Thursday, January 31, 2008

All about Marica and her blog

Two posts tonight. First is just explaining. I'm Marcia, community member of The Common Ills. I go way, way back in the community and my big 'credit' was coining the phrase "Democracy Now! always worth watching." It's a phrase I don't repeat today. But once upon a time . . .

I'm pissed off. My title is "SICKOFITRADLZ." That stands for "Sick of it Radical Lesbian." I know Rebecca (Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude) created a mirror site because some community members were getting flack for visiting her site at work "There is 'sex' in that title! What kind of a site is it!" So I thought it would just move more smoothly for everyone if I took my big title and jammed it all together.

As community members know, I am a lesbian and I am African-American.

In Tuesday's Hilda's Mix, I wrote a column that got a lot of feedback and that's why I'm doing a site now.

There are too many awful things going on and I want to weigh in.

How often?

I don't know.

And maybe I'll try for short posts like at Cedric's Big Mix, The Daily Jot and Ruth's Report? If I can do text posts, I'll probably do more just because I'll be able to use the cell phone. If I'm posting at the computer, I will include the day's snapshot. Keesha came up with that and I don't piss off Keesha! (Keesha is laughing.)

I need to thank C.I. (The Common Ills), Ava (Third Estate Sunday Review) and Mike (Mikey Likes It!) who all helped me set up the site. All by phone. And I know everybody's busy. So thank you, thank you and thank you.

My e-mail is Ava and C.I. are speaking and C.I.'s the only one who knows my template. Mike suggested I put in my e-mail address in a post since it's not showing up on my profile.

To community members with sites, I have linked to all. But I'm just starting. I don't want anyone adding me to their roll until they go in to do a post.

See these words?

I typed them. Don't like it, don't go whining to C.I. (Mike is sharing stories about that on the phone right now.)

I'm not going to be nice here.

My column went to Hilda's Mix and I told Hilda in my e-mail, "If you don't want to include this, no problem. If you do include it and it causes you probs, at least it gets some attention." Hilda e-mailed me back and said it was going in and "not a problem in any way."

But I wrote that column because I was sick of it.

That's what the point of the blog is.

I think that explains it.

Adding this, if it doesn't explain it, you can also check out Elaine's "Frauds passing themselves off as 'helpful'" where she writes some very sweet things about my column.

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