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That's Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Fraud Squad" from Tuesday.  Please read "TV Talk" -- it's my cousin Stan's interview with Ava and C.I. where they talk TV.  

Also check out Ann's "Charmed" -- I watch the show now because of her.  When Ann started writing about it, I got interested.  If you're not watching it, you're really missing something.  

If you're watching Batwoman, you're missing fun.  It's a dull show.  But it's not going away.  Tim Adams (CBR) reports:

The CW has renewed The Flash, Batwoman and DC's Legends of Tomorrow for the 2021-2022 season.

[. . .]

The complete list of 12 series renewed includes a second season of Walker, which recently scored The CW's most-watched series premiere in five years, All American (Season 4), Batwoman (Season 3), Charmed (Season 4), DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Season 7), Dynasty (Season 5), The Flash (Season 8), In the Dark (Season 4), Legacies (Season 4), Nancy Drew (Season 3), Riverdale (Season 6) and Roswell, New Mexico (Season 4).

I like so many CW shows though.  I really do love Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell, All American and Legends.  Those are some great shows.  

If you told me that I could only have one broadcast TV station in the town I lived and no internet to get other shows, I would choose The CW.  I could live just on that.  I'd probably end up watching Legacies at that point.

(I loved The Originals.  It was a great show.  Killing off Haley and building a show around her daughter Hope?  Screw that.)

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

 Wednesday, February 3, 2021.  Lesson of the day?  Get drunk off your ass and you can assault whomever you want and not have to pay a price for it.

Before we get to that, as Rebecca notes in "the idiot krystal ball," Krystal Ball and RISING are making idiots of themselves bringing on 'friend of the show' Ryan Grim to lie and gush over AOC.  Ryan Grim is garbage.  He's now lying, not just whoring.  HARD LENS MEDIA notes it in the video below.

Ryan has sided with professional whore Ana Kasparian.  As for National Nurses United?  They didn't push the vote.  There are some good members.  A few.  But that's a whore's organization.  We really need to know our past -- not just long ago but recent.  A number of nurses were active before NNU was created.  Why?

They were calling out Mitt Romney.  Mitt delivered universal insurance in his state as governor -- or that's what he claimed.  These nurses calling him out went all over the country calling him out.  They were on KFPA, for example, and, honestly, in San Francisco, we didn't have a say over what Mitt Romney did in a state miles and miles away from California.  But they'd go anywhere because this was not universal insurance -- passing a law making people buy health insurance is not providing universal insurance.

NNU wanted a public option but what they wanted more than anything -- and this comes from nurses who were speaking out -- was to ensure that ObamaCare passed -- that's why they were created in 2009 -- it was a mirror image of Romney care -- it was a fraud and a fake.  

I've given nurses credit for the work they've done creating support for Medicare For All.  I didn't give that organization credit.

So I really don't give two s**ts what NNU says or does.  They're whores.  They're not here to move the conversation forward, they exist to derail it.  That's why they were founded.  

Yes, nurses spent years working on this issue.  No, NNU was not part of that.  I'm real sorry that people don't learn the past -- especially the recent past.  

Medicare For All is not even on their about page -- grasp that.  This organization that wants to pretend it's fighting for Medicare For All doesn't even include it when explaining who they are and what they stand for.  Are people stupid?  Yes, there are stupid people.  There are also uninformed people and that's because of a media failure and here I'm not blaming the corporate media.  I'm talking about THE PRORGRESSIVE, THE NATION and IN THESE TIMES, DEMOCRACY NOW!, etc.  Then US House Rep Dennis Kucinnich called out ObamaCare and stated he would not vote for it -- then he took the plane ride with Barack and voted for it.  

Dennis is an idiot.  Dennis has always been an idiot.  As he explained to me, he was told by Barack on that flight that Barack would ensure that Dennis face a tough primary and that Dennis would not be re-elected if he didn't vote for ObamaCare -- that's what was discussed on the plane ride.  As I told Dennis to his face, "You're a f**king idiot.  If you'd made that stand you would have support.  Watch now as your friends scurry away and as you do face a primary because Barack always lies."  Guess what?  I was right.  Barack got the vote he wanted but he then used the DNC to primary Dennis and get him out of Congress.

This story wasn't reported by your so-called 'independent' media in real time.  Once Dennis caved, they moved on -- if they even covered it when Dennis was saying nothing could make him vote for the bill.  

So it's not that everyone's stupid and unable to learn as much as it is that everyone's not being informed.  DiFi and her latest scandal?  If Katrina vanden Heuvel had published the article she commissioned all those years ago about Dianne's inappropriate business relationship with her husband, that unethical trash might have been forced out of the Senate.  Instead, she nixed the story and the writer had to take it to a local weekly alternative paper that you get on the street for . . . free.  If THE NATION had published the story, it might have had legs.

Over and over, your 'independent' media betrays you.  THE YOUNG TURKS and JACOBIN's podcasts are only the latest example.  Podcasts -- plural.  I'm not just talking now about the garbage Ana spews, I'm talking about the mid-week one now.  When two adult women act like giggly girls find everything an asshole says funny?  They're garbage.  They did not even object when the toxic male began calling people "pu**ies" and using the vagina as an insult, as a term of weakness.  Equally sad, the topic was Iraq and they didn't give a damn about the Iraqi people as evidenced by the absence of the Iraqi people from the so-called discussion.

Big Fat needs podcasts to tell her what to think.  They told her the lies about Russia were true.  They told her a hundred and one lies.  Then she got a crush on Glenn Greenwald and for a minute and a half she was sane -- or as close as she'll ever be.  But then Glenn told the truth about THE INTERCEPT and published the e-mails.  Instead of siding with her guy, she began repeating the lies of TYT and others.  Because that's what the stupid do.  She's an idiot and she's always been one.  For example, in 2020 she was finally riding high in the art world.  For the first year I've known her, she wasn't begging me for money constantly.  And on that phone call when it all ended, when she started trashing Glenn and I told her I couldn't go through this again like I did during Russia-gate, she said the reason she had called was my son asked her for money.  That shocked me but okay.  How much did he borrow and I'll message it over to you if you need it in cash.  Oh, he didn't get any money.  He bumped into her at an LA gas station and he had put gas in his car up before realizing his wallet was left at a friend's house.  He looked over and saw her and asked for ten bucks.  She didn't give it to him.  She told him she didn't believing in loaning money.

How many thousands has she 'borrowed' from me over the years -- after the first five years, it was obvious I was never going to see that money again.  But she couldn't give my son ten bucks to cover gas?  

Not very smart.  I'm either on the board of this museum or friends with someone on the board of that one and, goodness, there's just not going to be any need now for her art work.  Her 'career' will be a COVID casualty that, if remembered years from now, will be guessed to have lost steam when COVID erupted.  It's over for Big Fat and she's just starting to realize that because she's left three messages since Sunday begging for money.  That well went dry.  Guess what?  She was supposed to get a grant in the new year but somehow -- mmm-hmm -- that got pulled.  Now she's in real hardship -- she might have to get an actual job.  Stupid people like Big Fat believe TYT and they're so stupid that they tick off the person who funded their life.

Stupid people can't learn  But most people aren't stupid.  They're just not given the tools they need.  Presenting National Nurses United as a real group is something Ryan Grim does because he whores.  That's why he gushes every time AOC burps.  "The revolution has started!"  No, Ryan, AOC just had gas.

The people pimping National Nurses United are either whores or uninformed.  When THE MAJORITY REPORT was Janeane Garofalo's show, her worthless sidekick was pimping AARP.  And he was aghast that AARP backed this or that Bully Boy Bush policy that actually harmed seniors.  I said, "Janeane, is Sam so stupid that he doesn't know that the AARP is not an activist group?  It's a lobbying body but it's in the business of insurance.  For profit.  Janeane educated her audience on it.  I'm not sure that the whorish Sam Seder ever got the point.  

But that's why AARP was fine with Bully Boy Bush creating the 'doughnut hole' and not storming the streets as Sam just knew they would be.

NNU will weakly support a bill put forward -- say by Bernie Sanders.  They will not call for real action and they won't challenge any proposal put forward by a Democratic administration.  That's their history and that's reality.

A lot of people are scared of reality -- including the Biden administration.  Caitlin Johnstone (ICH) reports:

A new exclusive from The Daily Beast titled “White House Reporters: Biden Team Wanted Our Questions in Advance” reports that the White House press corps is being pressured to provide briefing questions ahead of time in a way that makes even mainstream media journalists uncomfortable.

“While it’s a relief to see briefings return, particularly with a commitment to factual information, the press can’t really do its job in the briefing room if the White House is picking and choosing the questions they want,” one White House correspondent told The Daily Beast. “That’s not really a free press at all.”

“It pissed off enough reporters for people to flag it for the [White House Correspondents Association] for them to deal with it,” another source reportedly said.

While Obama’s deputy press secretary Eric Schultz calls the move “textbook communications work” designed to ensure that Biden’s press secretary has answers ready instead of having to “repeatedly punt questions”, clearly the reporters on the job feel differently.

“The requests prompted concerns among the White House press corps, whose members, like many reporters, are sensitive to the perception that they are coordinating with political communications staffers,” writes the Beast.

And the press is eager to serve who?  Not the people.  Not democracy.  They're eager to whore for the administration -- as NEWSWEEK did.

There are a lot of fakes and frauds.  "The Fraud Squad," in fact.

Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Fraud Squad" and "DiFi Ethics" went up last night.

Moving over to Iraq, SPUTNIK reports:

The United States has not yet decided on its military postures in either Iraq or Afghanistan, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told reporters on Tuesday.

"I think the current level in Iraq is around 2,500 - I have no changes to that to report out to you today," Kirby said.

With regards to Afghanistan, Kirby said "no posture decisions have been made" and the US remains committed to a political settlement.

I had to check the dateline.  John Kirby?  He was the Pentagon's spokesperson at the end of 2013 until he moved over to the State Dept in 2015 and left to to CNN when Donald Trump was sworn in as president.  Now he's back.  Jen Psaki's back, so many are back.  Apparently, there was no need for fresh blood in the vampirish Biden administration.  

In other news, AP reports:

The U.S. Navy on Tuesday dropped sexual assault charges against an enlisted SEAL in a case involving a female sailor at a Fourth of July party in Iraq that had prompted the rare withdrawal of the special operations unit from the Middle East in 2019.

 Under the agreement accepted by the military court at Navy Base San Diego, Special Warfare Operator First Class Adel A. Enayat pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of battery and assault for biting the sailor’s face and grabbing her neck during what his lawyer described as rough, consensual sex. He will serve up to 90 days in the brig.

At the special court martial Tuesday, a masked Enayat wearing his Navy dress uniform said without emotion that he was guilty.

He told the judge he did not have a “solid memory” of what happened in his room because of the “copious amounts of alcohol I’d consumed.”

The same story at another website includes this detail:

Colleen Grace, a former U.S. Navy intelligence specialist who had planned to testify at the trial, told The Associated Press in August that when she saw her friend after the barbecue that night, she had a giant black bruise that marred her jawline and several other marks that lined her neck.

She said her friend told her that the sex started out as consensual in the SEAL’s room, but then he started biting and choking her so hard she couldn’t breathe and she thought she was going to die. Grace said her friend flew to Baghdad in the early morning hours after the barbecue to be examined at a military hospital and report being sexually assaulted.

So he gets away with assault because he claims he was too drunk to remember?  And yet they want to pretend that they treat assault and rape seriously in the military.  This is why criminal charges need to be pulled from military courts, there is no justice.

Earlier this week, community sites did a theme post -- favorite grunge song from the 90s -- Stan went with "P.J. Olsson's "Visine"," Mike went with "Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box","  Betty went with Soundgarden's "Fell On Black Days," Trina went with "STP "Creep"," Ruth went with Alice In Chains' "Rooster," Rebecca went with the Afghan Whigs' ''mr. superlove," Elaine went with "Afghan Whigs' "When We Two Parted"," Kat went with "Tori Amos' Pretty Good Year," Ann went with "Fionna Apple's "Limp"" and Marcia went with the Afghan Whigs' "Creep."

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