Monday, January 2, 2012


So now it's 2012. Please, dear Lord, Barack voted out in November. Please, Lord, it's the only thing I'm asking you for this year.

Okay, the sucky year ended. There was strong coverage community wise and I'll discuss that including books. (Two of you had a question. I did too. I provide the answer.)

C.I.'s "2011: The Year of the Slow Reveal" -- epic. C.I. did amazing work. And wrote it at the very last minute. She was pulled this way and that all last week. A funeral in Florida (Wally's family) and most of Saturday was spent reviewing that everything was right for her New Year's Eve party and helping Martha and Shirley with their piece. She had a lot more on other topics -- including Occupy -- and those will run in the gina & krista round-robin Friday. In the end, she decided to focus on Iraq and war powers. War powers got to stay in part because, as she was finishing up, an ACLU friend asked for a link. She said she wasn't doing a regular entry just the year-in-review but she'd gladly work it in. And she did, it's at the very end. And I love that C.I. went out on a Will & Grace quote. The piece had just the right mixture of anger and joy.

Ruth's "Ruth's Radio Report 2011" -- Ruth addressed Occupy. When C.I. was pulling Occupy out of her year-in-review, she called Ruth and asked her if she wanted to add a Cindy Sheehan quote before her (Ruth's piece) posted. She said sure and they figured out where and then Ruth's piece was there for the whole world to see. I really love it. And I'm so glad Ruth called out Rachel Martin's non-stop advertising for drones on NPR.

Martha and Shirley's "2011 in books (Martha & Shirley)" -- this is a great list. But I blogged about Ellen DeGeneres' Seriously . . . I'm Kidding and it's not in the top ten. Did it make the list?

It's at number 12. I called Martha and asked her because I was curious and couldn't wait until Friday (when a longer list runs in the gina & krista round-robin). So it came in at number 12. She took notes because she and Shirley are going to write more on the theme of getting the word out on books.

I wrote about the book 7 days before the ballots were due. Many had already voted. Not only had many voted but seven days before the ballots were due really wasn't enough time for most people to find time to get the book and read it. Christmas Shopping had already started, etc. So next year, I need to write about a book I like sooner if I'm trying to get it on the top ten list. (I was actually writing about the book then because I was reading it and also to remind people to vote.)

Another book, at 29, is one Rebecca and I wrote about last year. So look for that on Friday morning.

Kat's "Kat's Korner: 2011 in music" -- I loved Kat's piece. And those Tell Me More bitches are a disgrace. I'm glad Kat called her out.

Ann's "2011 best in film (Ann and Stan)" & Stan's "2011 in films (Ann and Stan)" really did nail the year. And Bad Teacher was the best film. I especially agreed with what they wrote about number ten.

Cedric's "Barack finally gets something right!" & Wally's "BARACK BEST 2011 MOVE!" -- amen to their call on Barack's one solid decision.

Rebecca's "best of fall tv 2011" -- Screw the Emmys, let Rebecca give out the awards. :D

and Trina's "New Year's Parties" -- Trina provided some last minute advice on parties to frantic readers.

Repeating, all I want this year is Barack to lose in November.

I'm sick of the whores lying for him.

I'm sick of the people who are supposedly on my side but sold out everything to whore for Barack.

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