Sunday, March 23, 2008

4,000 US service members dead in a never-ending, illegal war

I really did think the Iraq War would have ended by now. I remember in 2005, when C.I. said in something at Third that it wasn't going to be over before The Common Ills went dark (planned for November 2008) and I thought, "Oh, C.I.'s wrong, so wrong. The illegal war will be over."

That was three years ago and it's not over. And tonight the 4,000 mark was reached for the number of US service members who have died in Iraq serving in the illegal war.

I wonder how many more years it will continue?

I don't see it ending when Iraq is always something Panhandle Media can drop to rush off after this or that disaster in the world, or, more often, offer us endless gas baggery over campaigns. In fairness, they only offer us positive gas baggery over one race: Barack Obama.

A country that believes Barack's going to end the illegal war deserves the illegal war.

America needs to smarten up.

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