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The awful -- Cenk Uygur, Mia Farrow and a decision by ABC

If you missed it, the always disgusting Cenk Uygur has embraced Joe Biden because that's what whores do.

Fiorella Isabel observes:

The tragic arrogance of someone like
thinking he can “push” Biden toward progressivism. It’s laughable. Lecturing working people on morality shouldn’t come from a millionaire pundit who made his buck off taking on the status quo until he became them, but here we are.
Outspoken Marc notes:

You and your channel endorsed and boosted up Elizabeth Warren like she was a real progressive and what did she do in return? Smear Bernie Sanders as a sexist and didn't endorse him and stayed in through super Tuesday to split up the vote against him.

 I'm Black And I'm Not Voting For Biden Tweets:

The morally correct choice—when confronted with two immoral options—is to support neither. Furthermore, that we are left with two immoral options is an indictment of the very system that you’re trying to guilt people into participating in.

 Nina Turner points out:

tremendous interview today. As Black people, we must vote with our
wide open & not based on fear! Consider these 3 variables: Our past (the ancestors) Our present (us and what we deserve right now) Our future (our damn children) We must place a demand on our vote!

 Cenk is shameful.  Joe Biden's a rapist and a War Criminal.  I won't be voting for him.

Bill Kristol is also disgusting.  I hope you read Elaine's "Mia Farrow knows no shame" about Mia Farrow trying to rehab Bill's disgusting reputation.  If you didn't get it, I'll note this from Bill Hughes (ANTIWAR.COM):

Being an unrepentant Neocon, such as William (Bill) Kristol, means never having to say you’re sorry. To qualify, you need to be an ideologue, who also has paid no price for recklessly cheerleading 4,488 U.S. troops to their deaths in the illegal and immoral Iraq War, plus another 32,223 who were seriously wounded (2003-2011).
It also helps to have a significant media platform and not to give a good hoot about how many innocent Iraqis died via the U.S.-led invasion and/or the occupation of that country. (Try an estimated 655,000.)
By the way, false prophet, Kristol: Our troops found “No” Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.
Let me formally introduce – William Kristol, age 67, out of New York City, now Northern Virginia, warmonger extraordinaire, ultra-conservative, and currently editor at large of Bulwark magazine.
For years, we’ve heard Kristol on the TV/Cable/Network shows making outrageous statements, like this one: “The war in Iraq could have terrifically good effects throughout the Middle East.” (09/18/2001).
The other day, May 20, 2020, Kristol was the subject of a puff piece profile in the Washington Post, by reporter KK Ottesen. The article made no mention of Kristol’s disgusting role in promoting the Iraq War. Instead, he was given the opportunity to rip President Donald Trump on how he has been mismanaging the coronavirus crisis. (Well, heck, everybody knows that.)
There was also no mention by the reporter of the possible real reasons that Kristol was dumping on Trump. One could be that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump had trashed Kristol’s and the Neocons’ support of the Iraq War.

 That's who Mia is praising.

It must really kill that idiot to realize that, outside of her Woody Allen films, only Rosemary's Baby will be remembered.  Everything else she made was a huge bomb and she was hideous in it.  Only Woody was able to provide her with the material to make her appear human (she is not human in Rosemary's Baby -- it's an awful performance which is why she wasn't nominated for an Academy Award.

Longtime reader Robin e-mailed to say, "Maybe it's time for you to stop covering TV?"

She was referring to Batwoman.  Ruby Rose is out, as I've noted already ("Time to cancel Batwoman" and "Anna Kendrick").  This was a superhero show -- one I loved.  I felt safe covering it as a result.  As Robin knows, every scify show I've covered has gotten cancelled.  And now there's one more.

I blogged about Emergence.  I loved that show.  This week, ABC cancelled it.  Every science fiction show I blog about gets cancelled.  That's why I avoided blogging about Timeless and Manifest -- both of which I watch. 

I can't believe they took the axe to Emergence.  It really was a great show.  I'm so sick of these networks who can't stand by a show.  Cheers?  Everyone thinks it was a hit.

It wasn't.  I watched it from episode one.  And I was one of the few.  It wasn't until the summer of season one that Cheers found a real audience.  And then the audience grew more.  These days, most shows don't air during the summer and most shows don't get a real shot at growing an audience.

Emergence was a great show.  I am going to miss it.  A lot. 

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, May 22, 2020.  No attack is too far when the press wants to discredit a woman's voice and corruption continues in Iraq.

Let's start with Ely Kreimendahl's hilarious parody of Women for Biden:

Let's note Pig Boy Michael Tracey who loves to attack women (especially women of color -- Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, etc -- there's a reason Margaret Kimberley's rebuked him online).

Antioch University emphatically denies that Tara Reade ever received a degree. Unless they're lying for some bizarre reason, Tara Reade falsified her credentials in court. Again, congratulations to everyone who promoted this complete fiasco of a story

If true, what does that have to do with her allegation of assault?

More to the point -- who the hell cares?

They are throwing everything they can at her.  Have you had a problem with a landlord?  Guess what -- not a crime.

Have women ever lied about the academic history?  Yes.  It is not uncommon (or for men too).  It is so not uncommon that it was a story for Mary Richards.  Yes, on THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, Mary reveals to Lou that she didn't actually graduate college as she had stated in her long ago job interview.

I didn't believe Christine Blasey Ford and I still don't.  Find anything here where I ripped her apart.  You won't.  First off, I could be wrong.  Second off, I'm not going to rip her apart for this or that event in her life that has nothing to do with her assault charge.  I'm not interested in shaming or silencing women who say they were assaulted.  Blasey Ford may be telling the truth, she may not.  But I'm not going to rip her life apart to try to pretend that proves a point about whether she was assaulted or not.

It proves nothing.

Nothing is what Asama Khalid offered on NPR yesterday.  That includes her justification for Joe Biden supporting the Hyde Amendment.  She insists that Joe has evolved and "the Democratic Party has evolved on it."  As Li Zhou (VOX) noted last June "until a few weeks ago , former Vice President Joe Biden was a staunch supporter of the Hyde Amendment."

Asama felt it was important to note that PBS spoke to 74 people who worked for Joe Biden but with Tara's corroborating witnesses, "these are people, I should point out, that we were connected with through Tara herself."  As Ava and I noted Sunday in "Media: Lies and liars all around," PBS spoke to 74 employees the Biden campaign steered them to -- that's written in the actual report.  That would be the report everyone keeps mentioning but fails to have actually read it.

Failing is all Asama has done on NPR with this story from day one.

The NPR segment offered a Patty in a soundbye insisting "we would have heard about it during the vetting" and demanding "Give me a break!"

Rebecca Traister, who was one of the panelists, rightly noted that the country has evolved on this issue since 2008.  More to the point, Barack's vetting?  He let one of his daughters intern for Harvey Weinstein.  Are we really trusting Barack's vetting?

Democrat Hannah James is running for Congress out of California's 19th district and she Tweets:

, Why did you sexually assault Tara Reade? #AskBidenAnything

Here's another question: When is Joe going to be vetted?  These attacks have been organized by his campaign and yet he's repeatedly allowed to go on camera stating Tara has every right to tell her story and act as though he's not doing anything.  He is running a campaign to trash and destroy her.  When will the media get real about this?

Probably never.  Ever.

When do Joe's actions in public impact the way this story is covered?  When is he ever asked why did you say you apologized and days later make jokes about consent when you appeared before a largely male audience?  How is that funny?  How does that make it appear you took the complaints from women seriously?

When is he asked about his many lies about Anita Hill?  That goes to Tara's assault charge.  Joe has lied about Anita repeatedly.  He has lied that he supported her.  He then went to Republican senators and told them Anita was lying.  When is he going to get honest about that?  How many Republican senators have to talk about that before the media asks him?  He has a long history of dismissing assault and harassment.  That goes to this issue.

The Iraq War?  It doesn't.  His past lying about everything else?  It really doesn't have to do with Tara.  But if the media wants to dig through a citizen's life, they damn well should be digging through a public servant's life -- a public servant who somehow ends up with millions and millions of dollars.  No, that's not how public service is supposed to work.

On Iraq . . .

Joe has spent 2019 and 2020 citing his being in charge of Iraq during Barack's presidency.  So if he was responsible, when is he asked the tough questions?

There are a ton of tough questions that need to be asked.  That interview has many lies in it.

Even to the idiots, it should be obvious that the rise of ISIS -- which Joe is responsible for -- raises the issue of how US troops left.

We were and are for all US troops out of Iraq.  We argued for that to take place immediately.  We argued that to Barack's transition team -- Ava and I did -- long before Barack was sworn in.  Our argument was: Pull all troops now and the reason is: This is what the American people voted for.

Why does that matter?

Iraq's government was and is propped up by US troops.  The US installed the government.  It is not popular with the people.  When US troops leave, the government most likely will topple.

Good.  Let the Iraqi people determine the government that they want and need -- that is democracy.

So pull out immediately and when asked you reply: This was the will of the American people.

Fail to keep your promise of ten months and dicker around with Iraq and you own it.  It's no longer Bully Boy Bush's problem, it is your problem.

And that's how it became Barack's problem.  He did not keep his campaign promise.  Samantha Power and Joe Biden and Susan Rice, among others, just knew they were smart to fix things.  They were idiots.

And they made Bully Boy Bush's war into Barack's war.  If he had kept his promise, it wouldn't have happened.  But he didn't.

Hassan Ali Ahmed (ARAB NEWS) reports this morning:

After about two months of quiet due to pandemic concerns, Iraqi protesters returned to the streets soon after the formation of the new government.
The protests that erupted last year in October resulted in Adil Abdul Mahdi’s resignation and withdrawal of the last two prime ministers. After the approval of Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s government, the new prime minister announced plans to tackle corruption and address the protesters' demands.
Baghdad, Wasit, Dhi Qar, Al-Muthanna, Babel, Al-Qadisiyyah and Karbala provinces have been rocked by protests since last week. There have been several clashes between the protesters and the security forces. On May. 18, four activists were arrested in Diwaniya, the capital of Al-Qadisiyyah. Security forces also attacked protesters at the Ahdab oil field in Wasit province, burning their tents and damaging their vehicles. On May. 19, security forces fired live ammunition at protesters in Diwaniya, killing at leat one and injuring many others.
Protesters still complain about activists and paramedics being abducted. Prominent activist Haidar al-Lami was abducted on May. 18 when he was returning to Tahrir Square in Baghdad. Though those arrested and abducted were released by direct order from the prime minister, the protesters have not only reduced their activities but have stepped up the protests and raised their demands.
As summer approaches, the protests are expanding in the southern provinces over a lack of electricity and clean water. Hundreds of protesters gathered May. 16 in front of the governor's office in Basra, which has suffered salinity problems for last few years.
Iraq's government does not serve the Iraqi people.  The hope of US war mongers originally was the Iraqi people would be stunned -- shocked and awed -- into submission.  Naomi Klein wrote about that in "Baghdad Year Zero" which originally appeared in HARPER'S.

That has long since changed.  They no longer want to shock into submission, they just want to keep the Iraqi government in place until the Iraqi people are too exhausted to argue or fight back.

The US-installed Iraq government is corrupt and it does not serve the Iraqi people.  Karwan Faidhi Dri (RUDAW) reports:                                                                     

When 752 tons of wheat went missing from a state grain silo in Najaf this year, the site manager claimed it had been pilfered by flocks of hungry birds. Anti-graft officials aren’t convinced.

Iraq’s integrity commission, parliament, and provincial officials in Iraq’s holy city of Najaf have launched a probe into the alleged avian antics, which seem a little farfetched.

As the missing grain is said to be worth at least $350,000, investigators believed it was stolen by corrupt officials.

On Thursday, Iraq’s Federal Commission of Integrity (FCOI) said its officials completed an audit of the silo’s stocks between May 4, 2019 and April 1, 2020.

“The Office confirmed that there was a shortage in wheat material that amounted to (752 tons and 498 kg), and that its total value reached (421,120,000 IQD) [$353,744],” the commission said in a statement.

Investigators have submitted their findings to the Najaf Investigation Court and called for legal action against those deemed responsible. 

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