The Event, Mondays, NBC. Streaming at the link. The latest episode was another shocker.
Layla's father, Michael, died. He helped Simon escape (Sophia had imprisoned him when Simon objected to wiping out the human race to make room for the 2.5 billion aliens en route to earth). Layla was with them and basically spent the episode guilting her father into doing something. So she, Michael and Simon are heading for the fence to get out of the community Sophia's set up when they're being shot at. Michael gets hit. He's dying and tells Layla to leave but she stays with him and when the people surround them, she glares at Sophia.
The president has gone into coma. He will supposedly die in a matter of hours. However, Simon has a vial with an antidote to the poison that Sophia had the vice president slip him. The vice president took the oath of office to become the new president. He quickly fired the bald headed guy when the bald headed guy told him he knew what happened to President Martinez. The bald headed man told him he was Sophia's pawn.
Vicky and Sean get on a plane trying to catch someone named Alex who has the lungs (from the 19th century that carry the Spanish flu virus). They think Alex is one man who is nervous and won't let go of his luggage but he's just smuggling coke.
Vicky, at Sean's request, grabs his laptop and contacts a friend at Homeland Security to get the military to show up. Two jets fly alongside the plane. Cut to Sophia who's just learned of that from someone on the plane. Alex? And she calls the new President and tells him to call off the planes. He refuses and she blackmails him with violence and exposure. He makes the call. The planes fly off.
Was it the mythical Alex that made contact with Sophia? Or was it Vicky?

I like Vicky but I don't trust her.
Turns out Alex is a flight attendant. They catch up with her after the plane lands when she's in the parking garage but one of Sophia's goons is there and Vicky (and the lung) escape.
It was a really strong episode with so much happening. Each episode now, Sophia gets more and more evil.