden has an opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to democracy and Black self-determination by ending support for the Moïse regime and denouncing the current violence.”

The past two presidents of Haiti, Michel Martelly and Jovenel Moïse, were hand-picked and forced into office by the United States during the Obama administration against the will of the Haitian people. Moïse is currently ruling by decree after dismissing most of the legislators and refusing to hold elections. With the backing of the Core Group, composed of the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, the European Union and the United Nations, Moïse is trying to push a new constitution through using a referendum in April. The new constitution being written by members of the Core Group and without any real participation of the Haitian people would grant greater power to the executive office.

Since February 7, the rogue Moïse government has launched a brutal crackdown on all dissent resulting in home invasions, arrests, the firing of Supreme Court judges and a police inspector general, attacks on the media and the use of chemical agents and live ammunition to disperse protests, as documented by the U. S. Human Rights Clinics.

"The current situation in Haiti is critical," stated Marleine Bastien, the Executive Director of FANM In Action and a leading voice in South Florida's Haitian community. "The Superior Council of Haiti's Judiciary, The Haitian Bar Federation, and credible civil society organizations inside Haiti and their diaspora allies agree that President Moise’s term has in fact ended.  It is time for President Biden to keep his promise and respect the democratic rights and  self-determination of the Haitian people."

Here is the open letter:

On February 7, 2021, Jovenel Moïse’s term as president of Haiti ended - but with the support of the Biden administration he is refusing to leave office. This has created an urgent crisis in the country. A mass movement, reminiscent of the 1986 popular movement that overthrew the brutal U.S.-sponsored dictatorship of Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, is demanding Moïse step down. We are alarmed by the abundance of evidence of severe human rights violations by the Moïse regime to quell the protests.

One of the main calls from the mobilizations of hundreds of thousands in the streets of Port-au-Prince and across Haiti has been for the United States, United Nations and the Organization of American States to stop their interference. These bodies, as part of the “Core Group” of imperialist nations and institutions targeting Haiti, are currently pushing their rewrite of the Haitian Constitution through a referendum on April 25.

These organizations have a long history of neocolonial intervention in Haiti and the region. Ever since the democratically elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide was overthrown for a second time by a U.S.-sponsored coup in 2004, Haiti has been occupied by a United Nations force that, at its height, deployed 14,000 troops and personnel. This occupation has changed form over the years (from MINUSTAH to BINUH), but it is ongoing.

The U.S. government has consistently stood as a barrier to popular democracy in the Americas. The 2009 coup in Honduras; the 2019 coup in Bolivia; and the ongoing blockades of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela are but several examples of the U.S.’s poor record on human rights and lack of respect for sovereignty in the region. By its own admission, the State Department “works closely with the OAS, UN, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and individual countries to advance its policy goals in Haiti.” Under the guise of fighting drug trafficking, the U.S. continues to train and fund the Haitian National Police.

The U.S. establishment spin doctors seemingly live in an alternate universe, claiming, "The remarkable lack of popular response to calls for mass protests in recent weeks indicates that Haitian people are tired of endless lockdowns and squabbling over power." The reality is quite the opposite: the Haitian people are united in their call for a peaceful transition to democracy.

We express our solidarity with the Haitian people and our support for their rights to democracy and self-determination. We join our voices to the demands of the Haitian people who are calling for the following:

We demand that Jovenel Moïse

  • Immediately step down.

We demand that the Biden Administration:

  • Withdraw financial support for the illegal constitutional referendum and Moïse dictatorship;

  • Respect the will of the vast majority of the people demanding democracy and Haitian self-determination

  • Reaffirm support for the right to peaceful protest;

  • Immediately cease all U.S. financial and military support to Haiti's security forces

  • Condemn the recent violence against protesters and journalists; and

  • Demand the immediate dismantlement of all paramilitary forces in Haiti and the disarmament of gangs carrying out wanton violence against the popular movement.

The whole world is watching!



Black Alliance for Peace
Popular Resistance
Alliance for Global Justice
Black Alliance for Peace Solidarity Network
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
International Action Center
National Lawyers Guild
United National Antiwar Coalition

US Peace Council
Veterans For Peace
World Beyond War
Acción Afro-Dominicana
Agenda Solidaridad, Repùblica Dominicana
Australia Solidarity with Latin America
Baltimore Peace Action
Big Apple Coffee Party
Chicago ALBA Solidarity
Coalición de Derechos Humanos
Diáspora en Acción
Dorothy Day Catholic Worker
Ekta Collective
Environmentalists Against War
Forum of Sao Paulo DC/MD/VA
Friends of Latin America
FURIE - Feminist Uprising to Resist Inequality and Exploitation
Global Coalition for Peace
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Hilton Head for Peace
International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity
Latin America Solidarity Coalition of Western Massachusetts
Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center
MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles
Micronesian Political Journal
Mississippi Workers’ Center for Human Rights
New Abolitionist Movement
NJ State Industrial Union Council
New Progressive Alliance
Northern Virginians for Peace and Justice
NYC Jericho Movement
Occupy Bergen County
Ode to Earth/Echoes of Silence
Pacifica Peace People
Pan Left Productions
PARC | Politics Art Roots Culture
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Priority Africa Network
Protect Our Activists
Pueblo Sin Fronteras
Roots Action
Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Seattle Anti-War Coalition
Show Up! America
Troika Collective
US Hands Off Cuba and Venezuela South Florida
Veterans For Peace Chapter 92 Seattle, President
Virginia Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality
White Rabbit Grove RDNA
Women Against Military Madness
Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press
Yoga For Peace, Justice, Harmony With the Planet
Broome Tioga Green Party
Democratic World Federalists
Green Party of Monmouth County, NJ
Green Party of New Jersey
Workers World Party - Bay Area
Young Ecosocialists of the Green Party of the United State


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Turning to the disaster that is Iraq thanks to the US-led invasion,   Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Iraq March 3rd through March 5th.  And 'caring' people in the western media want you to know this is risky and maybe shouldn't take place.  

Where was that care or concern in the lead up to the Iraq War?

So the Pope wants to visit Iraq with the hope of providing healing and this is outrageous.  But travel for war is a-okay?  Is it dangerous?  I'm sure the Pope has been counseled on all the potential dangers.  I'm also sure he's put thought and prayer into whether or not to make the visit -- something that can never be said of the US press that cheered on the Iraq War.  REUTERS notes:

The March 5-8 trip will be Francis' first outside Italy since November 2019, when he visited Thailand and Japan. Four trips planned for 2020 were canceled because of COVID-19.

"He really feels that need to reach out to people on their home ground," said the official, a Vatican prelate who is familiar with Iraq and who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Vatican officials and local Church leaders say they are satisfied that Iraqi forces will be able to provide adequate security for the Pope and his entourage.

"The Pope knows where he is going. He is deliberately coming to an area marked by war and violence to bring a message of peace," Archbishop Bashar Warda of Erbil told reporters on a recent conference call.

Harriet Sherwood (GUARDIAN) adds, "All members of the papal entourage will be vaccinated against the virus before departure, and social distancing and mask-wearing will be required at events."  There has been less concern of safety over the US bombing of Syria than there is over the Pope's visit of peace.  Maya Gebeily (AFP) reports:

Persecution has already slashed the country's Christian community -- one of the world's oldest -- from 1.5 million in 2003 to just 400,000 today.

The 84-year-old pontiff plans to voice solidarity with them and the rest of Iraq's 40 million people during an intense week of visits nationwide.

From central Baghdad to the Shiite shrine city of Najaf, welcome banners featuring his image and Arabic title "Baba al-Vatican" already dot the streets.

From Ur, the birthplace of the Prophet Abraham in the southern desert, to ravaged Christian towns in the north, roads are being paved and churches rehabilitated in remote areas that have never seen such a high-profile visitor.

Pope Francis has an ambitious agenda for the first-ever papal visit to Iraq, including some of the country's most treasured sites. l

The pope’s upcoming visit to Iraq is a “precious gift” not only for the Christians who live there, but for all those who after years of war want a return to peace and coexistence between religions, a priest who worked for eight years in the diocese of Mosul told Arab News.

“We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Pope Francis is coming … to invite us to all be instruments of peace,” said Fr. Jalal Jako.

“Like a dove, he’ll bring a twig of peace to all the people living in this land who’ve suffered for too long.”

Jako, currently in Italy, will return to Iraq for the pope’s visit, which will begin on March 5.

 Iraq rejects any Turkish operations on its soil that have not been approved by Baghdad, a spokesperson for the foreign ministry told Rudaw on Monday. 

“We have expressed our stance more than once, and have said that we reject any operation conducted by our neighbor Turkey without approval and collaboration with the government in Baghdad,” Ahmad Sahaf told Rudaw’s Hawraz Gulpi.

“Previously, a number of these operations have caused harm to the infrastructure of certain areas in the north of Iraq, and damaged some buildings, and maybe caused the death of civilians. Any military operation without the approval of Iraq is completely rejected,” he added.

Baghdad has lodged formal protests on a number of occasions over Turkish operations into the Kurdistan Region, accusing Ankara of violating Iraqi sovereignty. 


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