Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Make Them Accountable's stalker

Make Them Accountable is a site that held the Bully Boy accountable for years and Caro is known for standing up. So she really didn't need dumb ass Chicago Dyke posting this comment to her latest:

stick with what you're good at: finding nuggets and under-noted news articles that frame the progressive critique of the Obama administration and Dem party. i know this will likely piss you and some of your fans off, but really, i find this type of writing counterproductive, naive, and below the standards of what most people here have an interest in reading and producing. have you ever heard of the Eschaton commenter known as "Incog?" cause you remind me of him, a lot.

Chicago Dyke's an idiot. And you'd think CD would be hiding in some shame closet after posting about 'journalism' last week and including this:

Backing up, I think we can all agree it's been a long time (if ever) since journalists could accurately claim to maintain "academic" standards in reporting. I'll define "academic" as "ethical, peer-reviewed, critical, and concerned with demonstrable, repeatable truth and full discovery/disclosure," as it pertains to the art and science of reporting.


What an idiot. Academic articles are peer-reviewed. A lengthy process. Journalism is not AND HAS NEVER BEEN peer-reviewed. Stupid idiot blathers on and on in that post and never has a clue. CD is the biggest problem with Corrente and no upgrade will ever improve that.

Now it's not enough that troll bore everyone with those never ending, factually-chellenged, boring posts, CD wants to try to tell Caro what to do. Someone should tell CD to f**k the hell off.

By the way, C.I. was on fire this morning. Be sure to read "The treaty and the press" and "The Imperial Presidency With Cavity Fighting Fluoride Protection!"


Kayvette said...

CD is the drama queen. She's the reason I can't stand to visit Corrente. If she's a 'she.'

Don said...

Is 75 the record for comments?
Did everyone see the post Martha was giving us a heads up to?

Heather said...

Kayvette support that.

Caro said...

Thanks for the support, Marcia. Below is the answer I posted for CD this evening:

"I'm not sure what you mean to accomplish by your criticism. Nothing constructive there.

"I hope I never become so cynical that I can't or won't recognize and sympathize with another's pain."

Keesha said...

I'm e-mailing Marcia to let her know Caro posted here. Marcia doesn't read the comments unless we point them out to her.
I have to say Chicago Dyke (use the link Marcia povides) only got worse. Caro notes she responded and I think she handled it very well; however, even then Chicago Dyke had to keep attacking.
Like Kayvette, Chicago Dyke is the reason I can't stand to go to Corrente anymore.

Brenda said...

Is the post Martha gave us a heads up to. Elaine wrote it up short story style and posted it at Betty's site.