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Go back to Canada, Naomi, no one wants you here

 Naomi Klein's father made the decision to flee this country.  I have no idea why Naomi Klein thinks this country needs her.  Clearly, we don't.  

She has another bad article and Information Clearing House has posted it.  It's not worth reading but I provided the link because the comments are worth reading:

Ghali · 2 days ago

The Intercept(the source of this article) is a Zionist propaganda outlets once described Netanyahu as a "formidable" leader. It tends to support Israel's ongoing Fascist war and false propaganda against Muslims, Iran.
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The comments are more perspicacious than the article. OMG Ms. Klein, get lost and take Fauci with you.
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Mark Gaffney · 2 days ago

Yes, though I loved The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein's research is a limited hangout. She pointedly ignores the 9/11 attacks in her book --

We will check back in a few months about her vaccination. Hope it goes well...
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"...and a Big Pharma/GMO/biometric implants/5G/robot dog/forced vaccine dictatorship if the exposé hails from the far left...."

Sorry Ms. Klein, but I know of no intelligent lefties who speak, write or believe most of this. Of course Big Pharma is a villain for all sorts of reasons. Wondering why you threw them in there? Perhaps you have a soft spot for one of the most malignant entities in the world? Plus, employers do have the power to force employees to get vaccinated; depending on how you define "forced" that's pretty darn authoritarian: either get vaxed or lose your livelihood.
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"...There has been a tsunami of examples of the real shock doctrine since the pandemic began..."

Ms. Klein I don't believe you have said one word about how the IFR is less than 1% for 95% of the population, it's only about 4% for those over 70 y.o. I don't think you've ever acknowledged how Sweden's 2020 death rate is just about on par with all past years, and they never locked down. Nor do I ever remember you mentioning that the 2020 death rate in the U.S. is no worse than past years. In other words, the real effects of the shock doctrine are the life experiences kids from 3 y.o. to 30 y.o. have missed out on due to lockdown/shutdowns that you never acknowledge are unnecessary. The real effects of the shock doctrine are the increasing cases of mental health afflictions, drug abuse, alcoholism, familial abuse, warped childhood development, untreated health maladies, increasing un and underemployment, all symptoms of the superfluous shutdowns and lockdowns. One looks in vain in any of your writings to see where you have condemned these lockdowns as unneeded for a "pandemic" that's much more hype than anything (Yes, it does exist, but it's nowhere near as deadly as the constant propaganda tells us).


"...and the Green New Deal is popular — precisely because it is as far away from Davos as it could be, grounded in a polluter-pays ethos and in programs like a jobs guarantee and universal health care..."

Klein neglects to mention that AOC (and the rest of the Squad) flat out refused to fight for Med4All when AOC actually had a chance to do something about it by standing up to Pelosi by withholding her vote for Pelosi as Speaker unless Pelosi put Med4All to a floor vote.
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Kato Rivera · 1 day ago

Ten years ago I accused Naomi Klein of being a closet Zionist, along with Chomsky. A lot of people thought i was being harshly judgemental.

Reading the above comments, I see I was not alone. Thinking people just no longer swallow the globalist garbage. Sure, there is global warming, which as always is generated by solar cycles. And the growth curve of autism, asthma, MS, SIDS, and many other conditions exactly parallels the expansion of vaccination regimes, so what are we to think?

I think that when the day comes that ordinary people reclaim freedom, people like Klein would be wise to get a face job, a name change, and disappear.
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Rik Myers · 1 day ago

another Zionist? KLEIN? another either misinformed, lazy researcher or paid Denier of medical facts and pusher of unnecessary and very dangerous experimental "vaccines'. fire this bs propagandist COVD Reset Apologist. naomi go get educated by Robert Kennedy JR and Dr Mike Yeardon, former head of Pfizer research, Dr Piere Kori, Dr Senator Scott Jensen, Dr Vince Coelman, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Larry Palevksy and hundreds more real medical experts that have been censored by the Medical Industrial complex by main stream media .Those medical experts that can prove you COVD Plandemic is just that. Go read Rockeffeler Foundation 2010 document OPERATION LOCK STEP and please go write for some small town paper on food recipes or quilting or putting flouride back into town water supplies. You are useless and dangerous as a supposed "journalist>' why is this hack allowed on Information Cleariing?
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capitalism is the inequality itself there is nothing in it to be improved and the fantasyland's reign over everybody (imagine rural USA) rural Kenya & Germany's capital city Berlin & Washington DC this is the "noway"; Schwab is an utterly stupid individual together the other utterly stupid Bill Gates wanting to save a smelling corps, LOL still we work for money and not for wellbeing of our ownself there is no solution... but it seems to be some other way and that is working out, and it shows
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Marga · 1 day ago

Power hungry people, still want to rule the world, and they don't mind taking advantage along the way. Nothings changed in that. Only unity will bring positive change. Unity comes from getting together. Covid, or no covid, this still applies.

For you to read this, your ancestors faced and survived every earthquake, famine, meteor strike, war, volcano, flood, viral pathogen and more, and accepted the risk, as a part of life. Why can't you?



 Poor Naomi, she's looking at the hate in the comment and realizing that she's earned a whole hell of lot more.  It's coming, Naomi, it's coming.


Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

 Monday, January 25, 2021.  With or without attention from the US press, the Iraq War drags on still.

The disappointment that is Joe Biden, get used to it.  SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUND INSTITUTE reports of the new president:

Big pharma is smiling big right now. The big three insulin producers are Eli Lilly and Company, Novo Nordisk A/S, and Sanofi S.A., in which they dominate more than 90% of the world insulin market by value. After swearing-in, U.S. President Joe Biden’s HHS froze the Trump administration’s December 2020 drug policy that mandates community health centers to pass on all their insulin and epinephrine discount savings to patients.

The rule was finalized in late December 2020. The drug rule was put in place to benefit patients who have a hard time paying for expensive insulin and allergy medication. Former President Trump campaigned on lowering the price of important pharmaceutical drugs like insulin, which is used to treat diabetes, and epinephrine. Diabetes afflicts over a quarter of Medicare beneficiaries and drives billions in Medicare spending every year. More than 20 million Americans have diabetes, in which the body fails to properly use sugar from food due to insufficient insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas. 

Jackson Hinkle covers it in the video below.

And it is price gouging.  Big Pharma is profiting and Joe Biden's going to help him steal from people even more.  Steal?

It is theft.  They're not paying off some big investment (subsidized by the government) into coming up with insulin.  As Senator Bernie Sanders noted in July of 2019:

The inventors of insulin sold the patent for just $1 so it would be available to all. 97 years later, Americans are dying because drugmakers like Eli Lilly charge $300 for a vial of insulin. Tomorrow I will be joining diabetics to buy insulin in Canada for one-tenth the price.

The patent was sold for one dollar.  Years ago.  And yet Big Pharma wants to rip you off and risk your health and Joe Biden's on board with them.  How very pathetic and telling about how the next four years will go.

When we covered this topic at THIRD, we ran the following photo.


Walmart knew what it was doing and so did the customers who saw the sign in the drug store window -- Walmart was saying to those who can't afford insulin (a huge number of people), 'We'll sell you pet insulin.'  

Joe Biden's addiction to for-profit will be the death of many Americans.

And outside of the US?  Over at THE NATION, they pretend to car about Iraq for a few seconds while pointing fingers.  Please note, they do this by publishing an article already published elsewhere.  They have how many writers on the payroll and not one can write about Iraq.  Telling, isn't it?  Danny SJursen's long article (already published elsewhere) includes this:  


It’s increasingly clear that Washington’s legacy wars in the Greater Middle East—Iraq and Afghanistan, in particular—are generally no longer on the public’s radar. Enter an elected old man who’s charged with handling old business that, at least to most civilians, is old news. Odds are that Biden’s ancient tricks will amount to safe bets in a region that past US policies essentially destroyed. Joe is likely to take a middle path in the region between large-scale military intervention of the Bush or Obama kind and more prudent full-scale withdrawal.

As a result, such wars will probably drag on just below the threshold of American public awareness, while avoiding Pentagon or partisan charges that his version of cutting-and-running endangered US security. The prospect of “victory” won’t even factor into the equation (after all, Biden’s squad members aren’t stupid), but political survival certainly will. Here’s what such a Biden-era future might then look like in a few such sub-theaters. 

That's it.  One mention of Iraq in a sentence.  A shared sentence with Afghanistan.  "Generally no longer on the public's radar"?  Well, golly, Danny, doesn't really appear that they're on your radar either.  

The article's disgraceful.  It has nothing about what's going on in Iraq currently.  It has no new information.  It does offer Danny's 'hot take' on Iraq that he could have written last year . . . or the year before . . . or the year before.

Thinks for keeping us uninformed, Danny, and thank you also to THE NATION for proving yet again to be a garbage dump of time and money.

While Danny's so 'circumspect,'  Dirk Adriaensens can and does cover Iraq (GLOBAL RESEARCH via COUNTERINFORMATION):

Is it the oil-resource curse that has brought the Iraqi people to this deplorable condition? Or, have the US-installed political system and after them the Iranian influence over Iraqi politics, been the main reasons behind mischiefs such as the case of “an estimated $239.7 billion has left the country illegally since 2003”, currently being inquired by the Iraqi parliament. Most of this money was indeed oil money, meaning that both oil and revenue have been conveniently syphoned away from Iraq, leaving its people in harrowing dearth.” [1]

Transparency International report, published March 16, 2005, states that: “The reconstruction of post-war Iraq is in danger of becoming ‘the biggest corruption scandal in history.”[2]

The analysis underneath tries to give an overview – although incomplete – of the rampant corruption imported by the US invaders and optimized by its installed Quisling government. It is only one aspect of the total destruction of the Iraqi state. This is the story of a country that was targeted to become a failed state, by design of the imperialist and neoliberal US/UK elites, or should we call them “the organized-crime world syndicate”. The sectarian political and neoliberal economic system they installed is totally broken, beyond repair. The Iraqis call the period after the withdrawal of US combat troops “the second face of the occupation”, leaving in place all the neoliberal sectarian laws the occupiers enacted.

The criminal activities of the occupiers are well documented, many times reported and analysed, but the US still refuses to accept responsibility and accountability for its gross violations of International Humanitarian Law. It’s very important that the true story of Iraq is repeatedly told, until it becomes part of humanity’s collective memory, because Iraq serves as a template for the nefarious consequences of what “humanitarian” imperial interventions really mean, as is the case for other “humanitarian” war zones, from Afghanistan to Libya. “Bringing democracy” is always the official narrative, the harsh reality however is destruction, plunder, submission, exploitation and oppression. The truths about corruption have to be documented, explained and repeated over and over again. Hence this article.

This is well formulated in the message that novelist, painter and poet John Berger (+ 02.01.2017) wrote on 18 June 2003 in support of the World Tribunal on Iraq initiative, the greatest achievement of the global peace movement ever:

“The records have to be kept and, by definition, the perpetrators, far from keeping records, try to destroy them. They are killers of the innocent and of memory. The records are required to inspire still further the mounting opposition to the new global tyranny. The new tyrants, incomparably over-armed, can win every war – both military and economic. Yet they are losing the war (this is how they call it) of communication. They are not winning the support of world public opinion. More and more people are saying NO. Finally this will be the tyranny’s undoing. But after how many more tragedies, invasions and collateral disasters? After how much more of the new poverty the tyranny engenders? Hence the urgency of keeping records, of remembering, of assembling the evidence, so that the accusations become unforgettable, and proverbial on every continent. More and more people are going to say NO, for this is the precondition today for saying YES to all we are determined to save and everything we love.”[3]

[. . .]

From the first days after the invasion, the US and its coalition partners created a wasteful, opaque and corrupt system in Iraq. Massive theft, fraud, bribery and crimes of all kinds have failed reconstruction, infecting the government and wider society. There are hundreds of fraudulent, incomplete, failed or useless projects that have cost Iraq tens of billions of dollars. Judging from the final results, the projects have delivered surprisingly little lasting benefit to the Iraqis. These corrupt acts are a clear violation of the occupier’s responsibilities under the Geneva Conventions, the UN Convention against Corruption (2003) and Security Council resolutions.

On corruption, Joel Wing Tweets:

Iraqi parliament wanted to question head of Communications Comm over questionable deals & corruption He claimed he had COVID but really he left Iraq for Lebanon A very Iraqi story

The vast corruption is one of the things that has fueled the 15-month and counting protests in Iraq.  THE NEW ARAB Tweets:

The southern Iraqi city of Nasiriyah has witnessed renewed protests calling for the release of activists and detainees.

The protesters are also forming political alliances.  IRAQ SOLIDARITY NEWS notes:

A new party aimed at challenging Iraq's political class and representing the country's youth has been launched by the activists who fronted a mass protest movement in 2019. 

A prominent leader of the "October Revolution," Dr Alaa al-Rikabi, announced at a press conference on Friday that the new Imtidad Movement would "confront the corruption of the current regime" in parliamentary elections in June. 

He said the name referred to the party being an "extension" of the protest movement, which began in October 2019 and encouraged mass protests around the country until the coronavirus pandemic limited their ability to mobilise. 

The Voice of Iraq publication reported that Rikabi announced the new party in nearby Samawah, instead of Nasriyah city, where he is based, because of fears about attacks from rival parties. 

Tensions flared in Nasiriyah recently when security forces opened fire on protesters who had occupied a square in the city's centre, in which they had previously camped out until November, when they were removed and eight people were killed in clashes. 

Protesters reoccupied the square a week ago, demanding the release of peers arrested in recent weeks. A policeman was killed in resulting clashes. On the same day, a senior lawyer and activist in Nasiriyah was killed during a raid on his home. 

Kaamil Ahmed (MIDDLE EAST EYE) covers the same story.  They're alsod emanding the release of those who are missing.

MEHR NEWS reports this morning, "The Saberin news channel reported in a breaking news item that a logistics convoy of the American occupiers had been targeted on the Basra-Nasiriyah highway on Monday."  They note there were six strikes on US military convoys on Friday.


In other news of Joe Biden and Iraq, Yasmine Mosimann (RUDAW) reports:

The United States on Friday suspended a program that granted Iraqis refuge in the US in exchange for aiding American troops in Iraq, according to a statement from the state department.

“Effective January 22, 2021, the United States is suspending the Direct Access Program for the U.S.-Affiliated Iraqis for 90 days,” reads the statement from Daniel B. Smith, the acting secretary of state.

He justified the temporary halt to the program, which incentivized Iraqis to work with the US military, by saying they have identified individuals stealing documents from the state department’s Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System “to take advantage” of the program. 

A new day dawning?  Feels a great deal like past horrible days.

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