Thursday, April 16, 2009


Quick post at work this morning. Not a problem, I'm on a coffee break. Going over some issues in the e-mails. Questions and comments.

First, will I do a Google? For "The Common Ills"? Yes, Marci, I will, here it is:

  1. The Common Ills

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    July 6, 2008 snapshot
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Marci was happy because the second item was Isaiah's comic. We all love Isaiah.

Now for the idiot Pat. I just left this comment at the site:

Marcia said...
Pat, shut the FUCK up. You're not wanted here. Go to FUCKING HELL, is that clear enough for you?

Pat has been a real ass and will no longer be allowed to comment here. When I see her garbage it will be deleted because she is a FUCKING LIAR.
Let's her review her latest lies.

1) you might have your contacts somewhere, but my "contact" is my son who knew devon for 2 years and worked with him .

My "contacts" were the official M-NF press release. Pat's a FUCKING LIAR who is FUCKING LYING again by again DISTORTING what I wrote. Go to hell, you ugly woman.

2) you see my son is in Iraq based in Tikrit with the 25th ID special troops batallion.

I doubt it. But I don't give a damn, shut up, you stupid old woman.

3) All I wanted to do was state the fact that it was a suicide, and as a parent of a soldier currently doing his 2nd tour,a soldier I might add who ecscorted the body back to fort bragg by the way, I can only imagine how his parents must feel, I didnt want to argue with anyone and that is why i stated earlier please for the parents sake leave it alone,

Shut the hell up, you FUCKING IDIOT. Whether he committed suicide or not, I don't know. If he did, it's news. If he didn't, it's news. Shut your damn mouth about 'the parents.' It's not about them. It's about reality and you need to try some or hide in your ugly home with your ugly ass. Do NOT comment at my site again. If I ever hear that you have, Pat, I will delete it. You are a liar and I'm damn sick of you.
April 16, 2009 6:20 AM

For the record Pat is also "anonymous" who keeps popping up angering many of you. Both Pat and her alternate personality are FUCKING IDIOTS.

People are complaining (rightly) in e-mails about Pat's garbage.

The comments are the comments and I'm happy to let anyone say what they want. With a few exceptions. We've gone over that before. I'm not going to allow homophobia or racism in the comments (I'm an African-American lesbian for the slow readers like Pat who is a homophobic piece of trash). I'm also not going to have someone distort what I wrote.

Pat got her panties in a wad because the US military issued a press release stating a soldier's death was "under investigation."

I noted that and noted how many times we never find out what that means.

Pat's gone off into one distortion after another since that post went up and I'm damn sick of her lies.

The one putting out conspiracy theories is Pat who now tells us it was a suicide. And how does she know? Her son escorted the body. Her alleged son knew Devon. Is sonny-poo a medical doctor? Is he a coroner? Does he work for CSI?

Her son doesn't know what happened (if he exists) and Pat's the one spreading rumors.

'Leave it alone!' whines Pat. 'It is hurting the parents!' And yet she's the one who keeps saying "suicide." That's her second time. I've never said what he died of. I offered that some had died from friendly fire (Pat Tillman), some had been electrocuted while taking showers (due to KBR's faulty wiring), etc.

Pat's the one who keeps screaming "SUICIDE!" and then wants to say "Don't write about it! For the parents."

Pat, shut the hell up.

You offensive, disgusting anti-democracy BITCH.

If the guy committed suicide, it's news. And what his parents want or don't want? Too damn bad. They aren't the issue, he is. If he took his own life, it's news.

If he took his own life, it goes to what's going on in Iraq and what the military ISN'T doing to protect the troops.

You're not wanted at my site, Pat, and I won't put up with you distorting what I've written.

People have disagreed with me in the comments before. I don't care. They're entitled to their opinion and I don't read the comments (I read e-mails and I do hear about it when someone leaves a comment). But I'm not going to put up with PSYCHOTIC PAT who has repeatedly PIMPED her claim that someone committed suicide.

I have no idea how the man died and I stuck to what the US military said "under investigation." Pat's offering all these grand conspiracy theories supposedly based on heart-to-hearts with her alleged son who apparently calls her and confesses all (possibly even troops movements?).

This is a public matter, the Iraq War is a public matter.

When there are findings, if I come across them, I will note them.

I have not stated the man took his own life. I have never stated that because I don't know. And "under investigation" means the US military doesn't know.

But Pat keeps pushing her theory, Pat who wasn't there, Pat who is supposedly so worried about the family, she keeps wanting to tell people that the man killed himself.

She doesn't know what happened and she needs to shut her damn lying mouth.

But she is not welcome at this site because she has repeatedly distorted what I have written.

I don't have the time for it. I don't have the time to read the e-mails complaining about Pat.

She's a psychotic bitch who needs to be institutionalized and kept far from a keyboard.

If you see a comment by her, e-mail me immediately. If you see a comment you think was left by her (she loves "anonymous" and may attempt to create a new identity), e-mail me and I will determine whether it was her or not.

In any case, if she leaves a comment and I find out about it, it's deleted. I have no interest in that bitch, she's been told to fuck off and she needs to do so. She is not welcome here and her crazy ass bullshit of constantly repeating that someone killed themselves -- when she doesn't know what the hell happened -- needs to stop. My e-mail address is public, if the bitch had a serious concern, she would've e-mailed me. Had she done so, it wouldn't state twice at my site, via her remarks, that a US soldier killed himself when no one knows yet what happened. I don't want her lies at my site. I don't want her crazy ass conspiracy talk.

She's the one who's harming people by making claims of suicide when a death is under investigation. She's the one who needs to shut the hell up.

Moving on. Caitlan e-mailed about Ruth's "Monday" -- specifically, was I mad at Ruth? No. Of course not. I wasn't mad during the roundtable. Ruth was talking about how elements of the press, she said editors and publishers, have a 'queasy' feeling about LGBT rights. It was clear in the roundtable what she was talking about and I know Ruth is pro-LGBT rights and that her grandson Jayson is gay. A drive-by who knew none of those things attempted to distort what Ruth said and assert that Ruth was 'queasy' about LGBT issues. (Maybe the drive-by was Crazy Ass Pat?) Ruth explained it the post Caitlan e-mailed about. But I apparently hadn't mentioned Ruth in last night's post or Monday's and Caitlan was afraid I'd gotten an e-mail or something. I appreciate Caitlan's concern and let me state one more time, it was clear to me in the roundtable what Ruth was saying.

Here's the roundtable, here's what Ruth said:

Mike: Well when they can write that stupid article on the Humvee dealership in Iraq then if it's that the paper didn't think LGBT was an "important issue," that's saying a lot. And none of it good about the paper.

Ruth: I honestly think that there is a 'queasy' aspect to it -- I am talking about among the press. It happens far too often, an issue involving an attack on the LGBT community in any country, even our own, never gets the kind of attention it deserves. Never. I think a large portion of the press, especially above the reporters' level, are uncomfortable with LGBT issues and the LGBT community.

Ava: Well, in terms of the New York Times, they have a shameful history on AIDS in the eighties and I would argue that's because of the "queasy" aspect Ruth's talking about. They didn't see gays and lesbians as 'real human beings' so when a disease that wasknown as the "gay cancer" struck, they didn't want to devote the kind of attention they would have if the same disease had targeted red-headed-four-year-old boys, for example.

I included Mike and Ava so people would have an idea of what came before and after. But let's highlight just Ruth:

Ruth: I honestly think that there is a 'queasy' aspect to it -- I am talking about among the press. It happens far too often, an issue involving an attack on the LGBT community in any country, even our own, never gets the kind of attention it deserves. Never. I think a large portion of the press, especially above the reporters' level, are uncomfortable with LGBT issues and the LGBT community.

You really have to be a fool to think Ruth's comments above were homophobic. "I am talking about among the press" she states identifying who is "queasy." In addition she goes on to explain how crimes against LGBTs are not covered and do not get "the kind of attention it deserves". Again, I knew what Ruth was saying and believe most people who breathe knew what she was saying.

I'm glad Caitlan wrote in because if she was wondering, someone else is bound to be wondering. Ruth and I are tight. We're on the phone every week night and we see each other every weekend.

Now back to Pat. I explained she was posting as "anonymous." I now have had to go into the comments and leave a comment for the second time here. This is the second comment I left this morning:

Marcia said...
Anonymous said

... sure is interesting the way things get "edited" here, like you make a comment one day and the next it's gone, cencorship???
Sure is interesting the way you LIE. I delete comments for homophobia or for sexism. I haven't deleted anything in months. I also don't read the comments. I only know some garbage went up if a reader e-mails to complain about them. Keesha e-mailed to complain about your garbage "anonymous" so for the first time in weeks I'm reading some of the comments. Everyone, "anonymous" is Pat. The crazy ass bitch who keeps leaving conspiracy comments insisting that a US soldier committed suicide. She doesn't know anything but she loves her conspiracies.I haven't deleted Pat yet. I will now delete her in the future.
So Pat's comment as "anonymous" here can remain but the reality is, I haven't deleted a comment in months, not since those homophobic ones were left on the Jake Kovco post and that was back in 2008.
I don't read the comments, I don't even know about them until someone e-mails me or my cousin Stan sees one and calls me about it.
Pat, go away, we're sick of your damn lies.
April 16, 2009 6:44 AM

Again, Pat needs to take her crazy ass somewhere else. From now, I will delete any comments by her that someone e-mails on or that my cousin Stan informs me of.

Iwana e-mailed wanting to know "what's the deal with BULLY BOY PRESS & CEDRIC'S BIG MIX"? Those are Wally and Cedric's sites and she's talking about the fact that the layout's off and has been for about two weeks now.

Wally and Cedric are aware of the problem. Last week, they thought whatever caused it would straighten itself out. That didn't happen. By last Thursday, they stopped using Yahoo to e-mail their posts and switched to AOL hoping that would get the layout of the site back on track. That has not happened.

For some reason, their e-mail posts post fine but when the next one goes up, suddenly the previous one grows wider and throws the whole site off. What they started doing last night was manually posting and they're hoping that will fix the issue quickly.

For Kelis:

"Attack in Al Anbar Province claims 16 lives" "NYT's propaganda push"
"Iraq snapshot""Moncada family has questions regarding Raul's death""Gates retracts, NYT spins and LAT tells you what's what" "Iraq snapshot""Amnesty International calls out human rights abuses in the KRG""Human trafficking in Iraq"
"Iraq snapshot""Iraq's LGBT community""Washington Post front pages Iraq, NYT whines"Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Brotherly Embarrassment""And the war drags on . . .""Kat's Korner: The LOtUSFLOW3R Blooms . . . and rocks"

Kelis e-mailed to note that I rarely highlight C.I. She is correct. That's not meant as an insult to C.I. who writes more than any of us and, I'd argue, better than any of us. We've actually talked about this repeatedly and, most recently, Trina of Trina's Kitchen was bringing it up. Our featuring the snapshot each day is a result of Keesha lobbying for that.

Keesha's logic was Iraq was falling off the radar and if we reposted the snapshot, even if we blogged about something else, it was a way to amplify Iraq news.

We all agree.

And we repost it. And usually that's all we ever link to by C.I. Meanwhile, as Kelis pointed out, C.I.'s linking to all of our posts. It's not our being rude or intending to anyway, it's just attempting to do about a million things at once and rushing to do them. But I provided links a second ago to everything that's gone up at The Common Ills since Sunday including Kat and Isaiah's contributions. I would strongly recommend you read this morning's "NYT's propaganda push." Kelis is right to point out the problem and I can't promise it will be fixed but the rest of us are attempting to figure out how to address it.

I'm sorry, I didn't get to all the e-mails I wanted. Break's over. Time stamp is West Coast because of the way I wrongly set up the time when creating this blog. I'm on the East Coast so add three hours to the time stamp (for any looking at the time stamp and wondering what hours I work).

ADDED: My boss was reading this (she likes my site) and asked me if I was aware of all of Pat's comments? Nope, I missed one. And it's where forgets she's using "anonymous." My cousin left this response:

Stan said...
Pat, you need to go f**k yourself and never stop by my cousin's blog again. Understand? Is that clear enough for your butt ugly ass?You need to learn to read before commenting. Understand?
April 7, 2009 4:33 PM

Anonymous said...
Gee Stan ,why are you so upset wow I guess you told me,is everyone impressed with your intellectual response,I'll stop by and slap the stupid right out of your puppy face

As my boss pointed out, Pat forgot she was signed in as "anonymous." And yeah, Pat, my cousin did tell you. Keep bothering me and I may decide to make public your ISP address.

I left the following comment to Pat's garbage:

Marcia said...
Anonymous said...
Gee Stan ,why are you so upset wow I guess you told me,is everyone impressed with your intellectual response,I'll stop by and slap the stupid right out of your puppy face
That's Pat forgetting she's signed in as anonymous. My boss caught that one. Pat, FUCK OFF. Really, get a life, you stupid ass.
April 16, 2009 7:09 AM


Lewis said...

Poor Pat. I believe she was the inspiration for a John Ford play, Tis a Pity She's a . . .

Keesha said...

Thank you, Marcia! I've had it with Pat and all her crap. She needs to take her White ass somewhere else. Far, far away.

Ehtel said...

How did Pat manage to escape from her cell at the home for the criminally insane?

Anonymous said...

pat's a rat

Kendrick said...

That Pat woman is nuts. She has been irritating and she's made an ass out of herself. I'm glad she's banned.

Laveeda said...

Troop movements? Pat's son probably gives her his bowel movements. Pat probably sexually molested him growing up, she really seems the type.

Kayvette said...

I love how Pat wants to accuse Marcia of something when Pat's the one screaming "IT'S SUICIDE!" Pat truly is f-ed up. She needs help.

Anonymous said...

pat's a pooh, a stinky piece of pooh

Brent said...

Let it rip, Marcia. It's the only thing bullies like Pat can understand.

Anonymous said...

Pat's insane. And her son, if he exists, is probably embarrassed by her.

Anonymous said...

pat is stinky pooh that needs to be flushed

Kayla said...

Marcia, the drive-bys you get. Goodness. Pat's a loser.

Kelvin said...

Go away Pat, put back on your straight jacket.

Simone said...

Pat got to have her say and people gave her the benefit of the doubt. All she's done was lie and lie. She needs to be banned. I'm sick of her and sick of distracting the focus in the threads.

Calvin said...

Yes, Marcia! Love it when you let it rip. Hope Pat takes the hint.

Adam said...

I agree with Marcia. What kind of crazy nut goes around repeating, "It's suicide! My son told me!" Pat's insane. And to repeat that rumor over and over and then trash Marcia for quoting an official Multi National Forces press release is just insanse. Pat's nuts.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Pat because she's so stupid. She's criminally stupid.

Gloria said...

Pat's going to scream "Suicide" until she dies. Regardless of what the military investigation determines. Pat's like a JFK conspiracy nut.

Anonymous said...

pat's son disowns her. and file criminal charges against her. for being a stinky pooh.

Nolanda said...

Patty, Patty, two-by-four, lied and lied and lied some more.
Bye Pat, we won't miss you.

Anonymous said...

pat's pooh is under investigation

Harold said...

Pat is nut.

Dion said...

Maybe Pat's lies are a cry for help? When someone can't stop screaming suicide, maybe they're really confessing to their own desires?
Whatever, Pat,whatever.

Anonymous said...

update, pat's pooh is no longer under investigation due to the fact that pat ate it.

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